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  1. DVDVR MARCH MADNESS 5: GLOBAL WARFARE March Madness started in 2009. I think. It was a bit messy with more emphasis on madness. In the second year it became the sort of Wrestler of the Year competition that it is now. In all previous years, wrestlers came from only US/Canada promotions. This year, we’re trying something different, we’re including people from all over the globe. I asked people in the Purotopia and Lucha sections who they thought should be in. I looked at wrestlers who showed up in DEAN’s Internet Wrestling matches thread, and I even ventured over to Wrestling KO, to see who were the guys being pimped over there. I tried to get include people that were interesting and diverse. For me, March Madness isn’t about the bickering but celebrating some quality pro-wrestling, and hopefully you all will get exposed to people you haven’t seen before. If you don’t know jack about Lucha, check some out. These wrestlers are the guys Lucha fans believe best exemplified the form in 2013. Not sure about them Japanese dudes? We have wrestlers from just about every major company there, ranging from badass heavyweights to some of the best flippy dudes in the world. I didn’t forget that this board leans towards the WWE, so they got a lion’s share of the spots. However this year you won’t see the jabronies that would crop up in year’s past. No Miz. No Kofi Kingston. No Sin Cara. Those spots have been given to guys like Shinsuke Nakamura, Negro Casas, and LA Park. A clear upgrade if you ask me. I know that a lot of you haven’t seen shit from a big chunk of these folks. I ask that you at least give each unknown a shot before voting. A match or two isn’t asking much and who knows maybe you’ll find something you can watch when your company of choice starts putting Batista on TV. RULES Generally speaking one votes based on a wrestler's performances over the last year. People are allowed to argue in favor or against any wrestler, as well as post any video evidence needed to back up said arguments. However don't take shit personally - this is all in good fun, and any trolling should be recognized as such. IMPORTANT: You may have noticed that Rippa and the Powers That Be have given me an upgrade in abilities. If you take things too far, or become too much of a nuisance - you'll be getting a time out. So if you're trolling and having a laugh- don't go over the line. If you're being trolled, wake the fuck up. Above all: Don't be an idiot. HALL OF CHAMPIONS 2010: Rey Mysterio 2011: Daniel Bryan 2012: Daniel Bryan 2013: Daniel Bryan *It should be noted that CM Punk was runner-up every single time. POLLS OPEN MONDAY MORNING
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