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  1. Lol I didn't realise Avalon was Norv Fernum in Impact/TNA.

    If somebody wants to say 'they should have kept Avalon and not brought in Tony Nese ot [insert name]'......yeah, I feel you, you're probably not wrong. But there isn't really anywhere else to go with Pretty Peter at this point. He's got better as a wrestler, he's had a run and made a name for himself, but he is a jobber when all is said and done. He is also quite small. I imagine though that he'll be in all sorts of demand on the indy circuit - maybe if he can find another gear, he can come in with a better spot. If he's leaving AEW, I will miss him. But maybe it's better that way?

  2. The Doudrop push, such that it might be, is still quite amusing - it's like...omg she can actually work, we can have her do all the things we couldn't risk with Nia. Imagine them letting Jax doing the Banzai Drop lol. She should actually just scream Banzai, it might get over.

    Hopefully we get an A.S.H and Doudrop tag title run at some point. 

  3. 3 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

    Except for Killer Kross haha

    Well lol yes, but that match was timecut just before and I believe Kross lead it, having heard his interview with CVV.

    Jeff, for example, put over Jinder ridiculously strong.

  4. 5 hours ago, D.Z said:

    Time for Seth to get the Uni belt


    Fwiw rumblingz suggested Rollins was feted to take the title of Big E. Wouldn't completely shock me to see Reigns and Lesnar screw eachother over. Obviously they would be devaluing the championships by doing so but lol k whateva yea or something. They can't really do the Rumble stip without one of them losing the title.

    The Mickie James inclusion is cool. The usual suspects returning a little less cool, but it's logical: maybe you get a good draw and you can win, you then get 12ish weeks to prepare for a title shot at Wrestlemania. 

    I think @RIPPAmentioned the possibility of a 2 day Rumble 'premium live event'. Given that Mickie James has come up, I have a radical proposal - have 1 day, all women card EXCEPT the Men's Rumble. The other day, the opposite. 


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  5. 2 hours ago, HarryArchieGus said:

    how was Jeff's in ring ability in WWE 2021?

    I watched quite a few of his Main Event matches and he was fine - nothing spectacular, but he worked hard to put guys over most of the time. 

  6. 14 hours ago, Ramo2653 said:

    Walter was looking damn near svelte on Tuesday. I wonder if he's going to stay over for an extended period.

    I assume the sleepy lady (Wendy Chu, I think she said her name was) is Karen Q's repackage? I can't imagine how that works out long term. Also what a weird transition from Mei Ying to Boa gaining the "Power"

    I overall enjoy the 2.0 shows but they are clearly a work in progress. 

    Looks like Walter is indeed staying:


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  7. So I have mild laryngitis and I could barely talk for a couple of days. It isn't fully better now but seems to be improving. I 100% lost my voice a few years ago for a few days and it was kind of scary. But you more or less just have to wait it out - I googled for medicine and they were all homeopathic.

    But actually working out yesterday seems to have helped. I still got my gf with me for almost all my workouts now, which is great but also a compromise. I can get bits of heavy work in but it does take thought, and I still need to take care of her with some of the stuff I have her do.

    Yesterday's Upper Day:

    Incline Bench (my preferred bench was unavailable) - Me: 70kg 10, 10, 12 Medium (a little wider than maybe optimal for me) grip, 1 x 12 close grip. Her: 20kg 6, 7. 8 (she grips quite close, largely because the bench only has two places to have the barbell). My 1RM on that grip is 110kg so that's about 64% of my 1RM. Yes we're having to take weights on and off, which is annoying but what can you do? Use Machines and DBs I suppose, but you can't 100% avoid the barbell.

    Supersetted with single arm db row - Me: 17.5, 20, 22.5, 22.5kg 4 x 12 Her: 6, 8, 9, 9kg for 8, 8, 8, 10 reps.

