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  1. The guys running DOI left one by one until it was only Sean McCaffrey (Mic) running it, and he shut the site down when he became more involved in running WSU. He also didn't really love Indy wrestling anymore, so it wasn't worth keeping it going. I miss the site though, it was a good place for results and little bullshit independent wrestling drama you wouldn't hear about otherwise.

  2. The moment Zack Ryder banged on that wall and it became clear that he was failing to muster up that Serious Business Fire that he was going for, is the exact moment that video went from being good to sad.

    I'm pretty sure the last time I watched Zack Ryder wrestle was when he won that belt.

    I've seen plenty since then, but I agree that i'm just not sure he has 'serious heel guy' in him. And, in the end, there's just a whole bunch of guys in NXT who deserve a shot on the main show more than Ryder deserves a fourth run. I'd rather see Corey Graves, and I'm not even sure I like Corey Graves.

    Zack Ryder as a manager in tights might work. This disgruntled employees stable needs less Dolph Ziggler and more Mark Henry though.

    Ryder feels like a guy who should be in a tag team. Is there anyone in NXT who would make sense as his partner?

    Or maybe he can be paired with Darren Young. That sounds like the sort of tag team that could be losing two-on-one handicap matches to Alexander Rusev a couple of months from now.

    I think they should bring in Enzo and Big Cass as his cousins from Jersey. Might be fun. Or, as I've said before, him, Alex Riley and Mason Ryan as a group of Affliction shirt-wearing spray-tan idiots who wander backstage talking to chicks like Bobby Bottleservice and fist pumping. Call them the "woo-Woo Crew."

    I'm sick of them already.

  3. I didn't see it tonight but it's usually one funny joke and 20 minutes of nothing. There was a joke about Peter trying to save a whale with a forklift a few weeks ago that was probably the lowest point the series has hit though.

  4. I read the Bobby Blaze book...he breezes through everything so quickly, like he'll go through a year in 5 pages. Something about the guy ended up annoying me by the end of the book, I can't put my finger on it though. But for a low price it was a good enough time waster, just nothing great

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  5. I had the best worst idea watch a Raw Tuesday - Reigns/Taker at WM31, Reigns wins, only to be swarmed by Druids and carried off. He appears the next night on Raw as the new Undertaker, revealing it to be a spirit that chooses its host.

    Taker entering the HOF would be the reason it decided to move on.

    I don't know about Reigns but is it weird that I love this idea?

  6. Someone mentioned Funaki a few pages back...I met him at the San Antonio airport some years back. I went to say hi and get an autograph, and I was kinda surprised when he talked because he spoke perfect English with a Texas drawl. He was actually a champion in HBK's indy fed in 99, so the dude has been living over here for a long ass time.

  7. Just totally random...could Steve Blackman have been more successful if he was half of a badass shooter tag team in 98-99 or so? Have him managed by a guy doing a Dana White style hype man gimmick, and beating asses with Dan Severn or something. Maybe it just seems cooler in my head.

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