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  1. 21 hours ago, jstout said:

    Found it, finally. But I don't find it until Robert is ready to run off and go save the universe. Me and Melraz can carry on.

    I went on last night and was floored by the changes - there's that new (to me) nightclub near the casino, and one player had an arcade with a secret door that led to a gun-modifying stop and several vehicles. Couldn't do anything because the player wouldn't let me (of course). It's amazing the shit they've kept on pumping out for this game considering it's 7 years old and they don't really make any money off keeping the things going.

    I tried to get a Simeon car, but it occurred to me that I've forgotten what the cars are. They've expanded the list from the old days, and expanded the list of daily objectives. I never really engaged anybody. There's a fun mode called Arena Wars or something like that that's kinda like a demolition derby with the usual GTA twists. I played one called Tag Team where players can tag in a relief driver and take over some kind of weapon so you don't get bored. I had a machine gun turret, another player had a remote-control car that I assume detonated, but I dunno. The mode struck me as something that would have been a stone hoot during the crew night days.

    Oh, I'll still be around, if anybody's on.  It's not like I haven't played through all the Mass Effect games a time or two.  Won't be on for a few days at least, since the mayor and I are both somehow on vacation at the same time.

    I don't know how long it's been since you were on, but they've added all kinds of stuff.  I think there may be three heists you've never done.

    They added a bunch of the lower end, older supers as Simeon cars.  I don't know which ones exactly, but I do know the Infernus is one of em.

    My favorite thing in the game right now is business battles. They're the special crate equivalent for 2021.  Basically a shitstorm generator.

  2. Hadn't been paying that close attention to the release date, so I just now realized I'm heading out for vacation hours before.  First time I've been away from the house for an entire day since 2019.  Another example of my perfect timing.

    I'll be in a cabin out in the woods with no TV or internet, trying to convince my wife that those weird ass Axis deer calls are chupacabra.  At least there won't be any temptation to try to find a way to play.

  3. 1 hour ago, J.T. said:

    CDPR is planning a *chuckle" Game of the Year release of Cyberpunk 2077 supposedly to coincide with the free DLC downloads.   

    More power to em.  Just be sure to put a prefix on that title.  Most Disappointing seems to fit, though I'm sure plenty of others would as well.

  4. 1 hour ago, Raziel said:

    Well, I mean, Clancy wasn't wrong about that

    Does that mean the movie is actually good?  I'm pretty sure Sum of All Fears is the worst novel I've ever managed to finish reading.

  5. It might be a financial flop in one way at least, though the impact won’t be seen for years. I figure they’re gonna have to work pretty damn hard to sell their next game.  Much harder than they had to with this one. 

  6. 39 minutes ago, Death From Above said:

    Vikings drafting a QB whose knocks according to the panel are "accuracy, decision making, consistency" makes me very happy

    Having watched virtually every snap of said QB’s college career, I’d quibble with the decision making knock, but fully agree with the rest

    Mond played really well a couple times, but he was mostly just a not gonna lose you the game guy in college. Not sure that’s the kind oh QB you spend an early third on. 

  7. 1 hour ago, RIPPA said:

    Or you can be a wackado like Chris Simms continues to be and have Fields fall all the way to Tampa at 32

    I once met Chris Simms when he was a freshman at Texas.  I was very bored waiting for my wife to get off work (she was the math tutor for the athletics dept there) so I decided to entertain myself watching a student IT person trying to explain the difference between a Mac and a PC to Simms.  It was like watching somebody explain the Schrodinger Equation to a groundhog.

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  8. 14 hours ago, jstout said:

    I fear the try-hards with their remote control tanks, flying motorcycles, suicide penchants and Mary Lous. 

    Yeah, a lot of that's still around, but it's less annoying somehow now.  Maybe I just don't give a shit any longer. If it gets annoying, I just change rooms.

    It's weird how stuff seems to go in and out of fashion.  Since I started back playing a bit I've only run into one suicide queen.  RPG spamming also seems to have gone out of style.  I've run into a few scout sniper folks, but not nearly like we used to.  Still a lot of flying motorcycles, but not quite as many as I remember from the past.  The only ones that bother me are the guys that constantly use their stupid bikes to move from building to building to sit on top of your head.  I just try to annoy those back.  Most people don't know how to use em, so I just stay on foot and try to shoot em off.  It works more often than you'd think.  Think I've only seen one Delorean.  Only seen one remote control tank.  Those are automatic room change for me.  On the other hand, jets seem to have made a weird comeback, though I've only run into two people that knew how to use em.

    Mary Lou, of course, never goes out of style.  BTW, you missed me doing a picture perfect one during a T-ball game a couple weeks ago.  Had to do it to avoid crushing one of my players.  Gave the folks in the stands a good laugh.  Surprisingly I lived through it, though my right shoulder and half my upper back ached for a couple days afterwards.

    14 hours ago, jstout said:

    I'll try to get updated tomorrow, fuck it. Connection problems may be a big problem - haven't forwarded my ports since switching cable companies a year and a half ago.

    Hey, the game's only been out 7 1/2 years.  They'll get the connection stuff sorted out soon.

  9. I'm coaching my son's T-ball team this year.  First time coaching.  It's been interesting. 

    We already had two kids out due to Covid before our first game.  Our second game was cancelled because the other team was quarantined after they had a kid come to their first game with the virus.  Yesterday we got an email saying we're going to umpire the games ourselves since most of the umpires have it.