    Decline DB Bench Press - Me: 22.5kg 3 x 16, Her: 6kg 3 x 15. It was tough - I've got chest doms today and the stretch at the bottom on these is the chief suspect. Gf found the decline weird, but I had her spend time without dumbbells in position and she got used to it.

    Medium-wide Lat Pulldown - Me: 40, 47.5, 47.5kg 3 x 20, Her: 20, 22.5, 22.5kg 3 x 16. She has lat doms today. I do not funnily enough, though it was painful at the time.

    Supersetted with Standing DB Press - Me: 10, 12kg 2 x 20, Her: 3kg 1 x 12 (awkward), 2kg 1 x 16 (better, but there's a shoulder mobility issue there)

    Cable Fluff: 2 sets of cable curls supersetted with facepulls, with 1 set of tricep pushdowns in the middle - 20/25 reps. (I'm not massively into supersets where the same muscle gets worked extensively, but I think the facepulls after the curls work great)

    Probably more detail than people require, but that's the basic gist - I normally end up doing more weight for more reps, but I try to have us do more or less the same workout. 

    Leg day today!

  8. 34 minutes ago, AxB said:

    So if there's no William Regal, are they retiring the Wargames match? Because it won't be the same without Regal there to shout "WARGAMES!", will it?

    Well they avoided it this time, with Breakker doing the shout.

    But actually the thing that is more likely to be retired is the twice-only Thatcher speciality Fight Pit match. That was actually an interesting gimmick match - more interesting than most of the Wargames have been for me personally.

    Really hard to see Thatcher in AEW. I've said before that if there's room for anything else right now it's a more shoot-style promotion, and Regal and Thatcher would be two guys you could build around (I don't mean Regal as a worker....though fuckit ONE MORE MATCH WILLIAM! (STEVEN?))


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  9. It's pretty clear that when you say something is 'none of your business' in response to someone expressing (a fairly circumspect) opinion that you are questioning their basic right to have that opinion.

    Ultimately people can do what they like, and other people can judge them for it if they choose to. I don't think anyone is suggesting that Sammy Guevara did anything that should be illegal.

    (To be clear, I don't even know what he 'did' - but if, hypothetically, it was at the shittier end of the spectrum, then I'd probably have an opinion about it. Engagement is not dating.)

    But to be clear, and I agree with @NoFistsJustFlips - my issue was the more general enforcement of orthodoxy via rhetorical marginalisation of wrongthink. Which has become a large feature of the board in the last year or so, sadly perpetrated by often otherwise good posters.


  10. People are allowed to have opinions about stuff and public figures; the thought police around here is hilarious.

    I don't really, except I appear to be the only person on the internet who actually thinks (thought?) that Pam is more attractive than Tay.

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  11. 4 hours ago, Niners Fan in CT said:

    We went over the performers many pages ago though and Team Taz should be pushed to the moon....  All of em.

    Not to board police, but Rippa made a note in the general January thread that is probably applicable here.

  12. I got struck down with what doesn't appear to have been Omicron a few days before Xmas. I felt myself becoming unwell, but it was the last day of my gf's gym pass and she was going to try for BW on the high-handle trap bar, so I tried to gee myself up and hit some singles on the low-handles. Not the best idea lol.

    So that was me until the 27th. And yeah, my work capacity went to hell. And today I seem to have developed this weird hoarsey throat. So of course I went with my gf to the gym and hit some singles on the SSB Pin Squat, having done Day 1 Upper Day yesterday.

    Actually it was ok, and the easiest 3 plate squat I ever did - and I seem to be fine more or less. DB RDLs at 42kg a side 3x10 was hell though, even strapped up (calf pump was crazy though). My current gym membership run out in 2 1/2 weeks - will probably aim for Squat and Bench PRs in 2 weeks but we will see how things go.

