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Found 9 results

  1. This will be the thread that I randomly dump info in as I am going over the list. PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR BALLOTS HERE (I will have a different thread for that) I will post the Q&D full results in the Master List thread once that is ready (and I finish updating the Master List)
  2. This is will serve as the debrief thread. To keep the other thread somewhat tidy - I am going to close that one and move the discussion here. The Master List is updated and I posted the remaining movies that got votes in that thread too. If you so choose - feel free to post your full ballots here. PLEASE PUT THEM IN THE SPOILER BOX!!! Some people just mention the things they voted that didn't make the list. (You also don't have to do any of that) I am going to continue to post things in the Facts and Figures thread too. In fact now that I posted the full list - it allows me
  3. Hopefully I don't fuck this up too bad A Total of 19 Ballots were submitted Ballot Breakdown 100: 12 Ballots 70+: 1 Ballot 60+: 2 Ballots 50+: 4 Ballots A Total of 656 Movies were named in some form on ballots 248 movies made the final reveal. This represents 38% of the movies voted for. (For context, the Best of the 90s redo had 47% make it. The GOAT poll had 29%. I like being in the middle of that.) Any movie that had 98 or more points made the list. This means that everyone's Top 3 made the final reveal. (There was only one third place vot
  4. Spoiler Tags due to the eventual length
  5. I have already received two ballots so probably need to make this official BALLOTS DUE: Sept 7, 2020 (Labor Day in the US) BALLOT LENGTH: MINIMUM 50. MAXIMUM 100 movies (1-100). You may also "vote" for up to 25 movies as Honorable Mention (Honorable Mentions serve as first tiebreaker and some other stuff based on my whims) BALLOTS EMAIL: DVDVRMAIL AT GMAIL DOT COM (In an ideal world you will submit your ballot 1-100 MOVIE TITLE, DIRECTOR, YEAR) ELIGIBILITY: Anything that has a release date in IMDB between 1/1/10 and 12/31/19 You can update your ballot at anytime - just
  6. I plan on creating a few specific pimping threads for specific types of movies (but not all of them). But here is a starting point. This thread will especially be used for those bigger movies that are more "known" (like the comic book movies, the blockbusters, the Oscar winners, etc...) Some early reference materials that you may or may not find helpful That's the first half of the decade poll that @Chaos did. Not sure if he has the list in one complete form (Her was the #1 movie) This was the discussion thread of the decade (thus far) when we were doing the Greatest Movie Pol
  7. Obviously will we just use the generally accepted notion of "foreign film" here. (Since yes US films are technically foreign films for our UK posters, etc...) There clearly will be cross-over since folks could easily talk about Train to Busan or Under the Shadow here or in horror For a starting point - Academy Awards nominations 2010-2014 2010 In a Better World (Winner) Biutiful Incendies Hors la loi (Outside the Law) Note: Dogtooth was also nominated but that is considered 2009 by IMDB 2011 A Separation (Winner) Rundskop (Bullhead) H
  8. Because of the preferences of the folks around here - Horror pimping could single-handedly overwhelm a General thread (just look at the first thread for the start of it). So here is your very own thread. Some places you might want to start (or totally disagree with) Film School Rejects (Top 50) Bloody Disgusting (Top 25)
  9. I think that Documentaries are always criminally underrated in these type of things and I am STILL bitter about Hoop Dreams not making the Greatest list. Anyway - this is a reminder that these are movies too and you might want to consider them. A starting point - these are the things that were nominated for Best Documentary at the Oscars (links go to IMDB). This is 2010-2014 2010 Inside Job (Winner) Exit Through the Gift Shop Gasland Restrepo Waste Land 2011 Undefeated (Winner) Hell and Back Again If A Tree Falls Paradise Lost 3:
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