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Found 496 results

  1. So many gimmicks... The lack of MA-G-MA on the interwebs is sad. Even worse is that I couldn't find Monster Zeta Mandora http://youtu.be/9jBrWXXK-cs http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x78scf_magnitude-kishiwada-vs-kagetora_sport Magnitude Kishiwada vs. KAGETORA http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7aaxl_cima-vs-big-boss-ma-g-ma_sport Cima vs. Big Boss MA-G-MA
  2. Today is the 9th anniversary of Joey Maggs death. And I remember the big mystery (even to some to this day) over the cause of death. I'm pretty sure you could just go "Cause of Death - Professional Wrestling" God Bless you Tim for uploading the weirdest things
  3. Oh WCW... I remember you flying in Super Astro basically to just do a dive. God Bless you. LUCHAWIKI Fucking 4 parts... you can find the rest I love you Tim
  4. I am not sure there is a bigger person on the WWE roster right now in as deep limbo as Sandow is right now. I mean at least Jack Swagger makes Superstars and Slater gets to be in wacky videos. Fucking Hogan... Guys! Guy! This Totally Elevated Sandow!
  5. Normally I would like to space out my North American women's wrestlers but then Portia had to go and announce that she was retiring due to a fucked up neck and now I am sad. So very tiny. So very evil.
  6. Luchawiki ALL HAIR MATCHES! ALL THE FUCKING TIME!!! http://youtu.be/6WIc62hVvGw
  7. Yeah - I am really trying not to think about the fact that we have been watching Mercedes for 15 fucking years now. Fuck - those early days of her in NECW seem like another lifetime ago http://youtu.be/ZpMaIPUVj5Y
  8. Helps if I actually hit post before closing the window. Grr... http://youtu.be/KWscvDGTIpg
  9. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x81aga_hollywood-stalker-ichikawa-vs-akeb_news I also totally forgot he worked Mania http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x30riml_big-show-vs-akebono-sumo-match-wrestlemania-21_sport
  10. Yeah - I already made my Twin Tower joke last year so we will move on. Mike Shaw died 5 years ago today. #NEVERFORGET!!! http://youtu.be/du9SVvYGd4g
  11. Rico is Fucking 54 today. Maybe he can take Sting's spot Here is nothing but Rico vs. Brock Lesnar Dark Matches
  12. I remember when Tarver showed up in the Nexus angle and it was all HOLY SHIT!!! HE LOOKS LIKE A CRAZY PERSON!!! But then he tried to wrestle
  13. Jaggers died 3 years ago today. http://youtu.be/RQcAw4y_3ws
  14. All you fuckers needs to stop hating lucha and by proxy La Sombra LUCHA WIKI
  15. I would have done this Friday but the board went to shit. What better way to celebrate Memorial Day than with a man doing a badass biker gang gimmick. I also kept thinking I had done Gang before but I think it is just because we have done so many other guys that crossed paths with him. Veterans Day. Memorial Day. Close enough.
  16. And his about 98 other names... Albert really is going to be one of those guys who I dig and think is under appreciated but in 5 years the interwebs is going to vastly overrated him and I will then start hating him.
  17. As mentioned elsewhere - Fat Frank has passed away. When I started to think about it - it is impossible to properly express how important JAPW (and the East Coast Indy scene) was too the growth of this message board - and by extension - this band of misfits we call a community. One only needs to look at the archives of the Road Reports to see JAPW pop up... oh all the time. One also only needs to see the names of the guys who wrestled there to figure out what it was that we all fucking loved. So for me - it only seemed fitting to pick someone from that era. Da Hit Squad seemed most appropriate. Safe Home Frank
  18. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x11lsww_eddie-guerrero-big-show-vs-kurt-angle-luther-reigns-9-30-2004_sport
  19. We don't need to post about his reality show or his hot daughter
  20. So I went to luchawiki to do the Random Page Generated Luchadore for WOTD gimmick and got... Christina Von Eerie Please leave all the OMG! SHE WRESTLES DUDES!!! FREAK THE FUCK OUT!!! shit out of this thread.
  21. HAPPY SHOCKMASTER DAY!!! (Clash 24 took place on this day if you are trying to figure out what I am talking about)
  22. As for nicknames - Iron Demon is... umm... interesting... He appears to have a never ending feud with Kongo Kong - which isn't necessarily a bad thing
  23. So the goofy gift of Kesuke Sasaki and Akira Hokuto got posted in the GIF thread and that made me thing of them and be sad that neither wrestled anymore (Plus I am pretty sure I picked both already. Sasaki I definitely picked when he retired.) So Katsuhiko Nakajima it is. CLOSE ENOUGH~! http://youtu.be/jOOejO6Cf3Q http://youtu.be/mIA7hOLZM68 http://youtu.be/dEPUKAvELLc For too many of his matches are broken up into like 3 fucking parts on Youtube
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