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  1. On 3/26/2020 at 2:47 PM, sabremike said:

    If smaller companies just ran shows there why would they cancel (unless God forbid the situation in Tokyo has taken a turn for the worse in the past 24 hours)?

    The Tokyo governor suggested staying inside last week for the next two weeks but the rumblings are that Tokyo will go into lockdown mode this week for 3 or 4 weeks. I already loaded up on water and noodles just in case.

  2. https://japantoday.com/category/national/guy-deliberately-bumping-into-women-regrets-it-when-he-tries-it-on-pro-wrestler


    Japanese women's wrestlers can be just as a tough outside the ring--or even tougher, as wrestling legend Chigusa Nagayo proved when she stopped a man from assaulting a woman and broke her own finger in the process. Freelance women's wrestler Hiroyo Matsumoto recently went to Twitter to tell of another, although slightly more comical tell wrestling strength in daily life when she found her instincts as a wrestler accidentally surfacing against a surly passerby.

    "As I was passing someone on the street, they came at me bumped into me maliciously as if they were trying to knock me away, but because I have a habit of returning a blow if I get tackled, I accidentally sent him flying! I'm sorry...it was out of force of habit...I at least hope this can be an impetus for them to stop bumping into people."

    In a case of funny timing, her wrestling colleague and occasional tag team partner DASH Chisako of Sendai Girls responded saying "The same thing happened to me yesterday!"


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  3. WAVE announced that their upcoming shows will go on as scheduled. They are suggesting that  people that attend wear masks and make generous use of the hand sanitizer that they'll provide. They also say that anybody that appears to be sick will be asked to leave. Due to the fact that the Japanese government is up to their dawdling bureaucratic best,  I fully expect this thing to kick off here in the next few weeks and at some point we might see mandated closings of events where lots of people gather.

  4. Stardom is cancelling or postponing a bunch of shows/events in the next month due to the coronavirus.  The 3/8 Korakuen Hall show will go on but without spectators. Instead, the show will be broadcast on Youtube.

  5. 33 minutes ago, ka-to said:

    Chigusa and Satomura are running a GAEA Japan show on April 15 at Korakuen Hall. Semifinal is an all GAEA match with Chigusa, Satomura, and Hirota vs. KAORU, Nagashima and Toshie Uematsu. Main is Takumi vs. Hashimoto. Sadly it is announced as a one time memorial show.

    I wonder if this will be like One Night Stand 2005 or One Night Stand 2006. Why is Marlon Brando at this announcement?


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  6. 15 hours ago, D.Z said:

    All women show seems to be all women staff only as well only women reporters?, and no Rossy. Hana always wanted this.

    Goal is 14 Korakuen events this year.

    I read somewhere that Stardom is also going to announce that they'll start having men's matches. Don't remember where it was and now i can't find it again.

  7. On 1/2/2020 at 8:01 AM, quackhell said:

    Caught up with a lot of Stardom the last few days and the Hazuki and Kagetsu retirements blindsided me. If it is legit for health reasons and a desire to take new opportunities that's great, but these conflicting reports make the whole thing seem fishy. If this is how Bushiroad is operating it sucks big time. Kagetsu was my favorite wrestler in the company and Oedo Tai my favorite unit and now it's been gutted. Stardom just won't be the same.

    Considering that Bushiroad didn't buy Stardom because they wanted to and instead to stop WWE from buying it, I'm not surprised by anything that happens. And its not like Rossy has ever been my favorite either. Combined together and this can either be a great success or terrible failure.

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  8. On 12/25/2019 at 8:03 PM, Eivion said:

    Her last Stardom is actually 1/26.  Its a shame. She was easily the best on the mic and one of the top 5 in Stardom the past two years. On the other hand it probably shouldn't be too surprising since her original retirement was delayed only because of some conversation she had with Io that also led to her joining Stardom officially in the first place. Figured she would retire within the next 3-4 years, not this soon. She apparently wants Natsuko Tora to take over Oedo Tai though I doubt that happens. Sounds like the month between her final Stardom show and her retirement will be spent as her old self working other promotions.

