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  1. 13 minutes ago, Ace said:

    It's a tie-in to Rock's Netflix movie.


    The initial reveal of Vince showing off the egg was one of the most unintentionally hilarious bits of WWE television all year, as it was obvious that no one smartened up the pre-game panel to the movie tie-in and they all seemed as confused as the audience as to the egg gimmick.

    And that honestly right there is one of the bigger signs to me that WWE has lost its fastball at nearly every level possible. Even in times when the in-ring product was in shambles, they would always make sure to hammer home the dumb promotional tie-in gimmicks and angles.

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  2. 9 minutes ago, odessasteps said:

    Shawn with Hall and Nash, would have done something stupid, no doubt.

    Just imagining how much of a train wreck the promos would have gotten if a pilled-up Shawn that doesn't give a flying fuck was placed in the ring opposite peak-incomprehensible 1998 Roddy Piper makes me wonder if Bischoff would have ordered production to just cut to commercial sometime during. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, J.H. said:

    What if... Vince convinces to let Bret take the paycut and let's him stay, benches Michaels for the remainder of his deal and Montreal doesn't happen? Does Michaels going to WCW get us the same result as Bret going (i.e. Bischoff has 0 idea how to effectively use him) or does Shawn just spiral out of control bbefore that with tragic results?


    I am still of the belief that Shawn going to WCW would have been even more disastrous than Bret going to WCW, as combined with him being in a company where his outside-the-ring issues would be more unchecked, he would still run into the brick wall that was Hulk Hogan's creative control clause, which also likely in that time period lead to even more exacerbation of his issues.

    I always got the feeling that Hulk at least respected Bret as a worker even if he didn't see him as a "star" on his level. I just see Shawn getting told "that doesn't work for me, brother" whenever ANY idea of him in 1998/1999 interacting with Hulk got pitched.

    Shawn MIGHT have a shot if he hung around long enough for Russo to make it to WCW, but even then, I can't imagine Goldberg having much patience for dealing with a pilled-up Shawn Michaels, and if they were put in the ring it's possible that Shawn's career would have ended too but in a more malevolent manner.

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  4. One of the great pop-culture developments of the last decade was a responsible adult informing John Carpenter that he can make money performing his film scores live. I've only seen him once but he looked like he was having a great time doing these concerts, and one of my favorite live music experiences of that year was watching him put the sunglasses on before performing his theme from They Live 🙂



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  5. Uh, this seems like it may be leading to something a bit more than a hiatus...

    EDIT: obviously while not as important as the livelihoods of a few dozen wrestlers, I do hope that if Sinclair begins fielding phone calls regarding the tape library, they pick up Tony's call before they take Vince's call.


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  6. On 10/2/2021 at 6:48 PM, odessasteps said:

    According to mark evaniers blog, there is now a Kino Lorner streaming service. Did I miss someone mentioning that? 

    kinonow dot com 

    Kino Now has been around for a couple of years as a VOD service.

    What launched this past weekend was KINO CULT, which focuses exclusively on the horror/action/sci-fi/cult film side of their catalog. It is ad-supported, I havent had a chance to watch anything yet but hoping its more like Tubi and Roku Channel where its only 5 or 6 ad breaks per movie and they are all done at scene breaks and not the Crackle "4 minutes of ads every 10 minutes whether there's a proper scene break or not", though most ad-supported stuff seems to be the former these days.

    Overall collection looks decent, not super large but every press release I saw noted that more movies will be added monthly, though you can also tell its mostly movies that they have probably made the money KL is going to make on physical Blu-ray sales already.

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  7. 6 hours ago, Zakk_Sabbath said:

    Hmm. I reviewed my likes, and my closest guess is maybe because I liked a bunch of Proud N Powerful related stuff after Grand Slam last week

    I'll still take one DM from Konnan plugging the podcast over the 300 Likes/Retweets from Paul Heyman Bot and Sock accounts blowing up my notifications after I made the mistake of tagging the HeymanHustle account in a post about one of his old magazines.

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  8. 2 hours ago, Zakk_Sabbath said:

    This is very random, but has anyone else here gotten a Twitter DM from Konnan? My phone went off at 2:30 this morning, and it's fucking K-Dawg asking "Do u listen to my podcast"

    Did you mention him in a Twitter post or like a post from someone else that tagged his account? That happened to me recently after I posted about a Between The Sheets episode that was going over WWF House Show results from 1992 and it got revealed that Konnan wrestled frigging Pete Doherty at one of the Cape Cod Melody Tent house shows.

