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  1. Finally got back online after being down a few days due to my powerline adapters failing (the hardware for a wireless connection failed a long time ago - just haven't bothered sending it in yet.) Try to do a silver and wait in the lobby for like 10 minutes with only one other person. Finally a third joins, and it's a level 1 human male adept. Apex rating...0. He immediately hits ready, all gung ho.....and got booted within seconds. That bo-, I say that boy is as green as a golf course.
  2. Yeah J.T. - I know I just said the other day that I was mad about getting the new Batarian instead of good guns, but I have to eat crow. After Melraz explained the combo detonator aspect of him, I switched to him, and I'm in love. I like him even better than the KroGuard. I haven't played a character yet that felt that powerful right out of the gate. The night shift were dragging my ass through a silver at like level 5 and I was holding my own, relatively speaking. Except for the times when I was doing my usual dumb shit of trying to take on two Berserkers at once in a box
  3. Robert, I'm finally feeling your pain with these boxes. As I mentioned, I'm buying arsenal packs because all I need is a decent pistol. That's it. Then I will go back to buying shitty packs. All I get, ever, is a mess of shotgun barrels. To make matters worse, I get all excited when I see an N7 weapon, only to find out it's a sniper rifle. You know....the one gun type I never use unless it's a sniper skirmish. I think the game is sentient and a troll.
  4. Did a gold with randoms earlier, and shit was it tough - damn Berserker party. I had saved myself enough cobras, a couple health packs, and a couple revives for wave 7 because I knew it would take moving heaven and Earth to finish that thing. I'm on the complete opposite side of the map when I'm suddenly surrounded by two Berserkers and I'm getting my arm chewed off by Rin Tin Tin. I yanked loose and fired a Cobra in the middle of all of them when I heard the countdown beep. 13 seconds to get to the LZ, clear on the other side of the map. Spammed the B button like my life depend
  5. Thanks everyone for the info. Pretty safe bet I haven't made it far enough in singleplayer. I have played about 20-30 minutes' worth and it has been so long that I don't remember where I left off.
  6. I saw you on too and was planning to shoot you a message after I finished the mission I was playing, but I ended up having shut it down and do actual crap (thanks for messing up my walls, you old damned water heater.) I have been doing mostly golds so I can rack up points for box shopping. One of them had a level 9 guy in it. I was about to back out, but I decided to see how it played out. That sumbitch outshined every one of us, and the rest of us were 18 or higher. He actually finished in the top spot - how, I do not know. I figured he was one of those y'all talk about who hasn't seen a
  7. Robert, I'm loving that Charger. It's level 10. I'm right there with you about not being able to shoot for shit. I'm constantly yelling STOP MOVING DALM IT. Noticed I had a platinum level shotgun that I must have overlooked. It kicks a little bit of ass. Crusader is the name, I think.
  8. Any recommendations on guns? Melraz mentioned a good pistol, but I forget the name. On most of my characters now, I'm using the Hornet and the PAW, and they're not even ranked up fully. Those are honestly about the best in my arsenal, sadly. The Hornet feels really weak on Gold and not much better on Silver. I actually like the PAW - it just doesn't last long before overheating.
  9. It seems the game just screws with you no matter what your goals are. I have been playing golds in order to afford Arsenal packs because my guns are terrible and really limiting my abilities in tough matches. I have bought three in the last two days and so far I have gotten weapon mods, a sniper rifle which sucks.......and the Batarian Vanguard. Sumbitch just came out, a lot of you want him, and I get his ass with no plans to play him for a long time. All I want is a couple decent guns before I drop back to the scrub packs, but nooooooooo.
  10. Started a silver with a level 13 Human Vanguard. Suddenly realize I have no health packs. This ought to be interesting.... Wave 6, everybody gets - as Stout says - "Damn! We're in a tight spot!" and they're dying repeatedly. I see that one is perma-dead and the other two are down. Heeeeeere I come to saaave the daaaaaaaay, except I died twice in the process of spamming the charge button and reviving one. The other bled out. Then the two of us left die again. I revive myself and bolt ass to cover. Other dude bleeds out. So there I am - solo, wave 6 with no health packs, only one reviv
  11. I just did a gold with 3 randoms and I'm about to track down their personal addresses to send a handwritten apology. It damn near felt like a platinum. I don't think I have ever died so often. But the worst part... I thought I was in the LZ, but apparently I was just outside the circle. Partial extraction. I didn't know who it was until the scores loaded. I was definitely no Bob in that match. Roberto - I think I was possessed by the spirit of your aforementioned brethren.
  12. In addition to that, I played a couple silvers yesterday to give myself enough points to get the 100,000 weapons box. Got up to 121,000. Bought the box, it said it was communicating with the server, then it dropped the connection. I reloaded multiplayer only to have it drop again the minute the main menu loaded. Did it a third time, and I had 21,000 points and no new items. I invented a few new curse words. Goddamn buggy game.
  13. So even with the melee vest Stout mentioned, a KroGuard is not the character to use when there are 59 fucking Turrets and Destroyers per level on Gold. I basically had to shoot my shitty guns and only charge the occasional red bar thing here and there. I sucked big ass, but my team did too. I'm going to hear I'M READING A FLATLINE in my damn sleep tonight. Edit: I'll be goddamned if we didn't somehow get a full extraction. I ran out of RPGs, revives, and health packs by wave 5, so I am shocked.
  14. You're a man after my own heart. I just ran across that vest about five minutes before I signed on here and thought "Can't wait to throw this on my KroGuard."
  15. Are you shitting me with Platinum??? Died three times in wave 1 and then everybody else did as well. What is this, Dark Souls?
  16. I usually finish in last place. Every now and then I'll come in third. No big deal. That being said, there's a certain irony in me finally coming in first with a new character in a bronze in which we all ate shit around wave 5. Also, what the hell is Sea Rug? (I'm gonna guess Mel had two beer and started singing shanties from Assassin's Creed Black Flag.)
  17. I'm dalm mad I haven't gotten to hear this commentary yet. If it's anything like his GTA golf commentary, I know I'm in for a treat.
  18. It was so bad for me a couple nights ago that it looked like I was running on a damn treadmill
  19. I have been trying to level up a new character. It's a female something or other that has the pull and shockwave abilities. Did several bronze missions last night, and I'll be damned (sorry, dalmed) if I didn't get paired up with a whole mess of Bobs. Was a good night.
  20. HOW MANY FUCKING HYDRAS CAN YOU THROW AT ME ON WAVE 6 OF A FUCKING SILVER MATCH DAAAAAAAAAAAMN IT I used a Cobra to take out two that were eating my lunch in a tiny ass room, and then goddamn if here doesn't come a third in behind me to chokeslam my ass into the floor. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
  21. Just when I think I have this game down, I get humbled. My KroGuard is up to 17 now, so after a couple easy bronze runs with randoms, I decided to try silver. The first match was great. Everyone worked together and we got a full extraction. Awesome, I think. I'm getting good at this game. Second round was with different randoms, and hoo boy did we get our shit stomped in. I must have gone down at least 8 times. At one point, I ran in to revive a guy and the room was packed. I don't know enemy names well enough yet, so I'll just say it was like 3 regular sized dudes, two Behemoths, an
  22. Got to whip a little bit of ass with some of the crew last night. Wait, what I meant to say is I was a bullet sponge with a level 1 Krogan Vanguard because they were nice enough to help drag me through some silver and gold rounds to level me up. Figured out that I love the Charge. That Rambo "fuck these things, let's ram 'em" deal fits my play style perfectly. Now, to just get the character leveled up enough to actually do damage...
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