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  1. 4 hours ago, Craig H said:

    How would you have turned Ted DiBiase face in the 80s in WWF? Would it have been possible.

    He buys a well-known toy company and hands out free toys to kids at ringside before matches, shouting his new/updated catchphrase, “Everybody’s got a Fisher-Price!”

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  2. 4 hours ago, Cobra Commander said:

    Garrett Dylan's name has to come from an NXT name generator

    It was deliberate - real name Jody Kristofferson (son of the actor Kris Kristofferson, who was in the 1973 film Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, along with Bob Dylan)

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  3. On 12/1/2022 at 8:04 PM, Cobra Commander said:

    Video game idea: a travelling wrestler mission on a car racing game where you have to make the next town without being pulled over as Dick Murdoch throws beer bottles at road signs

    My God; I never realized how much a GTA game world could easily be a Territories-era wrestling life game. Missions are constant driving from town to town to make the shows; working your way up the card makes you more money; then at the end of a chapter the promoter finishes you up and you drive off to a newly-unlocked territory on the other side of the country. Evading the police, petty crime side missions, avoiding hostile fans. Set it beginning in 1983 and the background plot is a Vince figure going national and taking over the game map.

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  4. 14 hours ago, nate said:

    The thing that always sticks in my brain - and I don't know if this has been mentioned yet - is, if Bret never gets screwed out of the title, Owen is likely still alive today.


    Further down the rabbit-hole of unintended consequences, one could theorize that Bret staying alters the timing of the chain of events that leads to HHH's 1999 push and storyline pairing with Stephanie (which leads to their actual relationship/marriage/kids).

  5. The way I always thought Bret leaving should have gone was:

    Let Bischoff make the announcement that he was jumping to WCW. Since Bret was under contract with the WWF through the December IYH, you have him announce that he’s leaving in a month and taking the world title with him, unless someone can beat him before then. The month becomes a chase, with the entire roster temporarily turning face. And then he loses on the last night to Undertaker; he tries to walk out and the roster blocks him at the top of the aisle; usual stuff like that. Tombstone finishes him, then Taker drops the belt to Michaels at the Rumble in the casket match, and we're back on the same timeline without anyone being double-crossed, quitting, etc.

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  6. Terrible idea: They rip-off the Wrestlemania 2000's IC/Euro match stips; it's Reigns vs. Cody vs. Sammy in a 2 Falls Triple Threat match with the first fall deciding one title and the second fall deciding the other title. Sammy pins Cody in the first fall; Cody pins Sammy in the second fall. Reigns loses both titles without dropping a fall as Corey Graves screams about the injustice.

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  7. As a lifelong Phillies phan (which I try not to mention too much for professional reasons), I honestly can say that I had a fantastic time:

    • Postseason games attended: 4 (NLDS Game 3; NLCS Game 3; World Series Games 4 and 5)
    • Foods consumed: Chicken cheesesteak, Impossible cheesesteak, a 'Thanksgiving-on-a-hoagie-roll' turkey sandwich named "The Gobbler", veggie hot dogs, soft pretzels, Cracker Jack, Tastykakes, peanuts, french fries, crab fries, Federal Donuts
    • Dingers seen hit by home team: 4
    • No-hitters witnessed: 1 (even if it was by the other team; history is history)

    Playing with house money takes the sting out of losing. My poor old heart and belly are full; I have lost some hearing from the bedlam. I love baseball.

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  8. On 11/3/2022 at 11:26 AM, Lawful Metal said:

    Kinda blows my mind that there's only been 2 no hitters in 100+ years of World Series games.  And this is the only combined no hitter.  Wild.

    Look at is this way: the total number of World Series games played to that point (688 games) divided by 2 no-hitters, so the average of one-per-344 games is the same occurrence as having a no-hitter in a regular season every 23 days.

  9. 38 minutes ago, Infinit said:

    They would need Andre on the card...maybe have him win the battle royale?

    The Bundy squash was necessary to build up a new monster.

    You gotta do Tito vs Valentine. Tito was going to unseat Greg anyway...why not do it at Mania?

    Maybe have JYD do the Studd Bodyslam Challenge if you don't want to do Andre in the spot?

    If we're using the available roster, Dynamite/Davey and Bret/Anvil were already doing tv tapings....

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  10. 17 minutes ago, Log said:

    We need a segment where someone brings out a cake, and Yuta's like, "I'm out. I know where this is heading!"

    I could seriously get into Wheeler Yuta - Destroyer of AEW Cliches:

    • he refuses to do backstage interviews because that's where everyone gets attacked
    • when doing an in-ring or ramp/entrance interview, he waits a full 30 seconds after the first question while looking back at the entrance before answering, because that's when everyone gets interrupted
    • he immediately brings out weapons during a match, forcing the refs to remove the weapon or DQ him
    • he leaves the ring and compels the ref to count, and urges them to hurry up
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  11. 46 minutes ago, Dolfan in NYC said:

    I think we're all collectively underselling the defending champs being 3 outs from being ousted

    You mean zero outs.


  12. 21 hours ago, odessasteps said:

    Watts also did Ron Fuller's podcast both (I think) as a Super Stadcast and the regular show to discuss Dusty's babyface turn, since Watts was the booker when it happened. Those were both still when the Studcast was part of AV.

    Watts was also on the Charting the Territories podcast 9-10 months ago during the “Curious Case of Mr. Szabo” episodes.

  13. 2 hours ago, RIPPA said:

    I wonder what MLB would have done if they tried to put this rule change in when you had stadiums that didn't have infield dirt.

    Remember - Rogers Centre didn't have dirt until like 2016

    A borderline with the same perimeter of a dirt infield:


  14. 1 hour ago, Dolfan in NYC said:

    I cannot wait to hear the crawl-out-of-your-skin cringe line that John Sterling has on deck. 

    With any luck, it’ll be a situation resulting in a lengthy replay decision (line drive hits the top of a wall and is initially ruled in play; fan interference) that takes all the momentum out of the call.

    Can’t you just imagine ”Line drive to left-center… did it…off the…did it go out? Judge stops at second and the Yankees are going to take a look at it before challenging.” in all the tribute videos and highlights?

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