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  1. Split crushed everything this week as it made just over $40 million. And since it's budget is a reported $9 million - M Night just got his mojo back The xXx sequel finished 2nd with only $20 million (it made an additional $50 million worldwide) Rogue One officially passed a billion dollars Moana passes $500 million worldwide. 4th straight Disney movie to do that
  2. Finally starting a new thread. Not starting it on a happy note Oklahoma City
  3. Well I will pretty much be focused on the Greatest Movie of All Time poll for the next month or so. Join Me. Oh and we are taking my son to see Rogue One tomorrow for his birthday. There is a 50/50 chance that will be the only movie I see in the theater until Episode VIII comes out
  4. If you haven't noticed - I tried to write what the movie is under the trailer (if one is posted) as that way folks can find it if they are using the search feature For Example Going In Style
  5. This month is basically my "cramming for Greatest of All-Time" month Oh yeah - hint hint
  6. God I was doing everything in my power to not watch RAW so I ended up watching Return of the Jedi (always the right decision) SWAT (not great but I have watched way too many times) Hotel Transylvania (which lead to me having to listen to my wife tell me about how one of her students dressed up as Selena Gomez's character. So I regretted my decision)
  7. I was looking at TCM's schedule and was deeply amuses that the Frankenstein marathon (Frank, Bride, Son) is immediately followed by The Wizard of Oz
  8. So of course back in my vacation I watched a grand total of one movie and that was The Intern I enjoyed it for what it was until the fucking left turn it made for the ending. I am also always amused at Nancy Meyers version of the world. Like the one where New York City NEVER has traffic
  9. I feel like SyFy shows nothing but the Core right now I think I caught it like 3 different times this past week
  10. I remember this from when I worked at Borders and it still gives me a chuckle now. When any place that has to organize movies can't decide what genre to put a movie under. My library has really struggled with Silver Linings Playbook and Focus recently. The absolute best is when they put the blu ray in one section (say Comedy) but the regular version in a different section (say Drama)
  11. I am amused that nothing major was released today. Yes one could argue the whole SvB thing but I more like they idea that no one wants to be associated with Aprils Fools Well except Mike Epps apparently
  12. Dolfan already posted this in the other thread but I got nothing else to start this thread with
  13. For some reason Encore showing both the Burt Reynolds "Heat" and then the Pacino/DeNiro "Heat" makes me giggle
  14. My wife and I have been watching bits and pieces of White House Down. Hoo boy... Normally - I am really really good at being able to ignore terrible Hollywood logic to allow their plots to advance but man... I have an easier time acccepting people outrunning frost in Day After Tomorrow than some of the nonsense in this movie.
  15. Eventually I will watch movies again. Of course I say this knowing that I just signed up for the free month of the WWE Network. Sigh...
  16. I am gonna try something different and break these into months. The board should like 20 page threads better than one giant 200 page thread. As per usual - general discussion about movies - mostly what you have watched goes here. Obviously some things (especially the Marvel movies) have their own thread/folders. Oh and upcoming stuff still goes in the upcoming thread
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