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  1. 46 minutes ago, NikoBaltimore said:

    I was going to ask earlier about these deadlines since I was out of the loop on this for a tiny bit.  But whoever made these deadlines knowing how incomplete things were should be fired.  Because if they talked about major updates for the next two months then that indicates that this game needed at least two more months to make it at least functional for all systems.  But I guess management gambled on getting this out for the holidays thinking they'd be raking in the dough.  I do have my doubts that people will be willing to give this another chance once they get things ironed out.

    I’ve worked on something this fucked once, only on an even larger scale (hint - ever wonder why there was never a Pentium 5?).  Things get to a point where everybody knows it’s fucked but it’s too late to really fix it. Eventually you either shove it out the door or it collapses under its own weight. 

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  2. Other random notes

    - I realized last night that I'm pretty much playing as Johnny.  I killed a bunch of Tiger Claws to rescue some guy.  The guy was ungrateful.  Then Johnny showed up.  Said he was stupid to be ungrateful but at least we got all this cool loot off the bodies.  Damn right we did.  Don't bother taking over.  Let's make this thing a partnership.

    - I have never hated driving in any game as much as I do in this.  To further complicate things, I stole one of those big cars with four wheels in front last night.  Couldn't see over the damn steering wheel.  I guess I needed a cushion or something.

    - Maybe I should've waited to shoot that big tank I was supposed to blow up until I had moved away from it

    - I did not expect to see (very minor spoilers) in this game:


    Eddie Pulaski 


  3. I haven't bought or made anything, so I'm running around in whatever I find that has the best stats.  My female (who JT will be shocked to learn has purple hair and way too much tattooing) is wearing a leather cap with goggles attached to it that looks like something the Nazis in the desert portion of Raiders of the Lost Ark would've worn.  That's paired with a pair of green tinted Terminator style glasses.  She has some sort of bulletproof vest, worn under a grey granny style cardigan.  The look is completed by cream colored short shorts and a pair of black leather that include, for some reason, knee pads.  I'm kinda glad this is in first person.

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  4. 27 minutes ago, J.T. said:

    All firearms are lethal as are bladed weapons.   You have equip a gun with the Pax weapon mod for its shots to be converted to non-lethal damage.

    Melee damage from physical attacks (punches, kincks) is non-lethal as are takedowns from behind if you specify the choke-out over the neck snap.

    AFAIK, most blunt melee weapons like shock sticks are non lethal, but I imagine that you could kill a person with a baseball bat or a sledgehammer if you hit them enough times just like in real life.

    There are also some non-lethal combat gadgets like flashbangs, EMP grenades, and biochem grenades.

    That makes sense.  Also explains why I didn't know - I haven't modded anything yet.  I also haven't done anything with the cyber stuff besides the one thing you have to do.

  5. 34 minutes ago, J.T. said:

    Yeah, I have had to adapt a special arsenal of Pax modded weapons for Regina's cyberpsychosis capture missions.  I had to revert to a previous save once because I accidentally beheaded some poor school with the Black Unicorn katana because I didn't swap to my non-lethal SMG.

    Coach Fred's questline can eat a bag of shit.  Having to fistfight a dude and his sync-clone at the same time at the Kabuki battle arena was bullshit.

    There are non-lethal weapons?  I did not know that.  I just shoot those guys till they stop moving.  Regina said something about keeping em warm, but I didn't bother. 

    I'm paying even less attention to instructions than usual.  Also, I'm playing the game on mute a bunch of the time.  My son is doing remote school in the next room over from the Xbox, and I don't figure his Catholic school kindergarten needs to listen to me playing Cyberpunk.

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  6. Dear Regina,

    You've made it quite clear via your post mission feedback that you are unhappy with my methods, if not necessarily with the results.  I understand and share your concerns.  In return, please look at my situation.  I'm being controlled by someone who

     a - is playing the game like a lunatic

     b - is not really paying close attention to what's going on

     c - doesn't do stealth

    You must've realized the true nature of our situation after you sent us to get that cop out of a jam safely, and he promptly shot her in the face.  Several times.  

