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Found 496 results

  1. If you are going to ask me to rank - it would go Kawada Misawa Taue Kobashi Akiyama Poor poor being loyal to All Japan... Of course - the challenge is seeing how many pages you have to scroll on Youtube to avoid 6/3/94 http://youtu.be/ULrY48n0XsY
  2. Regal is a Top Fiver for me. It is one of the few sure things in my life. I can never ever hate WCW because it brought Regal into my life and really my whole concept of how I viewed wrestling and what I enjoyed out of it was forever changed.
  3. RIPPA BIRTHDAY WEEK BEGINS AGAIN!!!! Sadly I only just remembered that it was Monday and that my birthday was this week. Anyway - I am going to do guys that I love again. Folks I have picked before (who I could technically pick again but probably won't) 1st Time ANDRE THE GIANTJOE MALENKOCHEERLEADER MELISSABLUE PANTHERVADER 2nd TimeSHINYA HASHIMOTOHARLEY RACESURVIVAL TOBITAMARTY GARNER (Cham Pain)BOBBY EATON 3rd TimeARN ANDERSONJUMBO TSURUTAVILLANOSAJA KONGJUSHIN LIGER So anyway - I am going with Goldie. More on him in a second
  4. I thought folks have been posting matches in the RIP thread but they weren't and since I forgot a WOTD - here is one for Sharpe This is the match colonial mentions in the RIP Thread
  5. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3dumsp_taiji-ishimori-vs-zack-sabre-jr-noah_sport vs. Zack Sabre Jr http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3fhb17_kenta-taiji-ishimori-vs-bryan-danielson-eddie-edwards-european-navigation-in-coventry-skydome_sport w/KENTA vs. Danielson/Edwards
  6. I was research for something else when I say that today is the 26th anniversary of the Royal Rumble that Studd won that I am pretty sure the WWE would like you to forget about. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2mddjf_wwf-royal-rumble-1989-the-royal-rumble-match_sport
  7. Masters is only 33 today. Man - the WWE really needs to make that phone call again.
  8. Ended up having an extra day at my Mom's doing nothing so here is a WOTD - probably none tomorrow as that is my travel day and the internet is hard and stuff. I really wanted to pick Tarek the Great for WOTD since it's his birthday but the videos are almost non-existent (like there isn't a single match against American Kickboxer up). So instead we will go with another gentleman who has a birthday today - Tatsumi Fujinami. Excuse me - WWE HALL OF FAMER TATSUMI FUJINAMI~! Andre rule in effect http://youtu.be/_7dGsz5DtGs
  9. I didn't realize how many of her matches were online. I HAVE TOO MUCH TO WATCH ALREADY! I tried to put the matches in order just to watch the evolution of her body type. AND I didn't even touch on the tag work yet. TOO MUCH WRESTLING TO WATCH!
  10. I was too amused that luchawiki gave me MVP a random page to pass it up. I was gonna say JUST IN TIME FOR THE TNA REBOOT! but.... oh.... http://youtu.be/bDLU3j5VgnE http://youtu.be/aVHg-7wb7HY And I have no idea what the fuck this is
  11. I am not going to do a WOTD tomorrow so I will close out the week and year with Roddy Piper. I didn't do a WOTD on him when he died and since I did one for Dusty, it is only fitting. God this was so fucking brilliant
  12. Finger Poke of Doom was today which allows me to waste a day on Nash
  13. Fenix is 25 today. How the fuck is Fenix only 25 today? http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2etkyl_2015-01-14-prince-puma-vs-fenix-lucha-underground_sport
  14. This will be the last WOTD until sometime next week so he is Ricky Steamboat for your holiday viewing. http://youtu.be/onBGj_YUi9o
  15. Okay - a few things. I totally forgot that Ueda was dead. (Today is the 4th anniversary of his death). In fact - I am pretty sure I forgot he was dead when I did his WOTD almost two years ago But since every single video in that thread is now dead - I am happy to celebrate him again. That one is just for the screen cap alone.
  16. I have done Christmas and Star Wars gimmicks before and don't really have a burning desire at the moment to revisit that. Of course - Dec. 18 is a big birthday... day So of course I WANTED to pick Sputnik Monroe because fuck you Sputnik Monroe is awesome but the footage is lacking. And while I like Steve Austin and Trish Stratus, I feel like I need to keep them free for potential theme weeks so fuck it - Meng it is. WAR BITCHES~! http://youtu.be/xZGcEb1QhiA http://youtu.be/bxXSWdXsjV4
  17. For those that didn't see From Meltzer Alfredo wrote an obit
  18. Oh Eagle Sawai. Only I probably watched your matches. And mainly because Dean gave me far too many LLPW tapes One of these days I will figure out who the angrier Grandmother was - her or Devil Masami http://youtu.be/Tau94_Nd_TA
  19. God - I still can't believe his last match was a street fight with Gedo in fucking 2008 (which isn't fucking online) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xyibg1_inoki-choshu-hoshino-vs-murdoch-orton-jr-hall-njpw-11-17-88_sport Hoshino/Inoki/Choshu vs. Murdoch/Orton/Hall I want those fucking jackets
  20. Sure - why not? Though I might make it SOUTH AFRICA WEEK~! if I get ambitious enough
  21. Rey Jr is 41 today. So yeah... y'all are fucking old. Of course - I never realized that Rey was 6 weeks older than me. FINALLY! I have someone my age who has worse knees!
  22. Before today - I don't think I had thought about Alex Arion in 15 years. All his placements on the 500 I will blame on Dean. Though I guess it's my fault for also sending him all the New England stuff http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5v00n_alex-arion-vs-antonio-thomas-3-1-20_sport (vs. Antonio Thomas)
  23. I debated on whether to pick Bockwinkel or not since there is already the RIP thread. That being said - to paraphrase Matt as we were discussing it yesterday - "There is a difference between noting a death and celebrating a life." I am not a Nick Bockwinkel zealot like some folks. My appreciation for Bock came later in life as my tastes in wrestling changed. And even with that - he became a guy who - depending on the opponent - I would say "Ooooh... this good be good" not NICK BOCKWINKEL IS MY FAVORITE WRESTLER!!! I still have a lot of early memories of Bockwinkel since he was obviously all over the AWA and the Apter mags. I really liked the way he talked but I couldn't shake that feeling of "Man - he is older than my Dad. My Dad really shouldn't be World Champ." Of course - I also struggle with the concept of whether I would want a sudden end to my life (like say Savage or Dusty or Piper) or the long drawn out torture of an unrelenting illness (like seems to befall the AWA folks - see Verne Gange and now Bock.) Anyway - time to love the way the man looked and talked and wrestled WIKI
  24. Street is 75 today. I pray I get to 75 let alone look as fucking good as Street does today. Liz at the start of this clip is a mind trip
  25. Random Luchawiki Page strikes again Of course - it really wanted me to do something with the 1st Copa Tony Sugar since that page came up TWICE but that wasn't happening.
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