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Found 1 result

  1. Now a few years ago the NFL Network did their Top 10 on this subject but obviously they only covered football, and also I feel that there were several great teams that failed to get even an honorable mention on the program, hence this post. I'm not going to bring up the Philly teams that I listed because those memories are too painful to bring back up. Instead- and I know it'll probably irritate someone in the DVDVR- but I'll bring up those Cleveland Indians teams of the mid- to late-90's. Those guys kicked a lot of butt! I mean even today you could rattle off the names- Baerga, Lofton, Sandy, Belle, Orel, Nagy, Thome, Murray, Omar, Manny- and you have an All Star team in and of itself. Jesus Christ, seven winning records, six division titles (five of them shits were consecutive, they dominated the AL Central), two pennants and NOT ONE WORLD SERIES TITLE?? And as I watched Game 7 of the 1997 World Series I felt MY goddamn nuts ripped out by the way it ended, so I can only imagine how Cleveland sports fans felt. That's the last of anything I'm going to mention in this thread about that city because it's been beat to death. Ugh, the Chiefs of the 90's. I could've picked any team from the Marty Era (save for 1998) and it would've fit the bill here. But I decided to go with the 1995 squad. If the Chiefs would've won the Super Bowl that year, I strongly believe that the defense that year would've made a lot of people's Top 25 list- not necessarily on the level of the 1985 Bears or the 2000 Ravens, but at least an honorable mention. In addition, Marcus Allen was in the midst of a rebirth, Tamarick Vanover was a highlight reel in the return game, and Steve Bono had the best year that he EVER had in the NFL. This was of course before he became the butt of jokes, mainly due to... THAT GODDAMN DIVISIONAL PLAYOFF GAME!!! The best thing that I can say about this game is that the Chiefs defense did their job- holding the Colts to a touchdown in the first half and a field goal in the second. The offense was fucking terrible- 4 turnovers, and three of them were picks by Bono, who suddenly in the second half forgot what his own receivers looked like. In all fairness Bono didn't have any Pro Bowlers as receivers to work with, neither did Rich Gannon who replaced him after the third INT- Gannon almost willed the team to victory, but Lake Dawson dropped the football in the end zone. Marty being Marty in the playoffs acted as if he didn't know what the fuck he was doing in the 4th quarter, and don't even get me started on Lin "Couldn't Hit The Broad Side Of A Barn With A Goddamn Apple Seed" Elliott! Yes, it was cold and windy in Kansas City and it wound up being as in a majority of cold weather games a defensive struggle, but FUCK!
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