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  1. 57 minutes ago, Eivion said:

    I don't really get why people get annoyed at WWE preferring to produce in house. What is wrong with wanting to train people from the ground up instead of breaking what might be deemed bad habits and then teaching to wrestle WWE's style? It just doesn't make sense to me as a complaint seeing that its more or less the system one of the most popular countries for wrestling uses in Japan. 

    Assuming you’re talking about New Japan, I don’t think this comparison holds. Okada, Ishii, Suzuki, Ibushi, SANADA, Shingo, Ospreay, ZSJ, et al, all trained elsewhere before working in New Japan. Naito and Tanahashi were dojo grads, but the former spent years in Mexico (as part of the excursion system and then a repackage), and Tanahashi worked extensively in NOAH and AJPW. They haven’t developed their main eventers in a bubble historically either, as everyone either went on excursions or toured with other companies.

  2. Reportedly, the plan is to tape Rampage after Dynamite, except on special occasions. So that's less travel. (Though maybe presents a challenge in pacing, for the TV audience vs the live audience.)

  3. 23 minutes ago, Log said:

    Ok, so far Suzuki is facing:

    Daniel Garcia, 


    Calvin Tankman,

    and Jonathan Gresham

    on his trip to the U.S.  Am I missing anyone?  

    Damn, I'm pretty hype for all of those.

    Davey Richards, Anthony Henry, and Fred Rosser (fka Darren Young) are three more. 

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  4. 48 minutes ago, Casey said:

    Are they planning on using Suzuki to team with Archer for a match against Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page? He’s going to be here in the states doing indies and NJPW US shows, what, a week or two after All Out? Or the week of?

    Too bad the Forbidden Door has largely forgotten about NOAH, poor Kingston might never get his Akiyama match.

    My guess is they don't want to do Mox/Suzuki, since it would be a rematch. But yeah, US fans would like that better. If nothing else you get to belt out Kaze Ni Nare. 

    Akiyama actually doesn't work for NOAH (hasn't since 2012), but DDT... which has the same parent company as NOAH, granted. Omega was going to have a match against Endo, and Takeshita wrestled on Dark, so it seemed like that was maybe going to be the partnership before New Japan signed on. Now that they have, I don't think they would want the Cyberfight folks getting further US exposure. 

  5. KENTA also tweeted that he had COVID (he's better now) and he's sorry for any change of plans that caused, so maybe he was the back-up plan for Tanahashi, and Kojima is now the third choice. And of course, Kojima himself is now tweeting that he knows he's "not famous to wrestling fans around the world", which is kind of a downer. But I'm confident that he and Mox can lariat, chop, and generally welt eachother for 10 minutes and bring folks around. 

  6. 29 minutes ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    I’m just thinking to myself “Would AEW really benefit from having Adam Cole”? When it comes to locker room morale, definitely. You want to keep your talent happy with a move like that. But he’s not a needle mover for AEW. He won’t bring in a new audience to view your company. For ROH, if he has AEW exposure, he’ll bring back the fans they lost a long time ago, and maybe hardcores that weren’t into your company to start with will look now because of the AEW connection. Hopefully ROH gives them some Bandido appearances as a thank you in return.

    The only issue I could see with this scenario is that IMPACT could get pissed that they didn’t throw the hardcore bone to them instead.

    There’s something to be said for galvanizing your base. If you sign Cole and then don’t feature him, your core fans may happily follow him to ROH, or they may resent the fact that he traded one minor league for another. I think they would want to see him “in the show” for a little, first. And of course I imagine Cole would like that, too.

    As for how he’d do on WWE’s main roster... he’s always been a pretty good smarmy promo, is willing to do any kind of comedy, everyone loves working with him, and he’s got a catch phrase people like. I think he’d be a valuable utility player around the IC/tag range, yeah. But I don’t think he passes the “stand next to Randy Orton and look like a superstar to Vince” test, nor does he have any S-tier skills to elevate himself despite that.

  7. 2 hours ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    I was thinking about this in the morning. maybe Adam Cole should be doing what Christian is doing right now. Be on a AEW contract, but also be on a per-appearance deal with ROH. ROH definitely needs that extra national exposure, and AEW would have a way to not have another new guy from taking up time of talents you want to push.

    A quasi-territorial relationship with other promotions, allowing you to rotate guys in and out (and even give real time off) would probably be best for everyone. (Especially if we ever get the pandemic under control, and Mexico and Japan become real options.)

    That said, I can't imagine AEW would bring in Cole and not feature him prominently for a little while on their own shows--especially if Omega does take some time off after dropping the title, Jericho keeps stepping further back, etc. I think they've got room for him, even with Punk and Danielson. (And hey, Britt is already speculating on her and "somebody else" facing Punk and AJ in a mixed tag--not that I think that's likely.)

  8. 2 hours ago, Matt D said:

    It’s moronic since the fans really want to cheer Becky after her absence. Total opposite of Reigns turning. 

