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  1. Survivor Series match between the two (starts about 5 minutes in - wacky formatting) MIZ First Round SAMI ZAYN First Round
  3. KAZUCHIKA OKADA First Round ASUKA First Round
  4. Charlotte over Sasha: 56-32 Chris Hero over Jeff Cobb: 70-15 Miz over Rush: 81-17 Nakamura over Bobby Roode: 88-10 Hardys over Young Bucks: 92-8 Drew Galloway over Will Ospreay: 64-21 Naito over Rusev: 53-35 Ricochet over Keith Lee: 42-32 Matt Riddle over Johnny Mundo: 59-22 Kenny Omega over Hechicero: 60-25 Revival over Gran Metalik: 80-15 Dragon Lee over Ultimo Guerrero: 45-18 Io Shirai over Timothy Thatcher: 55-7 Styles over Strowman: 91-10 Okada over KUSHIDA: 53-20 John Cena over Bayley: 60-36
  5. These were all the matchups that weren't tagged with a "B" Jack Gallagher beats Cesaro/Sheamus: 51-48 Wyatts beat Michael Elgin: 54-34 Chris Jericho beats Barbaro Cavernario: 51-43 Negro Casas beast Bobby Lashley: 44-35 L.A. Park beats Zack Sabre Jr: 51-28 Kevin Owens beats Penta Zero M: 55-29 Samoa Joe beats Shibata: 59-31 Roman Reigns beats Marty Scurll: 77-23 Asuka beats Fred Yehi: 64-25 Kairi Hojo beats Hideki Suzuki: 43-13 Hiroshi Tanahashi beats Kota Ibushi: 43-33 Sami Zayn beats Ishii: 56-34 Meiko Satomura beats Hirooki Goto: 42-20 #DIY beat Kamaitachi: 66-19 Pete Dunne beats Sami Callihan: 61-17 Volador Jr beats Tyler Bate: 37-31
  6. Basically decide who you thought was better in their feud Only difference is Charlotte has the Bayley matches and Sasha vanished, got squashed by Nia Jax and feuded with Summer Rae on Main Event (or Superstars)
  7. JEFF COBB Play-In Thread CHRIS HERO vs. Zack Sabre Jr vs. ACH See Also... Keith Lee matches, Ishii match, everything else in what is probably the greatest Indie Year ever (at worst 2nd of all time)
  8. MIZ vs. Dolph Ziggler (No Mercy 2016 - Career vs. Title) - Spanish Commentary Vs. AJ Styles (SDL) - More for the promos at the beginning, made even better by the speedup track vs. Deam Ambrose (SDL - Lumberjack Match aka Everyone Hates the Miz) Extreme Rules 2016 IC Title 4-Way RUSH vs Black Tauro vs Trauma I vs Hijo del Pirata Play-In Thread
  9. Play-In Thread NXT Takeover San Antonio: Bobby Roode vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
  10. Play-In Thread (Has link to the Hardys vs. Young Bucks match from time period)
  11. Here they are in a tag match against each other from a couple of weeks ago DREW GALLOWAY vs. Moose Play-In Thread WILL OSPREAY vs. Vader vs. Shibata (New Japan New Beginning)
  12. TETSUYA NAITO vs. Nakajima (G1) vs. Kenny Omega (G1) vs. Shibata (G1) (All the G1 matches are the first thing that popped up) See Also: Tanahashi and Elgin polls RUSEV vs. Zack Ryder (Battleground 2016) - No Sound Play-In Thread
  13. KEITH LEE vs. JT Dunn Play-In Thread RICOCHET (as Prince Puma) vs. Mil Muertes - LU (Aired 10/19/16) vs. Will Ospreay (BOSJ) vs. Mr. 450 (That show from Chile) See Also - the other Ospreay matches, BOLA, whatever else I have posted in other people's threads.
  14. MATT RIDDLE vs. TJ Perkins (EVOLVE) vs. Tommaso Ciampa (Beyond 5/29/16) vs. Jason Kincaid (AAW - 2/17/17) See Also - all the Chris Hero matches, the Rev Pro match against Shibata JOHNNY MUNDO Play-In Thread
  15. HECHICERO vs. Virus PLAY-IN THREAD KENNY OMEGA vs. Yoshi-Hashi vs. ACH A lot of the Omega stuff is spread over other people's threads
  16. GRAN METALIK Play-In REVIVAL #DIY X2, American Alpha X2
  17. ULTIMO GUERRERO Cavernario & Volador Jr. vs Ăšltimo Guerrero & Valiente in the National Parejas Increible final Play-In Thread DRAGON LEE vs. Flamita vs. La Mascara
  18. JACK GALLAGHER vs. Pete Dunne (Progress CWC Qualifying match) vs. El Ligero (7/30/16) See also vs. Akira Tozawa (CWC match), Progress CESARO/SHEAMUS See the Best of 7 Series, the matches against New Day where I legit can't remember which one was the good one. Oh and this...
  19. WYATTS (Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Luke Harper) Randy Orton vs. Luke Harper (Elimination Chamber) Bray/Orton vs. American Alpha (SDL - 11/29/16) Bray/Orton vs. Beauty & the Man Beast (TLC 2016)* MICHAEL ELGIN vs. Shibata (New Japan - 7/27/16) vs. Naito (New Japan New Beginning 2017) vs. Ricochet (Rev Pro - 4/16/16) vs. Kenny Omega (New Japan - the ladder match)
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