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Found 2 results

  1. Hope it's OK to start a new topic. I know for a fact (based on past discussions) that I'm not the only person on these boards obsessed with turn-based, SRPG, JRPG, tactics-type games. We got our daughters a Switch for Christmas. They love Animal Crossing, and my eldest has requested Mario Cart for her birthday. So I'm proud of them for having good taste at a young age. I really, really, really liked the Switch and thought it might be nice to have one of my own. I commute to Osaka every Tuesday and Kyoto every Wednesday for work, a little over an hour each way, and I was having no issues passing the time with music, videos on my tablet, and mobile games... but I'd basically played UnCiv to death and I wanted something a bit more strategic than the Kemco games I'd been playing on my Android tablet. I did a little research and found that the Japanese carts of Disgaea 5 and Civ 6 both play in English as well. And my wife and kids went to Grandma's place in the countryside for New Year but I stayed home because I was fighting off a cold... so I had a lot of time to kill... and a student had gifted me an Amazon Prime membership... The Switch Lite is an ideal system for me. The time just flies during my train rides now. I can easily kill time while waiting for students or if I have a cancellation. The leisure time I used to spend drinking with friends and going to wrestling shows is all taken up in a turn-based manner now, and so the device has made life in plague times way more bearable for me. Disgaea 5 and Civ 6 were purchased along with the system (as well as Skyrim, which is an absolute blast - and mind-blowing to me that I can play it on the go) so the Amazon algorithm had no trouble figuring out my taste in games. They love to let me know when something i might like goes on sale... and so I've picked up Warhammer Mechanicus, Fractured but Whole (I loved Stick of Truth), Ni no Kuni (love Ghibli), Mario + Rabbids (on a friend's very enthusiastic recommendation)... and I've downloaded Golf Story, FF7 (which I've never played before), and Wargroove... and haven't played more than a few minutes of any of them. The reason? I also got the Sega Genesis Collection, which has over 50 games... but I got it just for Shining Force (an all time favourite, a true contender for my #2 game of all time, behind Disgaea 1) and Shining Force 2 (which I'd never played). I literally played the first one through four times, and the second one twice. I was in nostalgia heaven, and the games were perfectly paced for my weekly commutes. If I never played anything else, I'd feel like I got my money's worth just for that. And Skyrim is just such a blast to play. Probably the first real open-world game I've ever gotten into. So much to see and do! Then I got an import copy of Disgaea 4, and immediately devoured the main game. And as soon as I'd finished that I gave Disgaea 5 a quick look and ended up being unable to stop playing it. As much as the Switch Lite is a perfect system for a guy like me, the Switch plus Disgaea 5 is damned close to my platonic ideal of a time-killing machine. I'm well over 150 hours in now, with over a dozen characters at level 9999, and two (so far) resurrected and cranked up to the full 10,000,000-plus base stats... and I feel like I've just scratched the surface of the (post-) game. Haven't even started levelling up any gear yet. And you best believe I am marking out like a little kid at the (no extra charge) downloadable characters!! Even without the massive backlog, I feel like I'm well prepared (other than financially) for the inevitable second pandemic shutdown of Japanese society. I might actually get to kill the final, final, final boss on Disgaea 5 this year and move on to playing something else (or re-playing Shining Force, or giving Phantasy Star a try?) Anyway: SRPGs! What are your favourites, what are you playing now? Any recommendations?
  2. I figured we should have one of these for general strategizing. Prison Architect is part of the new Humble weekly sale, but the catch is you have to pay at least $20 to get it. It looks wicked interesting, but I'm not sure if I'm into it for twenty. It looks like one of those games where everything will go to hell eventually no matter what you do and you just have to deal with the consequences; that's my favorite type of game. In my latest CK2 game Holland just declared war on me (as the emperor of Britain) and somehow mustered up a 24k doomstack despite having just finished a civil war. Between retinues and personal levies I can only pull about 16k, and most of my vassals are none too happy with me right now due to law changes. So I might be well and truly screwed.
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