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  1. On 3/2/2020 at 2:37 PM, Log said:

    McMillions is so fascinating.  You could not script better characters than the real people involved in this.  My wife and I keep cracking up at Jerry Columbo's brother and his wife.  The brother is so obviously a wanna-be mobster.  We were saying we can totally imagine him trying his ass off to get in the crime family when he was younger and the actual gangsters being so annoyed by him.  

    It really was fascinating. I enjoyed this series. Really messed up how we had no chance to win other than free food. 

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  2. I've been binging on Gordon Ramsay shows on YouTube and I'm watching 24 Hours to Hell and Back and there's crossover between that and Hell's Kitchen, we have his sous chef James helping and a cameo from previous contestant Clemenza. Just found it interesting. It's a big budget version of Restaurant Impossible.

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