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Found 1 result

  1. Case Study - The Battle Of the Mounds from Conan The Barbarian Analysis: Conan counters Thulsa Doom's overconfident use of heavy cavalry by cleverly selecting a battle theater with limited ingress and egress points.. Furthermore, he adds defensive fortifications to the location in the form of spikes and traps. He also chains the asshole runaway princess to a huge stone monolith and uses her as bait. Not very chivalric, but it draws Thulsa Doom's riders to their deaths like moths to an open flame because it is a challenge that their leader cannot resist.. Never follow a commander who is in it for his own ego. It will never end well. Hubris, plain and simple. Wisely selects weapons ideally suited to use against heavy cavalry such as bows & arrows to deal damage from distance, heavy spears (pikes) to unhorse warriors from their steeds, and axes to cleave through thick armor. Conan and Subotai use ambush tactics and terrain to their advantage to separate the riders from each another, funnel targets into kill zones, and take them out one by one by way of distractions and double teaming. Who says barbarians are dumb? Thulsa Doom's arrogance is as much to blame for his defeat as Conan's tactical ability is. Charisma can get soldiers to fight for you, but it cannot replace good strategy and a general needs both qualities for effective combat leadership. After suffering catastrophic loses to troop strength and pride, Doom tries to save face by attempting to kill the asshole runaway princess with the very same viper arrow magic he used to slay Valeria.... If we have learned nothing from Ric Flair & the Four Horseman as kids, it is that if you can't be a winner; be a spoiler. You cannot display a championship title belt proudly on a separated shoulder, right? However, Subotai has other plans and by way of the most incredible timing ever, intercepts the magical viper arrow in mid fucking air, keeping Doom from turning Conan's victory pyrrhic in the wake of Doom's humiliating military schooling at the hands of a barbarian, an archer thief, and a hedge wizard.. You won't be casting a shadow over any victory celebrations today by tanting the prize, buddy. Doom should've let Conan dip with the asshole runaway princess in tow and fought another day. Bruised egos will heal. The decapitation Doom would suffer at the edge of Conan's sword in the movie's climactic final showdown will most certainly be a fatal and permanent wound. That is the scratch that does not buff out. Crom granted Conan the revenge he so desired and the jeweled crown of Aquilonia will one day rest upon his troubled brow...... But that is another story. β€œIn difficult ground, press on; In encircled ground, devise stratagems; In death ground, fight.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War The Shadiversity Battle Rating for Conan's warfare acumen: A++++++ The Shadiversity Battle Rating for Doom's warfare acumen: Epic Fail
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