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  1. it's crazy how they had a ton of guys post-Mania who were really hot with great momentum and now absolutely none of them are really good choices to have the belt. The Rollins heel turn seems like a desperate attempt to get a guy to that level whereas any three of the Shield would winning the belt while still together would have been a better way to break them up instead of a dumb swerve.

  2. God damn do AAA games ever look more and more boring as the years go by and the budgets swell. I was more excited about the brief indie game montage in Microsoft's conference than I was anything else. I'm interested in learning more about Tomb Raider 2 since the first one was excellent but outside of that, there's just nothing that appeals to me. I love me some Mass Effect and Star Wars Battlefront but we already knew they were working on that stuff. I'd really love to see more of that Criterion game down the line as the Burnout series is still one of my favourites but yeah, a bunch of devs talking about it doesn't set my fires going too much.


    Does anyone know if CUPHEAD is being shown at the show? That looked like the blatant stand-out from an art direction perspective.

  3. People bending over backwards to find some kind of kayfabe reason for Rollins to turn is exactly why this is super dumb. If it happened more than 2 months ago, it basically never happened in WWE continuity so all this talk about architects (whatever that means) and Rollins being annoyed back in February holds little water to me. The booking since Mania has been a monumental shit sandwich and this is the final layer of shitty mayo. These last few months of Raw have been torture. They took every exciting possibility they cultivated at Mania and went in the complete wrong direction with all of them.




    My great-grandfather once faked a heart attack (long story)


    We have time......



    I'll have to write this out when I'm working from home tomorrow and some downtime.



    So basically I was about 5 years old and was staying at my grandma's place for the summer with my aunts, cousins and my great-grandfather. All of my aunts and my grandmom were at work and it was just me, my one 11 year old cousin and my 14 year old aunt and my great-grandfather. We lived out in the country so it wasn't that big of a deal for us kids to roam around everywhere as we had other relatives living nearby. So I'm sitting in the living room with my great-grandfather, watching tv and he just kinda keels over and lays on the ground. Just out of nowhere. I'm 5 years old and have no clue what's going on so I get my cousin and aunt b/c they're older. They freak the fuck out b/c they think he's dead and I remember being pretty calm and saying, "hmmm, maybe we should get Aunt Earline (our retired aunt who lived next door) b/c she's grown-up and you're both still kids like me." So we get my aunt and she comes to the house and she flips out. Calls 911, calls all of our other relatives, get people to come back from work. I remember calling my one aunt who kinda ran the household. Calling her was huge b/c it was she was like the last resort b/c she could not take time off unless it was an absolute emergency. So she hauls ass back to the house. Everyone's at the house, EMT's arrive, etc. As soon as they're about to start doing CPR and all that, my great-grandfather no sold everything and did what can best be described as an Undertaker sit-up and goes, "I just wanted to see if ya'll loved granddaddy". My aunt read him the fucking riot act and the EMTs went nuts but what can you really do to an 85 year old dude? The gif of Teddy Long's heart attack is exactly how he fell out of his chair.



    Oh man, I am so fucking glad I brought up Teddy Long's wedding because that story is fucking incredible. 

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    Kane's theme on cello

    Trish Stratus' bridesmaid dress


    I see that and raise you the entire Ho Train segment with Doom wanting to get some, Elijah Burke jumping on his chair to get noticed, Stevie Richards and (I think) Kenny Dykstra giving each other a massive high five, CM Punk in some kind of crazy 70s suit, Jimmy Wang Yang in full studded cowboy apparel, JBL running to join the train as Vince screams at him to get back on commentary and finally, Pat Patterson not running off to join it with every other guy and making Brisco sit down with him.


    I think it might be my favourite WWE (intentional) comedy piece. Even the Hornswoggle stuff is funny with Vince chasing after him but still maintaining the McMahon swagger. 

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  6. So, Teddy Long's wedding on Smackdown. The most underrated wrestling wedding of all time? From Jagged Edge being interrupted to Festus in a suit to Vince dancing along to the music to the Godfather to Teddy's amazing heart attack. Butch Reed is somewhere in there as well, I believe. It's so good and there's so many great details in the crowd if you look hard enough. Like The Highlanders in kilts.

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  7. Inspired by the latest DVDVR, I've been watching some Attitude Era Mark Henry and I want to pimp his match with Viscera from No Way Out 2000. Both guys leave their feet a bit too easily for me but Henry takes two bumps into the stairs that are so awesome. A bit like Cena's stair bumps put Henry manages to move the stairs further and with more force. Mae Young gets involved too. Makes me remember how much I hate Attitude Era crowds though. Yeah, they're loud but chanting "Boring" right after a guy has just brained himself on the steps? Come on, now.

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  8. Trying to catch up on 1993 RAW shows and I would guess that was a complete coincidence that they showed a shot of Francine in the crowd.   This is a good 2 years before her debut in ECW


    Like someone mentioned, it is cool to see jobbers that you would remember much later like Tony Devito and Mike Bucci and Rambling Rich Meyers who must have worked in the Maryland indies for about 25 years


    These early Raws are a real curiosity for someone who hasn't seen them all in full. A great mix of good wrestling, Vince's desperation for "entertainment" (that fucking awful Rob Bartlett dude) and ridiculous gimmicks mixed in with some early charity stuff. Undertaker and Paul Bearer cutting promos on hunger, for instance, is a great bit. "Nobody should starve to death" You said it, Taker. I'm only 4 or 5 in but I'm really looking forward to see how long it takes them to find a look and feel for the show. 

  9. I actually thought about that posting that match but figured someone else would.

    And it gave me a chance to post the Battle Royal - which I think is one of the better Battle Royals around.


    God that was such a fucking great time for Smackdown


    Yeah, man. Smackdown from sometime in 2006 until the 2008 draft was amazing. Hardy, Finlay, Regal, Booker, Londrick, Taylor, Chavo, Rey, MVP, Jimmy Wang Yang, Noble, Kid Kash, Helms. You were guaranteed at least 2 good matches a week.

  10. No just someone who will at least give something a chance,but sadly I lack the gift of clairvoyance of apparently most everyone.

    In fact I can't believe you guys aren't operating your own promotion,because clearly you have the answers.

    I am humbled by your knowledge.


    Come on, man. Promoters have been running these kind of hustles for years. You're better than this. This is a good old fashioned return to the "Let's take money off idiots" school of wrestling promotion and I, for one, fully support it.


    If only you could make quick, hard cash from Twitter, I bet there'd be a hashtag with all of this too.

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