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  1. I didn't see it - did the AEW women blade? If so, ,isn't it excusable as "good for the goose, good for the gander?" If AEW's gonna have the men bleed, then it only seems fitting to have both bleed. Now if you disapprove of it across the board, then it's easy to take the high moral ground. But it's just a different style - WWE doesn't have blood, AEW does. 

  2. 4 hours ago, J.T. said:

    Yep.  I was around for that mission.

    I was also there for the one where you break up the Lost's human trafficking ring at the abandoned hotel in Sandy Shores.  I rode the getaway motorcycle and got the hooker to safety while Melraz and Burke provided Buzzard support and you and Rippa followed behind me in a stolen gang van.  It was almost too easy.

    Ah, the hooker with the man's voice (until they fixed it). Always good for a laugh.

    And I do have about 10 of those Princess Bubblegum Sultans that are not only now completely worthless but will punish you if you try to sell them. I still have a lot of empty garage space because I lost all appetite for buying $2 million cars.


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  3. 7 hours ago, Robert C said:

    Dang, that one hurts.  I'll play "I Love" for my son till he gets annoyed at his dad for being a giant old sap.  Then I'll keep playing it anyway.

    Might be a better choice than "I Like Beer," but that's open for debate. He'd probably like "Sneaky Snake."

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  4. One thing that I don't like about AEW (but I understand it completely) is how predictable their match finishes are. Moxley's gonna win, Jade Cargill's gonna win and Jurassic Express is gonna win. I see why they do it, that's fine, but it makes watching the matches a little less drama-filled.

    Also, no way Danielson debuts before NYC, and no way "Final Countdown" isn't his entrance music.

  5. Online, or in single-player? I figured someone would give you grief online. 

    I keep meaning to jump on, but I've developed a fear of anyone better than me, which is anyone who knows how to do that damn Mary Lou. One more party request from someone Level 80 who wants to make fun of me for being such a chump will cause me to huck a controller in deep frustration.

  6. Down six pounds on the week despite pigging out on the Burger King on Tuesday (another famous moment of weakness), but I'm back on the diet today after i cook me some chicken here in a sec - one of my cats is loving my dietary choices.

    Exercising roughly an hour a day, wiggling my legs really slowly on my stationary bike, basically just wiggling my legs at 50 rpm or so when I should be going 85. You figure I'd be taking biking more seriously because I'm getting better in shape to actually go biking, but alas, I can't seem to get any quickness going at all. I do seem to be getting a little faster each time, so maybe it's just slow progress.

    I would really like to go to a gym and use an elliptical, but I think my car is about to freaking break and I'd have no way of getting over there. Such is life.

  7. I just bought another bike I can't ride - too fat at the moment - but I got a good deal on an old Nikishi Japanese-made road bike, with a five-speed (?) drivetrain. It's old and made of steel, so you know it's bulletproof.

    I just gotta quit with the free food at work and settle back into a groove and I'll be riding the damn thing in a couple of months - getting back on my herd of bikes is my prime reason for trying to drop some pounds. The free food train pulled out of the lot Friday, and I'm expecting several weeks of sanity at work.

    It's amazing that for a company constantly pushing losing weight on us (insurance reasons), we stay fed at work.

  8. 1 hour ago, Contentious C said:

    I'm not sure what to do about the squats.  My lower and mid-back are something of a disaster.  I probably have a shitty bed and shitty furniture, so I've had more or less constant pain for 6+ months or longer.  The weird thing is the workouts help a TON with feeling better.  I know some of that is stretch reflex, but I don't think the pain mitigation of that lasts for more than 20 or so minutes, so the fact that I feel better for the rest of the day means I'm probably doing something really positive with the workout and then sitting on crappy stuff all day.  But this relates to my squats because I feel those spots giving out a little, and it means I can't load anywhere near enough weight to get my quads to really fire.

    How would your back handle front squats? Those always caused my quads to fire right up.

