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  1. Street is 75 today. I pray I get to 75 let alone look as fucking good as Street does today. Liz at the start of this clip is a mind trip
  2. Random Luchawiki Page strikes again Of course - it really wanted me to do something with the 1st Copa Tony Sugar since that page came up TWICE but that wasn't happening.
  3. Guys really need to stop having some many god damn gimmicks. And did none of his NOAH stuff end up on the interwebs? http://youtu.be/kS2VqQpfx6U
  4. There are a bunch of names with birthdays today (Christian, Liger, Zenk, Naomi, etc..) so of course I pick the guy who died 13 years ago today. And again - this is Mr. Wrestling TIM WOODS not JOHNNY WEAVER. So yeah - I am sure I will fuck up that footage about a half a dozen times
  5. I think we once determined that Sugi was the leader in the clubhouse for most gimmicks (15) (Before you ask - Kane had 10 and Darsow had 8) And how this all started was I watched the great 3 minute Yoshitsune/Liger match again and wondered what happened. Forgetting at the time that he was a cripple and was a pot narc.
  6. Ignoring the sad current New Japan news - I will focus on the sad joshi news. Act Yasukawa is retiring at the end of the year. And yeah... you really don't need to find the footage of Yoshiko shooting on her. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2cvklx_kairi-hojo-koguma-vs-act-yasukawa-kellie-skater-stardom_sport Kairi Hojo & Koguma vs. Act Yasukawa & Kellie Skater
  7. So Kia Stevens pulled out of the show in Japan she was supposed to work on Wednesday stating that she is retiring from wrestling on the advice of doctors. Granted this is Kong - so take with as much salt as necessary Of course - with TNA's logic, she isn't retired because she is still on TV Anyway - Kong vs. Kim was the best feud TNA ever had and really Kong was born a generation too late. Oh well... http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3zmbh_gail-kim-vs-awesome-kong_shortfilms I think - THINK - this is the first TNA singles match between the two. DM has the entire feud and you really should watch it all.
  8. For like the first time ever - my random page luchawiki bit got me someone to use on the first try Titan's Luchawiki page No WOTD tomorrow. Maybe one on Friday... if I remember.
  9. Man - I fear this match against Michael Tarver http://youtu.be/8zMQ22D9_d4
  10. I was going to pick La Sombra so we could do an education class on the newest NXT signee but that's right - I tried that like a month ago and all you fuckers no-sold it. We honor Tenryu again because it's Genichiro Motherfucking Tenryu Originial Tenryu WOTD WIKI http://youtu.be/E7BhuQE6Gu0 And because this can never be posted enough times http://youtu.be/5VDk3CEnzUs
  11. I think I can safely say that one person I am definitely aging better than is Tiger Mask IV. God Bless. Hey Yoshihiro, might be time to let there be a Tiger Mask V And here is TMIV wrestling at like a shack in Milwaukee
  12. Alfredo tweeted a neat picture the other day from the Monterrey show honoring Fishman. Man Fishman was old before he was fucking old. Which is really funny since he is only in his mid-60s now. Poor poor Fishman LUCHAWIKI
  13. Go on a US Indy worker journey of discovery with me. I don't really dig the weird kinda sorta perm thing he has going on but that might be a Pittsburgh thing. It seems that he mainly works the Ohio Valley area as I am finding stuff from Black Diamond and IWC, He definitely did a UK tour as there a bunch of 5-Star Wrestling matches on the Tube. I assume someone from the UK has seen him.
  14. Unfortunately - pretty much whoever I pick now is going to be a huge let down after the first couple of days of Series 2. But that is okay - we need to all get back in the rhythm of these things. So Kenichi Sakai is going to eat that bullet today. But that is okay since he was trained by HALL OF FAMER~! ULTIMO DRAGON!. That's right THE GREATEST TRAINER EVER!!!! HALL OF FAMER!!!! ULTIMO DRAGON!!! Is my sarcasm dripping enough? I am half tempted to see if the footage of the rock band that he, Sasuke and Ricky Fuji are in is online. But anyway - the one upside is that I can POST THE MOTHERFUCKING MUTANT NINJA TURTLE MATCH!!! http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2hylta_kameshi-ka-kameshi-1-kameshi-2-vs-fujita-jr-hayato-takeshi-minamino-ken45-michinoku-pro_sport Turtles vs. Ken/Fujita Jr Hayato/Takeshi Minamino http://youtu.be/Pj2QXv0j5z4 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2dr4pj_ken45-vs-kesen-numajiro_sport vs. Kesen Numajiro
  15. Baron is 75 today. Baron Von Raschke is motherfucking old. Baron Von Raschke will still own your motherfucking soul.
  16. I ended up only working a half day on Friday so I totally spaced the WOTD. So we complete Halloween now. Kane is in one of his 6 month periods of being enjoyable (He would randomly do this when we did the 500). Of course this time it is when he isn't wrestling. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xybxnv_the-shield-vs-team-hell-no-ryback-6-man-tag-team-tlc-match-tlc-2012_sport
  17. The Wrestler of the Day is going to go on hiatus for a little bit. I have been doing it for almost two years. And in looking back at a lot of threads - they are basically worthless now thanks to dead links. So I will be rebooting it soon (ie: starting fresh so folks could show up again). There are folks who definitely did get a lot of love the first time around that deserve to a 2nd chance and not be buried 4 pages back. I already have a plan in mind - I just have to get a couple other things done first before I start doing it again.
  18. Dump is fucking terrifying. TOTALLY QUALIFIES~! The amount of Dump actually uploaded to the internet makes me sad. http://youtu.be/F18lHpHXnpg http://youtu.be/KnIU9Ys5_WI DUMP IN THE YEAR 2015!!!!
  19. Yeah - I kinda have shifted my Netflix issue of holding onto movies for like a year and never watching them to the library where I will renew things 5 times and never watch them. Oh pile of shame...
  20. RELLIK IS KILLER SPELLED BACKWARDS!!!! Fucking TNA... http://youtu.be/tRtduiVDDbk
  21. First - With Psyco Ripper AND Reaper gimmicks. TOTALLY QUALIFIES~! Second - He is not to be confused with Nicho. We used Psicosis AAA back in the day so that's why I used it here Now... just to fuck with you And AGAIN http://youtu.be/bGjfC4nBAQY (He is Leon Negro in this match)
  22. IT'S HALLOWEEN WEEK... AGAIN! Much like last year I started with Leatherface the gimmick, this year I am doing Jason the Terrible the gimmick. So I don't care who is doing the Jason the Terribling just that it is Jason So there is 4 different guys already... of course if that last one didn't kill the gimmick, nothing will
  23. Also technically Mil Muertes but I have enough fucking names up there already LUCHAWIKI~! That time Sting worked AAA And I haven't even touched on him in TNA (which might be for the best)
  24. Hey Look - Mustafa in 2013! That might be... unfortunate
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