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  1. 1 hour ago, Ace said:

    Back around 18 years ago, we did a show for a trainee in UPW that had contracted Leukemia. We had various raffles and auctions throughout the event. One of them was for going to be for the singlet, but the guy who wrestled the match before that particular auction, threw his California Championship belt in with it as well. People weren't biting much on that lot, so I put in a bid and ended up winning the singlet and the belt. 

    That's pretty cool. Do you still have the belt too?

  2. 22 hours ago, jstout said:

    Where were the worse dots when I was getting steamrolled by Mary Lou? Grumble grumble grumble...

    The flying motorcycles will kill you flat dead if you're in a car. Step out of the car, please, and they will get cocky and try to run you over. That's when you hit 'em with your old buddy shotgun and then gleefully (trust me) blow up their motorcycle. That was the most satisfying kill of my last session on by a big margin.

    I like trolling them in the Nightshark. That thing takes 27 missles to blow it up, and the Opressor MKII only has like, 12 or something. So I slow down as they keep firing at me and I Hail Mary a sticky at them and go on my way. 

    I'm like John Elway with a Vortex football with those things. 

  3. 25 minutes ago, AxB said:

    Everyone has signature spots, hardly anyone has a signature bump. The last one I can think of is Kurt Angle always doing the shoulder into the ringpost thing, but I think that's less of a signature bump and more of an "I only know two ways to get my opponent on offence as a heel" thing.

    Kurt was limited, in his craft.

    Kurt had a pretty cool "getting clotheslined out of the ring" bump.

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  4. 25 minutes ago, Phantom Lord said:

    Yeah, I remember seeing it on Superstars as well. They showed clips from the match as well. Was the match ever released on any of the Flair DVD's they put out? I think it was originally on some Coliseum home video. 

    Maybe my memory is a bit off, but that was one of the worst world title change matches I've ever seen, and it's Savage vs Flair of all people. I can see why Vince hated it and made them do it again, and it was literally the same match, per Bret.

    It probably would've been way better had they done it at The SummerSlam.

  5. 1 hour ago, Tarheel Moneghetti said:

    Anyone know why Allegiant Stadium management won't rent the building to WWE on Sunday the 22nd?  Meltzer says WWE wanted to run on Sunday, but were told no by the stadium.  Dave thought it was probably something to do with the Raiders but they play a preseason game out of town on Saturday night so probably not.


    Maybe they're conducting a new toilet test that day.

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