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  1. Unbeliveable atmosphere, unbelievable game. Hannebrey going down early in the last was a massive loss for them. Our pressure the entire final series is what won it for us. There was never more than a 5 minute period across the 4 games where it slipped from a manic level. The 5-8 min period of football between Hewitts goal to make it 1 point to Boyds running goal is the hardest I have ever seen played, and I'm just so happy to see it finally rewarded with a premiership.

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  2. On 25 September 2016 at 11:45 PM, sabremike said:

    Just curious how much the tickets were? Wonder how they compare to the Super Bowl or the Grey Cup in NA?

    AFL members were $190 for everywhere bar the back 20 or so rows at the top level of the Sotuhern Stand which were $170. As far as I'm aware silver AFL members pay the same amount if there are any left over which I don't believe their was after the Full members onsale.

    I also got a Bulldogs reserved game seat direct thru the club with Social Club membership which entitled me to a Grand Final ticket if I wanted to go thru the club. However the mates I go with don't have a Social Club membership attached to their reserved seats, so to sit together I would have had to join a ballot with the rest of the reserved seat members (Because they don't have a SC membership they're not guaranteed a seat. Only Coterie members who pay around $1500+ a year and Social Club members who pay an extra $150 on top of their yearly reserved seat members are guaranteed a GF ticket if we make it. Coterie members get preference and I believe get to hide their seat. SC members are next and get allocated a seat After that, the rest go into a ballot where they literally just randomise the membership numbers and deduct the money from the account of the successful numbers chosen. They then publish the results on ticketek.com.au if you want to have a look) to get access to a seat in one of 9 different price categories  (from $150 for standing room to $390 for category 1, which would be the equivalent to my AFL members seat for $190 ) with no way of choosing which category as it was all subject to a ballot. We also had to register together to have our seats together. The registration period was the Thursfay before the GWS game and it was $5 to register per person, not refundable if we lost. One of my friends registered straight away, before we realised we had to register together to sit together. So it was an easy choice to wait for the AFL members sale the morning after the GWS game as I knew I'd be guaranteed a pretty awesome seat for way less money. One of my friends in the ballot got a seat around 10 rows from the ground of the top deck behind the goals at the Punt Road end for around $250 or so and one of them got standing room tickets in the ballot for $150.  I assume the pricing structure for Sydney would be relatively similar but you could probably add maybe an extra $100 to the bottom and upper range of the tickets for them.

    MCC members have an even better deal, where for a large portion of the membership it is either $30 to reserve a seat and go into a seperate MCC ballot, or rock up to the ground at 8am in the morning and just take a seat. An old lawyer at my work has been a full MCC member since the 60's and has only missed 2 Grand Finals since becoming a member. They have something like 13,000 reserved seats and 8,000 walk up seats. The wait list to be even a restricted member is now in the 20+ year mark. Before the 1993 Grand Final I went with my family to the MCG open day tour and they had a deal going where you could nominate to be a member without needing 2 full members to support your application which is still the case today. You simply had to write down who you wanted to register and they went straight to the bottom of the waiting list which at that time was around 10 or so years. For some unknown reason my mother didnt put our names down, even though she is a staunch Collingwood supporter and had been a member since the 70's. To this day I still remind her that we would have gotten an MCC membership in around 2002 when I turned 16, because my Godfather did put his and his daughters name down when we went and that is when they got theirs. My best friend was put on in the mid 90's and he got his in 2008. The yearly membership dues are around $400-$500, but is by far the best deal for sports in Australia if you can somehow get access to it.

    The rest of the seats are only really available thru corporate packages, where it is around $600 to $2,500. Most include either a Grand Final breakfast of some description (generally just a local comedian/sportsmen as the M.C interviewing a couple of guest while people eat overpriced croissants) or a lunch before the game at like middayish with the same sort of entertainment. The seats thru those packages can be good but they can be pretty garbage.

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  3. My AFL membership finally paid off. Became a full member with GF seats after 9 years on the wait list and it's the year we make it. Just got my seats for the GF, Level 2 Southern Stand down the city end. Should be a cracking game and hopefully my Dogs can win it. 

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  4. The last couple of minutes of the show appeared planned and didn't seem like they were wasting time to me. It was messy but you can make out that Ziggler was asking Shane what he was doing out there and playing up his displeasure about his presence, which I highly doubt would be a shoot, and would also play into his earlier promo about the show not being about authority figures anymore. They are clearly going somewhere with this and it wouldn't shock me if this a trigger for a Dolph turn (possibly aided by HHH, because you know, the show isn't about Authority figures anymore) and not an Ambrose turn. For some reason it appears they are still not quite ready to give up on him and a heel turn may freshen him up a bit. How that works with his HBK tribute gimmick I don't know 

  5. Has anyone mentioned the modified shirt that Lesnar has worn for the last two Raws?


    Could it be some potential fun if they could get several of those guys in the HHH burial video to show up at Wrestlemania?  I want to see a pre-show roundtable in which Mick Foley, Chris Jericho, Booker T, RVD, and Scott Steiner are asked their opinions about Bryan vs HHH and they all basically get to cut some shoot-y sounding "fuck HHH" promos.


    With BPP I don't think it would be shoot-y sounding fuck HHH promos, I'm pretty sure he'd just straight out say fuck HHH.

  6. So I had been checking the local sports books to see if they had any markets for the Rumble, and as of about 10 hrs ago (11pm Sunday Night Australian) most of them had Bryan as 2nd fav for between $6-$8.50 (6-1 to 8.5-1) with Batista 1.80 favourite. I check this morning, almost all of them now have DB as $1.50 favourite with Batista out to $2.50. I'm really annoyed I didn't join up with one and put $100 in him to win it now.

  7. My Dogshit laptop crashed as I was finishing a proper reply, to be quick I'll say he was pushed for sure but it wasn't some huge push, and Warrior crushing him wasn't some sort of big moment. His reactions justified his ascent up the ladder. No-one can honestly say Triple H was ever pushed harder than say Ahmed Johnson, or Rock. And to say he shoved down the crowds' throats every week is bullshit too.

     - HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY (w/ Chyna) vs. ROCKABILLY (w/ the Honky Tonk Man)   Dammit, who is this guy sleeping with?! He's on every damn week! God, I'm   sick of him. Helmsley wins. Of all the matches possible in the WWF, this   is the one I wanted to see the least.




    A personal plea to Vince McMahon: stop putting Hunter Hearst Helmsley onRAW! He's been on every week this year.



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