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  1. It seems pretty clear that New Japan just doesn't see Suzuki as a featured player anymore, so he's happy enough to play the hits as a touring legend. 

    I can't imagine the company is as stoked about White's extended absence, and what that could imply about his future plans. (Even if COVID does someday get sorted, it could be suggested that he's expressed his territorial priority, and he already lives in the States.)

  2. In an SI interview (https://www.si.com/wrestling/2021/12/13/ring-of-honor-final-battle-champion-jonathan-gresham), current ROH champion Jonathan Gresham elaborates on his plan to keep defending the title (only under Pure rules), saying he needs to wrestle both CM Punk and Bryan Danielson to keep the spirit and essence of the company alive. 

    Obviously there's precedent for a traveling third-party champion losing their title on an AEW show, and if ROH is ever to reboot the exposure would be tremendous. But I wonder if -- even with the Pure rules offering something different, and the name having some lingering cache -- AEW would see real value in a potential defense/exchange. (Although, Punk is basically defending the 'being CM Punk' title in one-offs already, and Danielson could certainly showcase tons of challengers once he presumably fails to unseat Page. So.)

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  3. Promo ability and color commentary don't correlate 1-to-1, but Liger has been an announcer for long time, and is I think considered to be really funny in that role. 

    And while we're discussing extras to pad out his resume, he also kept a room in the dojo forever, acting as trainer/mentor figure for several generations of wrestlers. 

  4. Just quoting Wikipedia:

    New Japan Pro-Wrestling star Will Ospreay was accused by a former female wrestler, Pollyanna, of having her blacklisted after she made allegations towards another wrestler, Scott Wainwright, who is a friend of Ospreay's.[27] While Ospreay denied the accusation, International Wrestling League would release a statement that contradicted his denial.[28] However, in October 2020, IWL retracted their statement.[29]

  5. I think the match ends as Omega is seconds from tapping, or on the count of two while he's out cold. Danielson would have won, but technically didn't. With all the talk lately of Danielson in the G1, and of course Omega having been in several, maybe my head is just in the space to borrow the sort of finish that tournament has featured. Whatever the case, it develops the tension between Omega and Callis further: the latter just wants to keep his meal ticket viable, while the former increasingly wants to reassert himself beyond that. 

    Alternatively, they could rerun something from Omega's New Japan arc, where his faction-mates want to interfere more than he's comfortable with. Either the distraction works and he beats Danielson (but doesn't feel good about it), or is himself distracted and loses (but with an excuse).

    It's exciting, though. I can talk myself into all sorts of finishes, and the match that leads to any of them will be great. 

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  6. 35 minutes ago, Greggulator said:

    Show don’t tell us the adage in good storytelling. A 15-second clip at any point in the show of him choking someone out or the like is all you need to do. Something that makes him look impressive and hooks in the person tuning in for the first time after hearing about how good the PPV was. That is literally all you need to do just at some point.

    It's an adage, but mostly it's a reworded and taken out of context Chekhov quote referring to nature writing that people have flogged for decades since whenever they dislike anything having to do with fictional exposition. 

    Anyway, yeah, a 15-30 second clip would have been perfectly fine. I feel like we're all (myself included!) investing too much in incredibly marginal aspects of the presentation, though. Suzuki showed up and choked out/spiked Moxley. They're gonna fight, now. 

    And they also, smartly, had Punk -- who most 'casual/mainstream' fans would have tuned in to see -- put over Suzuki as a big deal. 

    I don't think AEW is trying to be a niche promotion, just one that acknowledges a broader wrestling universe exists. A perfect balance in how they present that isn't possible for all viewers. If they missed for you, in this case, that is what it is. 

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  7. 15 minutes ago, Greggulator said:

    You’re right. My not liking AEW’s decision to not tell the audience who one half of the main event is because of deep-seeded pathos buried in my soul, and I can only have it cured by having an encyclopedic knowledge of every winner of the NJPW/ROH Battledome Spectacular Fight Or Die Never Surrender Night 2 Tournament from 2004 to know who the hell I am watching.

    I get your point, but this is some wild hyperbole. He's a multiple-time world-champ (which they told us) and has been once of the most famous Japanese pro-wrestlers/MMA pioneers (which they told us) for the last 25 years. You don't need anything approaching encyclopedic knowledge of the puro scene to know who Minoru Suzuki is. You need... basically, more than zero knowledge. Of course, plenty of viewers do have zero knowledge of that scene, which is fine. But you can't explain everything at the level of the least-knowledgeable hypothetical viewer. That would be incredibly tedious. 

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  8. Yeah, I would assume New Japan would have no qualms about providing footage to hype Suzuki. And he's promoted his own shows, too, the footage of which he presumably owns, and could provide if AEW wanted. 

    But Suzuki isn't a flashy wrestler, and (if you don't know who he is) I'm not sure what him choking anonymous (to you) people out for thirty seconds would accomplish. The best possible characterization was done by Moxley at the PPV, honestly. His face, combined with the announcers' call, told you everything you needed to know. (I think what they did was fine, and a short video/promo would have been fine.) Most fiction benefits from less exposition. 

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  9. 11 minutes ago, Bryan said:

    My point is people feeling aggrieved hasn’t been the AEW locker room by all accounts.

