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  1. CHRIS JERICHO vs. AJ Styles (Wrestlemania 32) vs. Nakamura (Japan House Show (Fan Cam)) vs. Roman Reigns (RAW 12/6/16) BARBARO CAVERNARIO vs. Rey Cometa (CMLL 7/1/16 - Hair Match) vs. Volador Jr (CMLL 10/7/16 - NWA World Welterweight Championship) vs. Black Terry (6/1/16)
  2. BOBBY LASHLEY vs. EC3 (TNA... it's a One Night Only so it could have been taped 4 years ago) vs. Rush (Not an April Fool's Joke) vs. Eddie Edwards (TNA - Aired 11/2/16) Also see - the Drew Galloway match posted in his thread, the Ultimo Guerrero match posted in his thread. Also Edwards/Lashley from the Tag Team Apocalypto show was like the best match held in the weirdest setting ever. NEGRO CASAS vs. Volador Jr. (3/18/16 - Hair Match) vs. Angel del Oro (CMLL 12/2/16) vs. Mascara Dorada (CMLL World Welterweight Championship - 3/1/16)
  3. IO SHIRAI (as Hitokiri) vs. Pentagon Dark (Lucha Underground) vs. Mayu Iwatani (Stardom 12/22/16) vs. Meiko Satomura (Sendai Girls 7/2/16) TIMOTHY THATCHER Play-In Thread
  4. ZACK SABRE JR vs. Ken Broadway (HOG 10/21/16) vs. Jurn Simmons (wXw 8/13/16) See also - BOLA 2016, all the UK stuff I can't link too (for, in theory, good ZSJ). Anything CWC related for "bad" ZSJ L.A. PARK vs, Caristico (Cage Match - 10/22/16) vs. Masada See also - the Rush match which is in the Rush thread
  5. BRAUN STROWMAN vs. Sami Zayn (RAW - Last Man Standing) Play-In Thread AJ STYLES vs. John Cena (Summerslam 2016) vs. Dean Ambrose (Backlash 2016) vs. James Ellsworth (SDL Ladder Match)
  6. PENTA ZERO M (as Pentagon Dark) vs. Matanza (LU - Aired 7/20/16) (as Pentagon Jr) vs. Fenix (AAA in Japan) (as Pentagon Jr) vs. Sammy Guevara (9/24/16 - from what appears to be a shopping mall) See also: BOLA 2016 KEVIN OWENS vs. Sami Zayn (House Show Street Fight - 2/4/17) vs. Sami Zayn (Battleground 2016) - commentary in Portuguese vs. Roman Reigns (Royal Rumble 2017) Also see IC Title 4 way, Universal Title Qualifier 4-way
  7. SAMOA JOE vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (NXT Takeover Brooklyn II) vs. Sami Zayn (NXT 3/9/16 (aired) - 2 out of 3 Falls #1 Contenders Match) vs. Cesaro (RAW - 2/27/17) vs. Roman Reigns (RAW - 2/6/17) KATSUYORI SHIBATA vs. Hirooki Goto (New Japan Wrestle Kingdom 11) vs. Bobby Fish (New Japan - 9/17/16) vs. Go Shiozaki (NOAH - 10/23/16) See Also: Umm... a whole lotta other guys threads. Also the Rev Pro stuff (vs. Matt Riddle, vs. Zack Sabre Jr)
  8. KUSHIDA vs. Will Ospreay (6/16/16) KUSHIDA/Shibata vs Liger/Nagata (4/27/16) - mainly just because I want to remember to watch it Play-In Match KAZUCHIKA OKADA vs. Kenny Omega (Wrestle Kingdom 11) vs. Minoru Suzuki (New Beginning) vs. Ishii (G1)
  9. BAYLEY Play-In Thread JOHN CENA vs. Seth Rollins (Raw 6/27/16)
