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  1. If y'all ever want to bone up on Eminem songs, holler. I know my drawl doesn't scream "likes rap," but I listen to everything under the sun. And to Robert and Mel, who the shit did y'all play against? It sounds like y'all fought the women from that old SNL skit where Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon hosted that radio program. (The most famous of those skits was the Schweaty Balls one with Alec Baldwin - for the uninitiated.) And Robert - this is the only Eminem "song" you ever need to know. https://youtu.be/SW-BU6keEUw
  2. I don't think he knows many Eminem songs, but if you ever want a redneck rendition of Nelly's "Country Grammar," he's got you covered. And no, I'm not kidding.
  3. Spaghetti and meatballs? Given how we are with player names, I'm gonna assume y'all fought people named Spartacus and Metropolis. And Robert, you have no idea how much I want to see what your character looks like. I laugh every time I read "Reba meth addict." Be prepared for me to sing Fancy the first time we get to play together. Either that or "That's the night that the lights went out in Saint Denis."
  4. Since I assume this is pointed at me, I'll address it. If I offended you by not joining your party, then I apologize. I was talking to my wife while playing and didn't want to slap on a headset. I have played with Stout, Robert, and Mel for years now, and we don't always send each other invitations. Hell, I've been best friends with Mel since 9th grade and we don't always jump in a party. Half the time, I message and ask first because, as you said, people may have other things going on. The point is - if I didn't accept the first invite, then I'm probably not going to accept the third or
  5. DAMN IT... Edit: Boy, I sure love hunting for an hour and getting booted from the server before I have a chance to save. On that subject, I honestly have no idea what is the easiest way to save. Finishing a mission?
  6. I barely survived a cougar attack in online, but still have yet to see one in the wild in singleplayer. I had to laugh at an article I read yesterday. The author was complaining that Saint Denis online is empty and it feels weird compared to singleplayer. Like - haven't we all complained about getting the law on you because you accidentally sneezed near a St Denis resident? And now this guy is bitching that it's empty? Fuck em - I'm glad there's barely anyone in town.
  7. Anybody else getting their asses absolutely handed to them in online, or do I just suck that much? I feel like I can't get shit done for getting blasted in the face.
  8. Same here. I ended up with enough money to the point that my looting went way down, and I was really anal retentive about it before.
  9. Of course I have the ultimate edition so I could play tomorrow, but have to fly out for work and be gone all week. Dalmit. Hey Robert - how far are you from Naaaaawlans?
  10. Just posting to say that "posh twats" is the best thing I'll read all week.
  11. My Xbox name is the same as on here. I also have a PS4 and my name is the same there as well if any of you PS dudes want to add me. I don't have a ton of games for it as it's mostly a media center for me, but maybe we'll link up on something one day. Since melraz was asking me, I'll post it on here. I started a new game and it doesn't appear anything carries over. Looks to be a fresh start. I finished the last game with an achievement for the highest honor rating possible, so I'm playing this one as a complete asshole. Anyone who mouths off in town is getting a bullet in the face. I
  12. Anyone know the tallest mountain (aka wild west Vesuvius) in the game? I smell some mountain wagon surfing in our near futures...
  13. Welp, I think I know exactly where you are in the game...
  14. I beat the game and have just been riding around checking stuff out and looking for random encounters. Ran into that asshole again tonight. THIRD time bitten. If I hadn't played the whole game with a good honor rating, I'd have shot him in the face right then and there. Don't need that shit in the gene pool.
  15. The only thing I experienced the entire game, and I'm not even sure it was a bug - was when Charles and someone else I can't remember were following me. They were going so slow and wouldn't catch up, so I had to trot alllllll the way back to the mission marker. Took for hell and ever. I was going to just leave them, assuming the cutscene would catch them back up, but the dialogue was screwing up until they got close enough for me to hear them. Just the same first three words of a sentence repeated over and over and over until I stopped my horse to let them catch up. Maddening.
  16. Yeah, you're right, Robert. I totally spaced on that part for some reason. I swear it had nothing to do with two beer.
  17. Finally finished the story last night. Damn good game, although...
  18. Holy shit - were you ever correct on this one. It took me probably an hour or two of playing to wrap up chapter 6 last night, and then I thought, "Well, I'd like to see this thing through tonight, so I'm going to play until it's done." I swear I think I played - between the rest of chapter 6 and the epilogue - a solid 5-6 straight hours last night and I'm really not that far into the second part.
  19. Have you had him drown yet? I have a legitimate fear of drowning and that shit was straight up disturbing.
  20. I'm going to blame it on the stressful day I had at work, but apparently I have spent too many years playing GTA because I just absentmindedly hit LB to change the radio on my fucking horse...
  21. Thanks Rippa. Sounds like I'm farther from the end than I assumed. Robert - I completely forgot about the thing you referenced in your spoiler tag. Makes a lot more sense now.
  22. Don't open this one if you're not late into the game - chapter 5 or so. I can tell I'm getting close to the end, and I have gone against my usual grain and have tried to take my time and not just blow through the story to see what happens. That being said, now that I am trying to see the ending, I have an endless slew of stranger missions popping up that are distracting me.
  23. I don't know what you old fogies are talking about. I'm totally 17, give or take a couple of decades... Anyway, I started a new chapter last night. The end is nigh and I can already tell I'm doing a second playthrough the minute I'm done. (Until online launches - then all bets are off.) I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I think I'm starting to like Arthur more than Marston. Dude is a great character. To the shock of no one who has heard me in party chat, I am freaking my wife out with my impression of him. Apparently it's pretty spot-on.
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