  9. Game gives you enough to do besides all of the farming, and I typically run out of energy at about 2 p.m., so I get about 16 hours of sleep a day. There's just a buttload of stuff to craft, and I gotta remind myself that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

    For example, game wants me to build a coop. Problem is, it would nearly bankrupt me. No money, no seeds, no farming, no making more money. So I have to concentrate on farming right now to the detriment of building a coop and foraging around for the hundreds of items needed to repair the community center. And that's without getting too heavily into the caves.

  10. Managed to lose two pounds this week despite Monday's shameful pigout. I'll take this as a win.

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and it strikes me that dieting is a balance between being easy on onself and hard on oneself. I could've prevented this whole affair if I'd repeated to myself "I'm not caving" instead of "I always cave, woe is me." It's a change of a couple of words. I could've done this. I know it. Instead, I caved. Now that's it's over, I have to tell myself that mistakes were made, no problem, and not beat myself up over it. 

    I'm really eating too little to have much will to exercise (here we go again - a handy little "I gotta exercise" would do wonders here. I still have plenty of time left in the day.

    First testosterone injection seems to be doing not much whatsoever. I have to go back for a second tomorrow, maybe it just needs time to build up. I'd like to think it helped me lose what weight I lost.

  11. I wanted something like Animal Crossing, but I don't have a Switch or plans to get one, so I splurged on the $15 to buy Stardew Valley for the XBox One. 

    I realize I am a 52-year-old man playing a farming simulator, but I take solace in the fact that you guys are playing Animal Crossing and they're sorta similar. I'm kinda tired of kill or be killed and would like something I can play while listening to podcasts and whatnot.

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  12. 4 hours ago, Contentious C said:

    Watched various gym bros:

     - Ego-lift on squats with heels coming off the ground on the upward motion

     - Do OHPs with only the top half of the range of motion (same bro, bro)

     - Do planks with their low back in hyperextension - and this was not someone overweight or out of shape, just fucking lazy, not to mention planks are garbage

    I see stuff like that - and other things like teenagers doing upright rows like it's 19-fuckity-12 - and I kind of want to scream at these people.  Or maybe start my own gym that has "motivational phrases" like "When your form sucks, you suck" and "Set a personal record today of not half-assing your workout".  Ugh.

    You ever read this? https://leangains.com/fuckarounditis/

    They had my dreaded enemy at work today — free food. I'm a sucker for free food from way back, and they had another weakness of mine, regular Ruffles potato chips. I'll gain some weight with all this salt, but back to it tomorrow. I need a healthier approach to food, but they're hard to master when you're a bachelor and don't feel like cooking your ass off.

  13. Another day, another hour on the stationary bike at a slightly faster pace than yesterday. I listen to music, but time still drags. Guess I should increase the intensity a bit, give me something to think about besides "will this ever end?"

    Today, I had plenty of distraction for the last 30 minutes or so by one of my cats, who decided that playing fetch with him would be tons more interesting than me pedaling in place. He's skinny - he'll never understand.

    Fud plan 4 now:

    6 p.m.: Medium chicken breast, 100 grams oatmeal

    9 p.m.: Medium chicken breast

    Midnight: Medium chicken breast

    Not a lot of food, will be going up soon, most likely.

  14. They had Smith machines at the one I've been to, which allowed for some kind of form-wrecking squatesque motion. Problem is there's tons of cheap bros still trying to do bro workouts in the gym so the Smith machines are packed with 135-pound benchers. The dumbbells are packed with more-back-than-arm-movements curlers. The place is just a shitshow, great for people who need to lose a little weight and could stand to get on a treadmill, but little else. And I've got an exercise bike at home, so I don't really need the place for cardio.

  15. I did about 60 minutes of what I define as "leg wiggling," riding on my stationary bike for an hour at any damn speed I please (average 40-50 RPMs) just to see if I could do a dang hour. No prob. We turn up the intensity next time. 

    I gotta get into a gym, stat, to add a weights component, but that's trickier than it seems. My income's limited, and I gotta see if there's someplace I can go besides Planet FItness - just don't care for them, used to belong to one - but I'm not sure the alternatives are in my price range. Feast or famine - either can't afford it or can afford a gym I don't much care for. I don't think being able to deadlift is too much to ask, but it is at Planet FItness. There's a million reasons why I don't much care for the place, actually.

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