    This has been pointed out many times, and for a long time, but turning Becky in this way illustrates the 'writing vs booking' tension pretty clearly. From a writer's perspective, this could be a consistent and interesting development of Becky's character: her star ascendancy began with an unexpected attack on Charlotte, was fueled by her continuing to transgress, and culminated in taking an injured wrestler's spot in the Royal Rumble after she'd already lost that night. That she would take advantage of the vacancy Sasha made and Bianca's naivete makes sense. And it gives Bianca -- supremely physically gifted -- a psychological hurdle to overcome. 

    Only, as much as WWE might occasionally insist and operate otherwise, wrestling isn't a scripted drama like any other, and you can't write characters/stories as if it is. 

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  9. 3 minutes ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

    I think it's more of folks seeing how he debuted in AEW and thinking "well, he can be their Steve Austin", which isn't fair really. He's their Jon Moxley.

    I feel like if you had a Venn diagram for people who cross into Austin territory, you would get a lot of names. Why? They let Austin do a lot of things in a five year span when they started to ramp up doing crazy shit and pushing the envelope. 

    I think it's also just the way archetypes and the critical vocabulary that results develops and atrophies over time, in the same way that "Kafkaesque" has been about the least useful thing you can say about a surreal or nightmarish piece of prose fiction for years. 

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  10. 22 minutes ago, Eoae said:

    I feel like there’s a big difference between saying “Punk didn’t move the needle” and “Punk didn’t move the needle as much as the Rock”

    If Punk had moved needles as much as The Rock did and does, Triple H never could have called him skinny-fat. (This is dumb but it was also a lay-up. I'm still sorry.)

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  11. 46 minutes ago, Eoae said:

    I'm assuming Roman was just sent out to be good company guy and badmouth Punk because Vince is holding a grudge.  But he didn't say anything that was really false.

    You're probably right -- and hell, maybe Roman still holds a grudge over not being in Punk's original hand-picked Shield lineup, and the "make Roman look tough" quip -- but I think the question is less "is what he said true?" than "is what he said useful?/what does it accomplish?" Because if he's heeling, then he's babyfacing another guy for another company; and if he's just stating a truth for it's own sake, then it's a pretty soft criticism (everyone knows Punk is a big enough star that WWE would have happily paid him millions for a comeback), and invites the question of whether Roman himself is a bigger deal than The Rock or Cena (and he's not). 

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  12. 11 hours ago, Jiji said:

    I know you gotta go with that song but I would really dig 44 year old Punk coming out to bitch ass AFI (I love that song!).

    The ironic contrast of lyrics stating that he's no one from nowhere, while the crowd melts down over him, and then "from Chiiiiiiiiiicago, Illinois" would be hilarious, if nothing else. 

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  13. 3 hours ago, Shartnado said:

    This is most likely true, but wouldn't Christian vs White for the title still help to recoup some of that potential money? This may have been a take it or leave it kind of a situation for them, too. But yeah, I'm guessing Kenny vs White was a big NJPW dream match that they never had the chance to deliver on a big stage (if at all?)

    They had an IWGP US title match about 3.5 years ago, which did — or at least tried to do — some interesting things with Omega’s arrogance and White’s lack of big-match experience. (It’s basically his Rainmaker Shock.) But the match structure would be different — and ultimately more satisfying for a longer main event — now, and it wouldn’t be overshadowed by other angles to the same extent, were it to happen.

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  14. There's something extra depressing about seeing Mutoh, who basically resisted decades of the genre zeitgeist swinging towards being stiffer, or head-droppier, or somehow more genuinely violent, taking a hard-way headbutt at goddamn 60 years old. 

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  15. While we're sorta on the subject: However good they are, punches should mostly be saved for heel cheating/face retribution high spots, or concession stand brawl type matches. That is, wrestling is better with an acknowledged closed-fist rule, and the exceptions should mean something. 

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  16. 21 hours ago, AxB said:

    Steroids and Coke (and depression) killed those WWF/ WCW guys though, not bumping. It's not an apples to apples comparison.

    It's not, but the point is you have to consider every aspect of the working environment, not just the in-ring style. All Japan's big main events were brutal, but those matches were incredibly infrequent. Misawa and Kawada weren't expected to work an 80% effort singles match 4-5 nights a week on the house show circuit. Mostly, you were doing pretty tame six-man tags, without as extensive/grueling travel--and that travel, hotels, food, etc., was nearly all covered by the company or sponsors--and with real breaks in between tours. Which is not to say the stiffness and head-drops were somehow healthy, or that the style didn't venture into excess, or that steroids and alcohol were never problems. The real problem, though, was thinking you could work something approaching that main event style nearly every night of an American schedule. (Or to flip it around: the problem was when fans started expecting that.)

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  17. Maybe the fact that a major company is still willing to put its top title on him is answer enough, but, regarding Mutoh: Is this a "still wants to work" situation, or a "still has to work" one? Do we know? 

  18. Spoiler

    Gotta admit, Mutoh being world champ again right after SANADA fails to ascend again is kinda funny. (Not that the GHC and IWGP are on the same level right now, but still.)


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