    And that you risk upsetting that by bringing in too many people, too soon. Which I think would be unfortunate.

    It's a risk, but there is potential for reward, a rising tide to lift other boats, etc. As ever, the execution will tell. 

  10. 21 minutes ago, Bryan said:

    It’s not a video game and so the reaction to not being featured on two consecutive ppvs and learning they’re bringing in even more guys who are friends with the evp’s is generally not, “you’re better than me, come take my spot.” 

    I'm not a huge Steen/Owens fan, but no one could rationally argue he'd be a nepotism hire. If your point is that reason needn't enter into it, that people will feel aggrieved... sure. That's always been the business. 

    Wrestlers will compete for spots, and/or go other places where they can get the spots and money they think they deserve, (maybe there will be enough leverage to form a union!),  and companies will have to compete for the wrestlers they want. Everyone won't come out making a fortune in main events, but this is still way better than what the status quo has been for years. (And if the pandemic ever really ends, the indies/ROH/NJPW will have more room, too.)

  11. We can always come up with more names that would add value, I think, and hypothetical reasons they might sign. For example: Jay White lives in the US already, hasn't gone back to Japan to quarantine and work for NJPW, and could be a real star in a promotion where he speaks the language (though we don't need any more "remember Bullet Club" drama); Pete Dunne's contract is about to expire, and I don't think it's been reported whether he resigned; Asuka is almost 40, loves streaming, and seems mired in creative purgatory; WWE's Japanese corporate arm dissolving might mean Kairi Hojo is a free agent, and maybe her head injuries have cleared up; etc.

    But obviously AEW is in a "can sign people" not a "needs to sign people" situation, which is better for them. 

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  12. 7 minutes ago, Krone Meltzer said:

    I was more or less referencing people who were there. Like the EVPs wouldn't count but FTR most certainly would. Jericho I also wouldn't count as he was in at the ground level before AEW took off.

    I guess Moxley counts too, but damn it it Danielsons doesn't feel bigger. He almost feels like the Hogan to this situation over Punk. I really think getting Danielson may be the biggest coo of all, even more than Punk 


    Edit-Maybe it's because of how elite Bryan is in the ring still. He adds that layer of legitimacy to Elite Wrestling.

    One way in which Danielson might feel like a bigger deal because he's not really rejecting WWE, so much as he's choosing something else. FTR, Moxley, and of course Punk could be written off as malcontents who just were never going to be happy, and with whom there would always be a disconnect between how they and WWE saw themselves. But Danielson is a famously easy guy to work with, who, even now, really has nothing bad to say about WWE or Vince, his time working there, his pay, booking, any of it. They would have happily paid him millions and presented him as a consistent main eventer with a high degree of creative freedom. (To a lesser extent you could say this about Cole, too.)

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  13. Who knows if he still feels this way, but back in 2014 TK tweeted that the Wyatt family were a fine mid-card act with weird esoteric imagery, and overall an “anti-rub.” Doesn’t sound like someone who would have liked the Fiend gimmick more. 

    While we’re dreaming about video game rosters, I’m gonna hope for individual licenses for retired puro legends like Hansen, Kobashi, Kawada, Maeda, Tenryu, et al. My guaranteed purchase probably wouldn’t make up the cost, but it’s a start.

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  14. Little things, but:

    I love that we can now draw an in-ring line of “alt-kids’ favorite wrestler who sits weirdly in the corner” from Raven to Punk to Darby, and that they cribbed the “the kid got me” head nod from Bret/1-2-3 Kid. 

    And I’m really happy that, although he wasn’t the first choice and got overshadowed, Kojima got this spot, showed well, and got a really good reaction. And his twitter indicates he’s really happy, too. 

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  15. There’s a path to move forward from brutal MMA losses while still incorporating elements of that in your pro wrestling, and if AEW thinks most of its fans know their Nagata, Takara, Shibata, et al., maybe that’s a needle they/Punk could try to thread. But I don’t think they will, or should. 

  16. A thing I can't figure out about Darby/Punk, is whether Sting's promo about not being ringside is blatant lampshading, foreshadowing, or legitimately just a way to keep the focus 100% on the match, and not even tease the slightest possibility of interference. I'm virtually certain it's the latter. But of course the trope is that anytime you're promised that interference can't and isn't happening, it definitely is. And no one was thinking that Sting was going to get involved anyway. And even if you did want him to leave ringside, he could have just done it, rather than promising that he would ahead of time. (But I really do think there's nothing to be made of all this, that Punk will win a competitive, clean match.)

    As for Jericho, I think it's interesting that TK mentioned the cruise isn't an official AEW event. So, Jericho could keep booking himself even if he loses. 

    I'm not convinced that a lack of title changes matters, here. The theory that there should be one is mostly to make the crowd feel they saw something important, and got an "I was there moment" worth erupting for and remembering. They're going to get Punk's first match at the very least, and maybe an enormous debut or two also, which I think fulfills that emotional register. 

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  17. Nothing that stands out as a MOTYC, but a ton of his New Japan work is on YouTube (episodes 14 and 15 of Strong have singles matches), and is consistently smart and solid, and there’s an indie singles match against Jacob Fatu that’s also on YouTube. 

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