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  1. Is this promotion just running through a constant Groundhog day? That's how it looks just following results Anyone got any shouts for the best 3-5 matches from this thing worth watching?
  2. I wouldn't say Kingston over Archer is certain. I could see them going with Archer to give Bryan at least one heel to beat in this thing.
  3. Black vs Dante was pretty cool, way more than I was expecting. Martin is another guy who seems to be developing nicely with regular TV time. I really wish I was more into Hangman Page, The Wrestler, because his character is strong and that was an awesome promo. I'm not someone who thinks they necessarily have to give him the belt because they've sunk a year into the arc, but I can get on board with it if that's what they do. Which is what think they will do. Mox vs Dragon looks like the likely PPV finals, and I can see them having Dragon win and challenge Page to put him over strong in his first defence. Moxley has kind of been treading water lately due to the roster expansion and feels a bit wasted, they'd do well to pull the trigger on one of the big feuds he has there like against Cody or Punk. Jungle Boy having some balls and coming out to kick the Elite's ass was great, he really seems to getting more confidence at doing the non in-ring stuff and it's great to see. Andrade paying MJF to have his guys win the tag title made absolutely no sense. This Andrade vs Death Triangle is so dead, let's move him along to something else. As much as I was underwhelmed by the Suzuki match, Danielson vs Fish ruled. They should try and get Fish into the ATT program if possible, he's a logical fit.
  4. I'll be the grumpus who thought Danielson vs Suzuki was horrifically overrated. Not even the best in the world can get wrestling's biggest one trick pony to deviate from his stale formula or sell for more than a second. I am kinda into the Jericho vs ATT stuff but it all feels miscast. Page and Sky obviously don't fit and Masvidal is such a popular guy I wonder if it would have been better to have him positioned as a face against heel instead
  5. Watched Moxley vs Gage. Mick Foley cutting a promo beforehand was awesome. The match itself was what you expect, nothing particularly memorable though. I wasn't following wrestling when CZW stopped being a thing and GCW took up the mantle, but even though GCW is much less toxic than the former was, I've found their in-ring offering to be not as good both for death-matches and the clean stuff. Good for them to be running the Ballroom though and I am down for the Briscoes vs Mance and Justice.
  6. Show was a blast, especially the opener and main Is there a reason Garcia isn't #AllElite yet? Seems like half the roster wants to work with him, strange they haven't locked him as a proper roster member It's a shame Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky are the guys they've paired into this Jericho vs MMA guys feud because they are both really mediocre and such a bad fit stylistically for it. The idea of Jericho vs Masvidal on PPV is something though.
  7. I also felt Miro still had legs in his title run, but the main thing is that he still has reason to continue murdering Fuego
  8. "Kenny no balls" is second only to "piece of shit" as my favourite crowd chant of the year Arn talking about pulling a glock on guys was outrageous
  9. I would be down for Roman going full Mortal Kombat Also is it me or does it feel like WWE is badly piping in crowd noise these days? The audio of the crowd looked at odds with the amount of people sitting on their hands and all the chants felt very convenient for when they struck up
  10. I really dug the fired-up promos from Lashley and E laying down the gauntlet for RAW. These short, punchy promos are the sort of thing AEW has been really nailing and they are far better than the usual long, rambling ones WWE loves in front of a live crowd.
  11. Gray vs Yoya was indeed a blast. Definitely not one to sleep on for people checking out the show. I wouldn't be surprised if AJ gets picked up by one of the bigger feds in the 12 months.
  12. I could be reading something completely wrong into it, but when I watched Suzuki vs Gresham it felt like Gresham really wanted to do a lot of grappling and stuff on the mat with Suzuki (which would have been far more interesting to me, personally) and Suzuki just wanted to plug him into his standard match formula. But I could be way off base there
  13. Punk vs Hobbs was good stuff. Went longer than I was expecting and both guys looked good. Punk sold really well and gave Hobbs a lot before putting him away. Christian and JB looked good but otherwise that 6-man was pretty rough going. The Adam Cole vs Luchasaurus stuff was by far the worst wrestling over the 2 shows, just real stinko. Think I'll be skipping the Superkliq stuff going forward. Inner Circle vs MOTY was obviously whatever, just there to set up the angle afterwards. As long as this leads to some of these ATT guys getting in the ring, I am into it. Jericho is a weird fit for this feud, but whatever. If we get Masvidal in a match, even a tag, this could be very cool. 8-man was a decent spotfest. Not everything hit flush or looked good, but they kept it moving and it didn't go too long. Is there a reason why Jack Evans doesn't get featured much these days? Broken down? Just focusing on the younger talent? Miro wrecking Fuego is becoming one of my favourite regular skits Main event was fine, nothing special. Homicide bit was certainly unexpected. Bit weird to have make the save in a fair fight, but hearing him get big chants put a smile on my face. Kingston going ape for the finish was easily the best part.