  10. MARTY SCURLL vs. Will Ospreay (WCPW) vs. Fred Yehi (EVOLVE 4/1/16)vs. Ricochet (OTT) Also See: BOLA, ROH, all the Euro stuff ROMAN REIGNS vs. Finn Balor (RAW 7/25/16) vs. AJ Styles (Payback 2016) vs. Rusev (Clash of the Champions 2016) Also See; Samoa Joe, more AJ Styles (those will probably be in those guys threads). I guess the Mania match against HHH if you hate yourself
  11. ASUKA vs. Bayley (NXT Takeover Brooklyn II) vs. Nia Jax (NXT Takeover The End) vs. Mickie James (NXT Takeover Toronto) FRED YEHI vs. TJ Perkins (EVOLVE - CWC Qualifying Match) vs. Matt Gilbert (12/3/16) Also See: EVOLVE, all his matches with Trainees at WWA4, the Marty Scurll match in the other thread
  12. KAIRI HOJO vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto (Fortune Dream - 6/14/16) See Also: Stardom's streaming service. The match against Pentagon Dark with her being Doku HIDEKI SUZUKI vs. Ryota Hama (Big Japan - 3/10/16) See Also: Russia or the Archive
  13. KOTA IBUSHI vs. Cedric Alexander (CWC) vs. Brian Kendrick (CWC) See Also: the archive for DDT matches, umm... Tiger Mask W, the rest of his WWE stuff. Ibushi didn't have a lot of matches HIROSHI TANAHASHI vs. Naito (New Japan Wrestle Kingdom 11) vs. Naomichi Marufuji (G1 Climax) w/ Elgin vs. Okada/Moose (Global Wars 2016) See Also: All his other shit that you hate because you can't how dreamy he is
  14. TOMOHIRO ISHII vs. Okada (G1) vs. Shibata (New Beginning) See Also: vs. Chris Hero, tag matches, all the other threads, etc.. etc... SAMI ZAYN The KO feud, the Nakamura match. You have either watched them or know where to find them
  15. HIROOKI GOTO vs. Kenny Omega (G1 Finals) vs. Juice Robinson (New Japan - 2/5/17) See also: Shibata match linked in Shibata poll, all the CHAOS matches MEIKO SATOMURA vs. Aja Kong (Sendai Girls - 4/8/16) vs. Syuri (Sendai Girls - 3/11/16) vs. Chihiro Hashimoto (Sendai Girls - 10/16/16) vs. Yoshiko (Sendai Girls - 7/30/16)
  16. #DIY (Gargano/Ciampa) Gargano vs. Ciampa (CWC) vs. Authors of Pain (NXT Takeover San Antonio) See Also: Revival matches (one will be posted in Revival thread), the also each had a bunch of indie work during time period. EVOLVE especially but Ciampa in BOLA and AAW KAMAITACHI (Hiromu Takahashi) vs. Dragon Lee (3/4/16) vs. Dragon Lee (New Japan New Beginning 2017) - English Commentary vs. Chris Dickinson (Beyond) See Also: vs. KUSHIDA from Wrestle Kingdom (in KUSHIDA thread); ROH 6-man stuff with Addiction
  17. PETE DUNNE vs. El Ligero (WCPW) vs. Martin Kirby (WCPW) vs. Joe Hendry (WCPW) See Also: the UK Tourney, the Mark Andrews match on NXT, all the other stuff SAMI CALLIHAN w/ Darby Allin vs. Lio Rush/Shane Strickland vs. Ricochet vs. Dave Crist See Also: those who know know
  18. Keith Lee over Trent Seven: 32-23 Young Bucks over New Day: 39-33 Sasha Banks over Becky Lynch: 43-40 Rush over Trevor Lee: 28-23 Gran Metalik over Black Terry: 32-17 Braun Strowman over Dean Ambrose: 57-25 Bobby Roode over Tye Dillinger: 40-34 Johnny Mundo over Zack Gibson: 35-16 Rusev over Joe Coffey: 64-2 KUSHIDA over Kenta Miyahara: 32-11 Ultimo Guerrero over Puma: 28-15 Jeff Cobb over Cody Rhodes: 51-11 Drew Galloway over Tommy End: 38-20 Bayley over Kyle O'Reilly: 52-19 Timothy Thatcher over Mike Bailey: 22-16 Hec
