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  1. On 9/11/2021 at 4:46 PM, AxB said:

    There's no way a bus could safely corner at 88.8 MPH though. Totally unrealistic.

    Buses (even new) start to shake apart over 65, so it's completely unrealistic for an articulated bus to even get up to that speed

    On 9/11/2021 at 10:43 AM, AxB said:

    It's another one of the problems with movie production being in Hollywood. Californians don't believe in public transport, so therefore movie director's and producer's concept of 'Bus' is based not on lived experience, but upon what they've seen in other movies. 

    It's actually a problem with everyone filming in Vancouver.  There's a company that has a monopoly on public transit vehicles for motion picture shoots, and you can pinpoint most any transit shoots to Vancouver because of this.

    A (new) artic will run you $750k, minimum.  Our new hydrogen artic's were $1.5M each!

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  2. It was a nice movie, the most comic book looking film in quite a while (lots of shots could have come straight from a hypothetical Suicide Squad comic).


    It did make me a little sad, because Starro being straight up Starro is something I never thought I would see up on a movie screen, and it brings into focus just how dull most comic book movies are.  But how does one top Starro?

  3. I'm sorry, they pushed the movie back 5 times to avoid this, and now there's like 20 MCU movies coming out in the next year because of it.  If she really had no idea until a month after it underperformed then I feel bad for other people involved in whatever other financial decisions she's made.

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