    The kids themselves are an interesting mix.  There are four or five who are pretty good, a few that at least seem to realize they're on a baseball field, one that hasn't shown up the last four games and two that do show up but don't seem to realize there's a game going on.  The one that would easily be our best player spends most of his time sulking.  We're supposed to play every kid at every position at least once.  Fortunately I've managed that already, since there's at least two I don't feel safe putting at first base again.  A couple of the kids throw hard enough to hurt somebody, and I'd just as soon not watch a five year old's nose get splattered because he wasn't even looking at the kid throwing to him.

    Opposing coaches tend to drive me nuts.  Half of them seem to not to realize this is freaking T-ball.  This ain't meant to be taken that seriously.  I did the select team/high level high school stuff when I was growing up.  There's a time for that stuff, but T-ball ain't it.  Let em have fun.  It's fun to read behind the lines of the emails from the commissioner to figure out what some fool did last time out.  He told me they have to permanently kick out a coach about every other year, and that it almost always happens in T-ball.  People are weird.

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  10. Got shot two yesterday.  I'm right at what is supposed to be the worst point for side effects now. Wiped out tired, muscles are weak and got a headache - which is about what actual Covid was for me since I only had a mild case.  I'm assuming the muscle weakness won't go on for months like it did with the actual disease.  Glad to have it done, and ready to ease up a little bit on our family Covid protocols, though we'll still be careful.

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  11. I went online last weekend to buy a new pocketknife. I already knew what to expect, but still got annoyed about instantly because every damn knife has to be called “tactical” or the mall ninjas won’t buy it.

    Anyway, my six year old heard me grumbling and came over to check out what I was doing. Then he wanted to what made something tactical.  I told him that mainly it’s just gotta be black. Unfortunately, he and I have the same sense of humor, so he spent the next thirty minutes running around pointing at things and shouting “tactical television!” “Tactical mud!” “Tactical cat!”

    His momma came home in the middle of that and I had to explain what was going on. Fortunately she already knew she married an idiot  

    I ended up getting something that said not just tactical but also extreme ops, though the most extreme op I’m gonna use it for is opening Amazon boxes. 

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  12. 2 hours ago, RIPPA said:

    EA posted a blog going over all the gameplay tweaks they are making


    Next week they will focus on the visual changes

    Most important update

    The blog also talks about how they will handle the Galactic Readiness issue in ME3 since I know folks asked about that

    I'm assuming that inventory thing pretty much applies to ME1 only.  Even there I never had much trouble, at least once I had the money for Spectre gear.  My simple (possibly incorrect) rules

    - every gun you pick up is trash.  

    - every omni-tool and/or amp that doesn't say "Savant" on it is trash.

    - Every armor that  doesn't say "Predator" (except for one Krogan one that I can't remember the name of) is trash.

    - The system breaks down a bit with mods, or course, but even there I only went with a couple things and and chucked the rest.

  13. 6 minutes ago, Technico Support said:

    Fellow paranoid luddite here!  And I work in IT.  Maybe that's why?  

    Could be.  Confession time here.  I'm a design engineer for a large chipmaker.  Worked in a number of divisions over the years including, briefly, the IoT group.

    Since refrigerators were nearly impossible to find last year, it looked for a while like we'd have to get one with that crap.  I told my wife that was fine as long as we let our five year old disable it with a hammer.

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  14. 10 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

    Okay, I saw an ad for what I know deign the most useless and anger-inducing piece of technology ever. 

    A smart refrigerator. 

    It's a fridge with a giant cell phone/computer screen on it. Like the Mirror, the giant cell phone/computer screen you hang on your wall and exercise in front of.

    You tag your groceries within and it shows you what you have inside on the screen. 

      Reveal hidden contents


    Phew... had to get that out of my system. 

    In ten years you’ll probably struggle to find a fridge that doesn’t have that. I’m a paranoid Luddite, and I had to go out of my way to get one that didn’t have that tech last year. 

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  15. 1 minute ago, RIPPA said:

    Yeah - apparently what happened with the Walmart drop is the West Coast people were able to get into the system before the stock dropped to fill out their applications (since they were only selling the All Access versions). So when the stock actually went live, everyone who already filled out their stuff were able to zoom right through.

    I finally got the out of stock message after about a hour of trying

    I was able to get an XSX through them back in December. Missed one drop as I didn’t have an account with the credit card set up but got it on the next drop or the one after. Nice thing was they said it would arrive sometime in January, but I got it before Christmas 

    now if I just had time to use it

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  16. We got our first (Pfizer) shots yesterday.  All I got was a sore arm.  My wife is having a rougher go of it. Don't know if the side effects are worse if you've had the virus before, but she's feeling a lot of the same symptoms from when we had our fairly mild cases back in December.  

  17. On 3/1/2021 at 10:26 AM, Dolfan in NYC said:

    The "Eyes of Texas" thing going on in Austin feels like a controversy from a simpler time.  


    Unsurprisingly, Texas has decided that all is well, and that they can go back to playing that hideous tune every time they get positive yardage on offense or don't give up a first down on defense.

    Also, racism was a terrible thing, but they're all better now and they're glad to announce it's been consigned to the history books.

    I might actually read the next alumni fundraising letter I get from them instead of chucking it in the shredder, just to see how they spin this shit.

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