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  1. Melraz told me about this, so I have to give credit where it's due, but in case anyone doesn't know about this in multiplayer, it's so damn convenient. You can access the catalog your character carries and order a bunch of ammo, and it will be available at every post office on the map. Really helps when you need to replenish when you've pissed off a couple of dots and are burning through ammo like Mel, Robert, and I did last night.
  2. I'll get us started. One night when I was frisky Over some potent whisky
  3. That's a really good point. I, along with everyone on Earth, despised Raiden. Random general question - do you guys look up treasure/serial killer/etc. locations, or am I just too dumb to interpret the maps? I generally like to play a game as intended, but there's the old man side of me who is like, "I have literally been playing video games for 30 years. I am long past dealing with crap like this."
  4. Rippa - I still won't mention it - even in a spoiler tag - just in case you're not talking about what I think you're talking about, even though I'm 99% sure I know. But yeah - that shit was brutal. Anyone who says video games aren't an art form is a dumbass. I don't know if I got that emotional at the end of Gladiator. Here's a safe spoiler for folks who are in the epilogue:
  5. No joke, I googled "old bicycle with big front wheel" before I made the post and had no idea it was called penny farthing until then. I still chose to call it "big ass front wheel bike" anyway because me using my newfound terminology like I knew it all along felt like cheating. I'm genuinely impressed you readily knew it. No sarcasm at all.
  6. I hope they release DLC for those old timey bikes with the big ass front wheel just so I can see you roll up on a dot with dynamite, ding-a-ling the bell, and blow them up. Out of every crazy ass thing we did in GTA, that one might be my favorite. The bell made the whole thing 10x better.
  7. Robert? Using explosives? I don't believe it...
  8. Holy shit - this is gold. Thanks Petrol. I swear this game is like watching Arrested Development. I could play it 48 times and learn something new each time.
  9. So I'm rolling through my second playthrough and trying to take my time since I was such a story whore the first time and wanted to see how it ended. It's harder than I thought. I didn't mess with upgrading satchels the first time because I hated hunting so much, but since that's about the only way to make money in online, I have warmed up to it. I'm finding the main issue is that it's impossible for me to get perfect pelts without the bolt action and it apparently doesn't unlock until chapter three. So here I am blasting through the story to get to that point so I can slow back down.
  10. Assuming it's legit, how the shit do you even do that? I'm still something like level 17 and I play the shit out of online. I guess hunting and fishing isn't quite so lucrative for XP.
  11. Y'all haven't played online properly until you've played with Melraz doing color commentary.
  12. I played the first run as a good guy, and I honestly didn't even really pay that much attention to my honor. Ended up getting the trophy for maxing it out. I did my fair share of shady stuff, but just choosing the honorable choice in missions seemed to be enough to keep it high. I'm on my second run now and decided to be a dick. I'm finding that it's actually harder for me to lower my honor than keep it high. As far as being more or less fun, it's about the same. I'm not having a noticeably better time than I did playing as a good guy, but it is damn sure easier to not have to give a shit
  13. That disappearing train was hilarious. We're all four just crashing to the ground like WTF? I guess Doc Brown had to go back to 1985. Sorry I disappeared on you guys. The wife wasn't feeling too hot, so I was getting her settled. By the time I got back, everyone had signed off. I raised a little hell for about 15 minutes and decided it was probably a wise decision to get in bed before I saw daylight.
  14. Hell, Mel and I have done that a bunch of times.
  15. Is Stout riding old El Burro?
  16. 71???? Holy crap. I feel like I have played a ton and I'm only at 16. Maybe he's a hacker, so you should put Meth Reba in a skimpy petticoat and see if he'll hump gold bars at you in a back alley.
  17. My horse gets more remedial by the day. I spawned in Strawberry and whistled for it, and its dumbass came down the stairs behind the butcher stand and got stuck. I had to run away and call for it again.
  18. Where the hell did you find a cleaver, Jason Voorhees?
  19. It does feel clunky. I suck at killing people, yet others seem to be able to wipe my ass out from a quarter billion miles away with ease.
  20. Bullets flowing like wine? "Golden Joe and the Suggins Gang"
  21. I'm feeling the same way, Stout. It definitely feels like the beta it is. You blast through the story missions, then you have races, stranger missions, and some hunting to do. I'm expecting deathmatches to come at some point and the usual bevy of Rockstar-esque activities, but it feels pretty bare bones for now.
  22. Have you done any races yet? It's like the horses are made out of glass. You so much as lightly touch another dude on a horse and you go flying. And according to the article Rippa linked, it sounds like there isn't a lot of crossover from GTAO players, because I have honestly been shocked at how few griefers I have run into. We need to take some folks down near St Denis for the Red Dead equivalent of one of our GTA "beach parties" and show em how it's done.
  23. Riding behind melraz and watching a carcass flop around is my new favorite part of this game. That, and hearing OH SHIT over my headset because he's gotten ahead of me on one of his "shortcuts" and dove off a damn cliff.
  24. I didn't hunt at all in story mode, but damn if I don't do a ton of it online. Finally hit rank 14 and bought the fishing rod. I tried some method I read online about using a lantern at night on the Dakota river to help you spot red salmon in the water. Supposedly, you can get 10 at a time and earn about $40 at the trapper/butcher in Strawberry, which is nearby. Either Rockstar saw that article and nerfed it already, or I just suck that much at fishing. I took inspiration from Robert and finally spent some money upgrading my guns. Started out with almost $1000 and now I'm down to $9.
  25. I don't know what the hell was going on at Braithwaite, but I wanted to raise some hell and loot some bodies after you told me it gets crazy down there, and they just... didn't care. I was Goldberg spearing everybody in plain sight of people with guns, beating the shit out of them, and not one person shot at me. Guessing it was a glitch. I beat the hell out of at least eight people, looted the whole mansion, and then rode out past the guards like "Boy, do y'all suck shit at your job."
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