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Found 1 result

  1. Hope it's OK to start a new topic. I know for a fact (based on past discussions) that I'm not the only person on these boards obsessed with turn-based, SRPG, JRPG, tactics-type games. We got our daughters a Switch for Christmas. They love Animal Crossing, and my eldest has requested Mario Cart for her birthday. So I'm proud of them for having good taste at a young age. I really, really, really liked the Switch and thought it might be nice to have one of my own. I commute to Osaka every Tuesday and Kyoto every Wednesday for work, a little over an hour each way, and I was having no issues passing the time with music, videos on my tablet, and mobile games... but I'd basically played UnCiv to death and I wanted something a bit more strategic than the Kemco games I'd been playing on my Android tablet. I did a little research and found that the Japanese carts of Disgaea 5 and Civ 6 both play in English as well. And my wife and kids went to Grandma's place in the countryside for New Year but I stayed home because I was fighting off a cold... so I had a lot of time to kill... and a student had gifted me an Amazon Prime membership... The Switch Lite is an ideal system for me. The time just flies during my train rides now. I can easily kill time while waiting for students or if I have a cancellation. The leisure time I used to spend drinking with friends and going to wrestling shows is all taken up in a turn-based manner now, and so the device has made life in plague times way more bearable for me. Disgaea 5 and Civ 6 were purchased along with the system (as well as Skyrim, which is an absolute blast - and mind-blowing to me that I can play it on the go) so the Amazon algorithm had no trouble figuring out my taste in games. They love to let me know when something i might like goes on sale... and so I've picked up Warhammer Mechanicus, Fractured but Whole (I loved Stick of Truth), Ni no Kuni (love Ghibli), Mario + Rabbids (on a friend's very enthusiastic recommendation)... and I've downloaded Golf Story, FF7 (which I've never played before), and Wargroove... and haven't played more than a few minutes of any of them. The reason? I also got the Sega Genesis Collection, which has over 50 games... but I got it just for Shining Force (an all time favourite, a true contender for my #2 game of all time, behind Disgaea 1) and Shining Force 2 (which I'd never played). I literally played the first one through four times, and the second one twice. I was in nostalgia heaven, and the games were perfectly paced for my weekly commutes. If I never played anything else, I'd feel like I got my money's worth just for that. And Skyrim is just such a blast to play. Probably the first real open-world game I've ever gotten into. So much to see and do! Then I got an import copy of Disgaea 4, and immediately devoured the main game. And as soon as I'd finished that I gave Disgaea 5 a quick look and ended up being unable to stop playing it. As much as the Switch Lite is a perfect system for a guy like me, the Switch plus Disgaea 5 is damned close to my platonic ideal of a time-killing machine. I'm well over 150 hours in now, with over a dozen characters at level 9999, and two (so far) resurrected and cranked up to the full 10,000,000-plus base stats... and I feel like I've just scratched the surface of the (post-) game. Haven't even started levelling up any gear yet. And you best believe I am marking out like a little kid at the (no extra charge) downloadable characters!! Even without the massive backlog, I feel like I'm well prepared (other than financially) for the inevitable second pandemic shutdown of Japanese society. I might actually get to kill the final, final, final boss on Disgaea 5 this year and move on to playing something else (or re-playing Shining Force, or giving Phantasy Star a try?) Anyway: SRPGs! What are your favourites, what are you playing now? Any recommendations?
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