    Look, we're in this together.  If you don't want 37 dead Tiger Claws lying around at the end of each assignment, kindly find someone else to carry it out.  This is jus the way things are gonna go.




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  7. 18 hours ago, Sublime said:

    My daughter has tested positive for COVID today, my wife has started showing symptoms as well. We've been exceedingly careful this whole time but she (daughter) goes between our house and her dads, who is a nurse as is her stepmom who is also symptomatic. So far everything is pretty mild hopefully it stays that way.

    Hopefully if it spreads to y'all it won't be any worse than what we've had.  Get rest and take care of yourselves.

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  8. Up till now, we've got a mild case.  My kid is his normal high energy self - bouncing off the walls and driving us crazy.  His momma and I had pretty constant headaches for three days, but we got through it without meds.  Still have them occasionally, but been mostly clear there since yesterday.  Don't have as much energy as normal, and maybe get winded a little faster than usual.  My wife is a little more down than I am, but not too bad, all in all.  Oh, and a nasty rash on my wrist, but that may've been poison ivy.  Other than that, not much to speak of.  Still early, but so far, so good

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  9. 24 minutes ago, J.T. said:

    Thoughts so far.

    • Character creation is fucking awesome.  Maybe too awesome.  So many options that I get a bit overwhelmed.   I had to reel in my dork size for fear that I would trip over it while walking around my safehouse with no pants on.  I also don't need my schlong clipping through my jeans as I stroll through the city.

    I'm forgetting.  Whose turn is it to make the Jehovah's Witnesses joke now?

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  10. On 10/31/2020 at 12:34 AM, Curt McGirt said:

    Well, in following with the last one...

    RIP Billy Joe Shaver 

    which I guess happened Wednesday. 

    Crazy motherfucker...

    Crap, I did not see this till now.  Wish I hadn't seen it at all.  Not many folks shoot somebody in the face after a concert (and after asking they guy "where do you want it?"), go to trial, call Willie Nelson as a witness, get acquitted and then write a song about it.  Only ever got to see him live at Willie's picnic.  

    I guess this'd make about as good an epitaph as any, with his late son on guitar.


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  11. 41 minutes ago, EVA said:

    The Urban to Texas rumors always felt like the Saban to Texas rumors from years ago.  It even had the “His wife has been house shopping in Austin” angle.  Ultimately, I think both were cases of high-powered Texas boosters thinking they’re the Masters of the Universe and that, if they wanted it to happen, they could make it happen. But neither ever really had a chance of happening.

    The one thing they're missing this time is Texas fans being convinced that Saban would be carried into their senior banquet on a litter, Xerxes style, by 5 star recruits who were shifting their commitment to Texas.

  12. I'm sitting next to my 5 year old while he's doing Kindergarten over Zoom.  All the kids have been comparing what kind of Covid test they got.  So his teacher and best school friend have come back positive.  This freaking year.

    On the plus side, he's developing a properly warped sense of humor.  He shares my love of Animal Crackers.  He says farts sound like the buzzer in Operation.  And he laughed his ass off yesterday when I got a mouthful of mud while cleaning out the gutters.

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  13. On 11/12/2020 at 10:17 AM, Liam said:



    ‘My Drug Buddy’, The Lemonheads (1992)

    Influenced by: Sin City • The Flying Burrito Brothers (1969)   

    Influence on: Sorted For E’s & Wizz • Pulp (1995)   

    Covered by: Juliana Hatfield and Evan Dando (1994) • Anthony Green (2005)

    Who doesn’t want to enjoy an acoustic ode to a drug friend? I’ve not heard much by the Lemonheads or Evan Dando himself, yet I have always felt that I would enjoy them if I gave them more time. It really does play into a brand of music that I’ve enjoyed more as I’ve got older. Apparently, Dando was very openly into drugs and was perhaps naively willing to sing about that in this song. I like the dark topic mixed with the very light and airy instrumentation, though it doesn’t rise quite above just being good for me.

    Learned something new there.  Never knew Sin City was a Burritos song.  I really do need to listen to more Gram Parsons.  For some reason he, and the Burritos for that matter, have always been somebody I've heard more about than actually heard their music.

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