    I got the same exact "do you listen to my podcast?" DM within the next 24 hours, I wouldn't be surprised if his social media managers just vanity-search and send those to anyone that tags him in a post.

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  9. I just watched AFTER HOURS for the first time a couple of months back and I am really happy I didn't see it during my teenage years because that movie would have scared me off from going out after 10PM more than any horror or slasher pic.

    Last night I watched RIDERS OF JUSTICE starring Mads Mikkelsen on Hulu. Do not be fooled by the generic Americanized cover art and film title. It is an incredibly wonderful and twisted take on the revenge flick, and I am going to leave it at that because it is one of those flicks where the less you know going in, the better. 

  10. 9 minutes ago, Matt D said:

    Fuji moving to WWF Champion Yokozuna after Orient Express and Berzerker feels up there?

    It really is wild looking back in kayfabe that for all the effort that Blassie put into getting the championship back in his stable, and all the blood, sweat, tears, and poisoning of friendships that Heenan pulled off, and for the time that Jimmy Hart was able to control the Tag Team and Intercontinental Championships, that it was fucking MR. FUJI that ended the scourge of Hulkamania in the WWF.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Cobra Commander said:

    From watching some 1986 WCW, JJ Dillon might be the manager whose on-screen persona suggests that he’s currently involved in some sort of high stakes fraud. Paul Jones would be engaging in petty crimes, Gary Hart would be contracting his guys out to “help” medical bill collectors, and JJ would be smuggling diamonds out of an African war zone using child soldiers. JJ didn’t ask questions when he made a deal to send planes and 30,000 rubber bands to Colombia, he just knew there was some money in it.

    Has any manager in wrestling history traded up like JJ Dillion did between Fall 1985 and Spring 1986?

    From: Buddy Landell, Black Bart, and Ron Bass (while also wearing very frilly over-the-top wrestling manager tuxedos)

    To: THE HORSEMEN (while also upgrading his suit game x1000)

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  12. 5 hours ago, Ryan said:

    I know plenty have seen this since it was in ECW, but it's just to make sure I'm not hallucinating and Psicosis has actually hit this damn move he always missed. Still falls on his head.

    Incredible find here, considering that Kidman actually got powerbombed 2-3 times throughout his career, and Flair won the NWA World Title coming off the top rope, this may be the new "huh, he actually hit the damn thing" grail here.

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  13. 15 hours ago, SirSmellingtonofCascadia said:

    I just want to pop in to say that if I had a time machine, one of the frivolous things that I'd do with it is to travel back to about 2009, find myself, and tell myself that in the summer of 2021:

    • The Rock will be starring in the #1 movie in America
    • John Cena will be starring in a movie that will also reach #1 in America
    • Triple H will be getting pushed out of the company by a bean-counter because his WWE-branded super-indy got rolled in the ratings by a company run by Cody Rhodes and Fulham FC's director of football. 

    Then, 2021 Smelly would blink out of existence after 2009 Smelly dies of laughter. 

    Heck, I said this elsewhere last week:

    1. Imagine blowing the minds of a CZW crowd in 2011 by telling them that in 10 years that prime-time TV wrestling on TNT would have a Nick Gage vs Chris Jericho deathmatch main, it will lead into Jericho vs Juventud Guerrera the next week, and cause Pabst Blue Ribbon to talk trash online about Domino's Pizza.

    2. and on that same night, the "B-show" will have a commentary team of Tony Schiavone, David Crockett, The Big Show, and Eddie Kingston.

    Also, as far as Triple H is concerned, all the people talking about him and Stephanie starting their own promotion after WWE gets sold, I would be shocked if (a) there doesn't end up being a LENGTHY no-compete clause as far as those two are concerned or (b) if they are both retained with some sort of corporate middle-management position that pays them enough of a salary to placate their egos.

    That said, if somehow either of the above didn't happen in the event of a sale and Hunter/Paul does get a little frisky about trying to launch his own promotion and attempting to set up meetings with television networks/media conglomerates, I could 100 percent see that being another reality check in him finding out that he's not as big of a mainstream name to Programming Executives as The Rock and Steve Austin, and without also having the major league pro sports connections that Shad and Tony Khan have, not even getting his foot in the door.

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  14. 2 hours ago, BrianS81177 said:

    Which says a lot because Morton hasn't exactly treated his body like a temple, especially in his younger days. 

    I honestly think that whats kept Ricky going is that he has still wrestled SOMEWHERE every weekend in the 25 years since the last national run for RnR. 

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