  14. Probably wouldn't make my Top 30 Bryan Danielson matches, but Danielson probably has more great matches on tape than any other American wrestler not named Ric Flair. I would say it was in my Top 3 favourite Omega matches, though I've droned on enough about how much I don't care for his stuff across the Pacific. EDIT - not a dig on the match, I thought it was great. Just that Danielson's resume is so deep
  15. The Kanyon episode was sad, and the story of him calling Matt Jackson who had to talk him out of killing himself was pretty harrowing. Ultimately he came across as a guy with a lot of mental health issues and demons he couldn't beat unfortunately. I don't think anyone came out too badly. The chairshot from Undertaker was gross, but that was a small piece of the story and chairshots like that were still the norm back then. Not saying it wasn't shitty, but they didn't paint it as deliberately vindictive. Flair's comments made him look like an asshole and he probably didn't need to be so brutal about it, but he was just being honest about it. I thought the saddest thing was the email he wrote to Stephanie (the screenshot is floating around), you can tell the idea of being the first openly gay wrestler meant so much to him, but you do have to wonder if he would have been OK with it given how unstable he was.
  16. I don't love nor hate Omega, he has qualities I like and qualities I dislike, but AEW Omega is infinitely more watchable than New Japan Omega ever was. Almost feels like working for a televised US mainstream company has forced him to reign in some of his worst tendencies, or maybe those tendencies were always more a 'New Japan thing' that he leaned into with their house style, but whatever way you dice it he's been much more enjoyable in this run than ever before. Working guys like Christian and Bryan obviously helps, mind.
  17. First thought is this was a smart move to have a TV special than a PPV. While every match had build to it, I think if this was half a PPV I'd be disappointed. But for TV, it's all good. One great match (Omega vs Danielson), one fun match (tag match), two solid/ok matches (womens title, MJF vs Pillman) and one dud (Cody vs Black) and no major angles. Omega vs Bryan delivered. Not a seven star match or any nonsense like that, but a great, hard-hitting, well laid out match that felt big-time and still left plenty on the table for future matches. Time limit draw was predictable, but the right move. This was very much an ROH Danielson match through and through, especially the way it was paced and laid out, the top notch strike exchanges, top notch limb-work, etc. The visual of Danielson with his chest all busted up and the mouse over his eye was so visceral. Thumbs up. Cody in full evil kenevil/homelander garb with Brandi getting booed was hilarious. The match was worked like Black was the face, the crowd were treating it that way, but they didn't lean into it and insisted on playing it straight. Unfortunate that Arn slipped on the apron to telegraph that spot but as a match I thought it was another flop on Cody's resume. Guy needs a revamp big-time. FTR vs Sting/Darby was a fun filler match. I haven't seen much of Pillman Jr but he didn't leave much of an impression tonight - MJF has improved a lot over his AEW tenure though. Britt vs Ruby was OK with a couple nice big spots (avalanche air raid crash, stomp on the steps). Reba screaming "YEEEEEES SMASH HER FACE" had me howling.
  18. The Reigns match was great, definitely worth watching if people slept on it at the time. He's almost certainly Reigns's best opponent, all their matches ruled.
  19. I actually caught this episode on Youtube and have to agree it was way worse than it has been made out to be in the past. This was "'80s rockstars at their darkest" type shit, but in 2002. Drugs, depression, sexual harassment, general shit-headery. Tommy Dreamer is a 50 year old man who's been in the business for over 2 decades and is still the biggest mark going for his hero-worship defence of Flair in this episode. Sean Waltman and RVD went up big time though.
  20. Just checked this out and had to echo this! Awesome match and absolutely great to see Steve come out of retirement to have this kind of match. I didn't even care that he gassed, he worked his ass off and the father vs son story was one of the most compelling things I've seen in an indy match in a long time. Folks should check it out.
  21. One line from Bryan and they had a smart way of doing Omega vs Bryan without backing themselves into a corner. I do expect a draw though. "Who's ready for story time with Adam Cole?" has already worn thin. Dude needs some new catchphrases. Don't really get the fascination with Suzuki's entrance theme either This was very much a go-home show for Grand Slam and you can't say they haven't set up another pair of big shows there
  22. Steinercito, being able to see the fans, Creed Bros mauling geeks - thumbs up Steinercito's dumb name, all of the booking, the seizure-inducing colour scheme - thumbs down Got a very strong EVOLVE-ish feel from this show so far
  23. We could have called it! Cool moment for Big E, happy for him. Shame the route there was the same tired MITB garbage as always. Hopefully he gets a solid run with it at least.
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