    As well as Kagetsu, HIRO'e will be retiring next year as well. By this time next year, WAVE will have nobody left to wrestle.

  9. On 11/4/2019 at 4:42 PM, Trocar Slush Weasel said:

    Two things that slipped by me this week. Ryo MIzunami is leaving WAVE and going freelance. Also, Mio Momono had her return match yesterday after a year out because of injury. I wish I had known that since I could have gone.

    Well, that didn't last long. Mio is out another 3 months or so.


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  10. 10 hours ago, Oyaji said:

    She's super fun and good so it will be a loss, but they've lost better wrestlers and somehow keep churning out great replacements and matches as if nothing happened. Saying that, I hope she comes back one day. It is retirement in wrestling, though... Never say never.

    She already took one year off before already, I'm not going to rule out another return. This is wrestling anyway. Maybe she's on the Yoko Bito plan.

    16 hours ago, ka-to said:

    Other, other news, 12/3 is the start of Hana's episodes of Terrace House on Fuji broadcast TV.

    Man, they're way behind Netflix. I think I've seen 4 Hana episodes so far. She started heeling it up in the most recent episode.


  11. On 10/22/2019 at 9:00 PM, Trocar Slush Weasel said:

    They then decide to all go watch her next show, which is interesting because I was at that show and I don't remember seeing anything that resembled a film crew following people around. I guess I'll find out if I'm in the damn show next week.

    They playing some bullshit. Everybody had their faces blurred. You can see me but I'm in a black t-shirt in the shadows with a blurred face. They showed Hana beating up Azumi among her new roommates and the finishing run where Azumi beat Hana.

  12. Ok, so I watched Hana's first Terrace House episode. I've never watched this show but it is real just as much as the Real World was real. They plopped Hana into the house right on her birthday and she comes in and stirs up some shit, about as much as a Japanese person will do. They then decide to all go watch her next show, which is interesting because I was at that show and I don't remember seeing anything that resembled a film crew following people around. I guess I'll find out if I'm in the damn show next week.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that if I was the Japanese pro-wrestling version of an English football journalist during transfer season, I would say that Hana issued a "Come get me plea" to WWE.

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  13. On 10/18/2019 at 7:34 AM, lostinube said:

    In sort of related news, it appears that Hana Kimura is going to be a new house member of the Netflix reality show Terrace House.

    I've never watched Terrace House but do they have 40 something upper management types that work out 5 days a week?

  14. 3 hours ago, Eivion said:

    As far as i'm aware its still considered a muscle buster. There is the suplex variation and that one. Shame that it was botched. Hope Kagetsu will be ok.

    The have seven titles at the moment. Two of them are held by Utami who broke her finger in training and had to forfeit the rest of her GP matches.

    I guess that's who came out beforehand to apologize for getting hurt and changing the card around.

  15. Went to the Stardom show at Shin-Kiba today. They rushed thru the show because of the tourney matches and the typhoon incoming. Some interesting tourney results: Azumi beat HANA (who then beat the hell outta Daichi), Hazuki beat Iwatani and Jungle Kyona beat Kagetsu. The Kagetsu/Jungle match was possibly newsworthy. Jungle hit Kagetsu with a Rainmaker-->Tombstone-->Powerbomb combo that should have been the finish. (Not the least reason being it looked like a deadly combo) But she ended up hitting Kagetsu with a Muscle Buster type move, had the Muscle Buster set-up, but dropped straight down on her ass for like a neckbreaker type move. I'm sure there's a name for it but I'm not sure what it is. Anyway, it looked like Kagetsu slipped out of Jungle's grip and fell right on her head. She got tended to, rolled out of the ring and walked to the back but looked to be in pain. Have to watch the replay to see if it was as bad as it seemed.

    It's been a while since I've seen any Stardom but it's good to know they still have so many titles that half the wrestlers don't even bother to bring them to the ring.

    BTW, Is Bea Priestley's name really pronounced press-lee? If not, she better tell Rossy.

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