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  1. Maybe PWG spoiled me but outside of the main, everything just felt very lifeless. I love Steen but his match bordered on a squash, the Edwards tag had it's moments but again...It was probably the worst ROH show I've been to live, but nowhere near their dirt worst as a promotion.


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    This dude looks like Rutger Hauer. I demand a Roy Batty gimmick.

    I dunno if he can wrestle a lick or not (Never seen him) but if he can he should pretty much be put right into The Ascension as the "worker" of the group as he'd fit right in with Conor O'Brian/Rick Victor's look of clubbers from the future.


    Holy shit that's Joey Cabray?! I hung out with him a few years back because my ex knew him and he came to the states to watch Wrestlemania (whichever one was in Chicago...23 maybe?). Good dude, we had some good talks about wrestling but I never kept in touch. Awesome for him.

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