  19. TYLER BATE vs. Jack Gallagher (GBP 3/26/16) vs. Tyler Bate (UK Championship Finals) Mustache Mountain (Bate and Trent Seven) vs. Moss/Slater (WCPW) Also see vs Trent Seven from NXT, the rest of Mustache Mountain (for both guys), all the WXW and Progress you can find VOLADOR JR vs. La Mascara (8/4/16) vs. Ultimo Guerrero (7/25/16) vs. KUSHIDA (7/8/16) Also See The Negro Casas match that I am posting in the Casas thread
  20. TRENT SEVEN vs. Johnny Moss (WCPW - 7/10/16) vs. Marty Scurll (ASCA - 6/25/16) Also see Trent Seven vs. Tyler Bate from NXT Trent Seven vs. Wolfgang - ICW Fear and Loathing IX KEITH LEE vs. Chris Hero (Beyond - 12/29/16) vs. Brian Cage (Beyond - 7/31/16) vs. Donovan Dijak (WrestleCircus - 10/16/16) Also See Anytime Lee and Shane Taylor wrestled War Machine
  21. NEW DAY vs. Cesaro/Sheamus (HIAC 2016) vs. Vaudevillians (VA House Show - 5/15/16 Fan Cam) Also see the Compound brawl vs. the Wyatts YOUNG BUCKS vs. Hardys (that show in Chile) Also see New Japan World and PWG and ROH and all the other places they work where their matches aren't posted online
  22. WRESTLEMANIA 32 TRIPLE THREAT FOR RAW WOMEN'S TITLE Vs. each other - Smackdown (3/3/16 - #1 Contender's Match) BECKY LYNCH vs. Mickie James (Elimination Chamber 2017 - 02/12/17) SASHA BANKS vs. Charlotte (RAW - 10/3/16)
  23. TREVOR LEE vs. Cedric Alexander (CWF Mid-Atlantic - 5/18/16) vs. Andrew Everett (CWF Mid-Atlantic - 7/6/16) vs. Braxton Sutter (TNA One Night Only Dec 16) Also see PWG Trevor Lee Also note that the Trevor Lee/Roy Wilkins 105 minute match does count for this voting period due to the air date rule (The match was taped 2/27/16 but aired in March). I didn't link to it because it is 105 fucking minutes RUSH vs. Maximo Sexy (Hair Match - 3/18/16) vs. L.A. Park (7/14/16) vs. Matt Taven (CMLL 9/23/16) Also see: Rush's abs
  24. BLACK TERRY vs. Aero Boy (6/10/16 - Mask vs. Hair) vs. El Hijo Del Diablo (IWRG - 9/18/16) Also give your money to Black Terry Jr for the matches against Wotan (currently the Segunda Caida 2016 MOTY) and the match against Barbaro Cavernario GRAN METALIK (aka Mascara Dorada) vs. TJ Perkins (CWC Finals) vs. Barbaro Cavernario (CMLL World Welterweight Championship) vs. Rey Escorpion (CMLL - 7/28/16) Also see - the rest of the CWC, especially match against Akira Tozawa
  25. DEAN AMBROSE vs. Triple H (Roadblock - March 2016) vs. AJ Styles (TLC - Dec 2016 - TLC MATCH) * vs. Miz (SDL - 01/24/17) BRAUN STROWMAN vs Big Show (RAW - 02/20/17)* vs. Seth Rollins (RAW - 12/26/16)* vs. James Ellsworth (RAW - 07/25/16) * - video employs some sort of trademark detection
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