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  1. God - I really needed to make my Top 10 favorite wrestlers list like 30 because I am still trying to figure out how to get KAORU on there too. I really need to learn Japanese just so I can read her blog. No wonder I loved GAEA so much. I really am a 14 year old girl at heart. Good Lord - trying to post about KAORU with this turning into a sleaze thread is going to be tough. I need to find the 4/4 Street Fight
  2. Holidays are over so these are back. Just for the record - I will ban whoever posts the Super Dragon chant. Anyway - we can all yell at Rob for the terrible quality of this
  3. Sweet sweet PR goodness. While there is lots of Chicky Starr managing Ayala and I don't necessarily want to overlap guys together this close, there is so much of the Ayala/Carlos Colon feud to watch. In honor of the insane cold - here is a Fire Match done properly And BTW - pages could be written just about this single video with Ayala attacking Colon and his wife at an award ceremony.
  4. Yeah - you read (and will see that right). Super Porky http://youtu.be/ZjGkECFBOxo Lucha hating motherfuckers.
  5. I was going to be all SUCK IT GRACIE FAMILY!!!! but then I remembered that Ryan Gracie died under sketchy circumstances and I felt bad. Anyway - this wasn't the first match I was expecting to show up when I went to Youtube for my search http://youtu.be/sin_r6BFTVA
  6. I guess folks where disappointed I didn't honor a member of the tribe recently. And since I really didn't want to do Goldberg - here is the man who saved us from Space Jews. SPACE JEWS! http://youtu.be/dKUKOPR7jo8
  7. Well if thinking about wrestlers who did MMA - why not pick the guy who started his own fed.
  8. Figured I need to clarify I am talking the OG here not the fake AAA version. But yup - breaking out the big dancing guns now. With a bonus for WOTD sighting with Damien 666
  9. "Hey Jasmin - I got a great idea. Let Rhino give you this move" And we talked about who would be crazy about letting Scott Steiner give them the Steiner Squaredriver... Oh and "GORE! GORE! GORE!" Carry on
  10. Not fucking Too Cool. Just Rikishi. If he had stuck around the WWE, I feel fairly confident that he would have gotten a long time service title run like Kane did. Anyway - the Rikishi Driver definitely was my go to finisher when making a CAW
  11. Fuerza hating motherfuckers... Anyway BE LIKE STEVE AUSTIN!
  12. The Fuerza old man "put your arm around the youngster to counsel him but then punch him in the face" might be my favorite thing in all of wrestling. I am disappointed I can't find a gif of it - I blame cubs Of course not as fucking disappointing as getting nothing but Juventud images when searching for Fuerza. Grr... Anyway...
  13. Ray posted this a few weeks back on the DVDVR Twitter in response to the WWE showing Golddust putting on his makeup
  14. CFL ALL-STAR BITCHES!!!! Oh wait... wrong Mike Samples I could do a whole spinoff of "Wrestler of the Day Who Had Their Picture Taken With Masanori Horie" Anyway - it is great that Samples' Tripod site still works. I assume you can still get a good deal on one of his rings.
  15. I knew I was going to do Lioness sooner rather than later because when folks a couple of weeks ago were talking about greatest Survivor Series teams and totally ignored two teams. Bertha Faye, Aja Kong, Tomoko Watanabe, & Lioness Asuka vs. Alundra Blayze, Kyoko Inoue, Sakie Hasegawa, & Chaparita Asari There is a whole lotta random folks to appear on a WWE PPV there (and man does Bertha Faye stick out like a sore thumb in that match). Anyway... God do I love Lioness. Basically watch this (and then a zillion other matches)
  16. Yeah.... if I am not going to get Dean to talk about Eddie Guerrero, maybe I can troll him out with Chicky Starr. It also gives me a chance to post Any video that has Starr spitting in Carlos Colon's face and then Stan Hansen wasting Colon with chair shots and then Hog Tying him is a must watch
  17. I have to believe that Takao Omori is the guy in the most Champion Carnivals with the least amount of total points. (Mind you - I didn't do any actual research on that.) He also is probably the sleeper "Most Random Guy To Be In A Royal Rumble" Heck his entire career has been random. I mean that whole "go work for Harley Race but we are going to pretend you aren't working for Harley Race" thing is still baffling. Come for the Omori 2 minutes of action, stay for the 10 minutes of Dory Funk Jr. (Omori shows up at the 20 minute mark)
  18. I am trying to decide - if Shark Boy came back to TNA today - where would he rank in most over guys in the company? 4th? 3rd? Anyway - I felt like posting this to make us all realize that somehow TNA has been around forever
  19. For those who hadn't seen yet - Mad Dog Vachon passed away this morning. http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Wrestling/2013/11/21/21283811.html Since I hadn't posted a WOTD yet - might as well make this a tribute to the man I would so buy beer from Maurice Vachon
  20. Wow - it has been just over 10 years since Crash died. And until his wiki page reminded me - I totally forgot he had showed up in TNA Anyhoo - I assume you will all just talk about the Hardcore title stuff and ignore the "Crash Holly vs. Whatever random hot Indy guy at the time" period OR Crash Holly - Member of V1 God I loved V1
  21. The unofficial "Pick Guys That Dean Would Talk About" week concludes with one of the lumpiest of lumpy WAR heavyweights. And probably one of the more forgotten terrible human beings. I mean - Legit gets kicked on Sumo - Beat a woman (some might argue I am over exaggerating this one but to me, it is what it is) - Fired by New Japan for being a racist - Involved in TWO different shoots (Him shooting on John Tenta and then Nobuhiko Takada shooting on him) I am thinking most people around here would remember him either for the Tenta stuff or having the random Pride match against Nathan Jones
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