    I haven't set solid targets for this year if I am honest because I may have to go 'on location' for work and that might affect things a bit. Tentatively, I want to get that 140kg bench I had hopes of getting in 2021 (the eccentric is most of the issue), and some kind of 4 plate squat. Realistically, that means I'd want to get the deadlift at 200kg+. I'd also like to get to chin-ups for work sets (so at least 3 x 5) - that will probably mean a weight cut, which if I am honest I am not sufficiently motivated for right now.

  13. 6 hours ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

    You've never explained how it was incoherent. Just I don't understand so let me give up. Other people were able to understand my point. Probably cause they chose to actually listen. Which is exactly why Burgundy said her piece. Supreme said his piece, and I said mine. We're hoping people actually listen. If you don't want to hear people out, just say it.

    We're going three years with this AEW thing, and I think people are trying to say the right things. However, they don't actually want AEW (or pro wrestling in general) to be that. They just want social media and online brownie points. 

    Okay this will be my last word on the subject today and tbh probably ever on this board.

    I have at no point said I don't understand so let me give up. Just because I don't agree with you does not mean you have not been listened to you and frankly it displays quite a large amount of arrogance to think otherwise. This comes back to my original point that 'valid' has become a rather bad faith indication of preference at best, and a proclamation of immunity from criticism at worst, rather than any kind of substantial claim about the strength of an argument. At some point, horseshoe theory about freeze peach types and 'diversity advocates' rings true.

    I think I have gave somewhat of an explanation of why I think your viewpoint is fundamentally incoherent - noone wants to read a detailed philosophical breakdown of your position, and I would probably be accused of tone deafness or not reading the room or somesuch if I tried. You know this.

    Ultimately a large part of the diversity movement is about external compliance, saying the right things, and yes, signalling, over actually winning hearts and minds (or indeed genuine understanding). It may well be a successful strategy, we will see, but I prefer not to play and I hope Tony Khan takes a similar view. If you think it is about winning hearts and minds...well as someone who believes (edit: the fuss over) CRT is a moral panic, has spent a large amount of time on Twitter unpicking bullshit by guys like John McWhorter and the like, and indeed noticed some problems with race presentation in It's A Sin (it's on HBO Max I believe)....yeah that ain't it either. 

  14. 43 minutes ago, Elsalvajeloco said:


    Moreover, you cannot ask what the problem is and then say's it's way too complex when someone gives you an answer. As the young kids like to say, "that ain't it".

    Incoherence != Complexity.

    Bear in mind I have Zizek as my avatar. Ok that doesn't necessarily mean anything, but I would perhaps at least consider the possibility that I am comfortable with complexity and nuance.

  15. 23 minutes ago, Elsalvajeloco said:


    And to just say, "I THINK WE MIGHT HAVE THREE!" goes back to my point above. 

    But that goes back to my point that your arguments feature constantly shifting goalposts. It's more of a kafkatrap to defend feels than a coherent worldview, and at this point I'll say lol no thsnks and wish you a good day.

  16. But at the end of the day the request to name a precise black equivalent of Anna Jay is way too specific. There are 3 attractive black women who have been to some extent pushed despite not being very ring savvy.

  17. 4 hours ago, supremebve said:

    Name all the black women wrestlers who have been given as many opportunities to be on national television just because they were young and smoking hot. I get why you would push Anna Jay, I'm not saying she shouldn't have a chance to perform. I'm just pointing out that she gets opportunities that literally no black woman has ever been extended. 

    Scorpio Sky is kind of the best illustration of what I'm taking about. 


    1. Brandi is 38 but she's pretty hot and has been pushed, despite not being good at all. I think she's more than acceptable as counter example, and if no pregnancy then who knows? Red Velvet's push is long-term but she wasn't exactly great when she started and she really isn't that far behind Anna Jay in the pecking order. 

    2. Scorpio Sky is a pretty good example of an average dude who shouldn't have been going over Darby Allin in a million years. He has less to offer but was given more than many of the average guys you chide. 

    Additional: if ppl don't feel represented by certain ppl BC of who they're married to or because they're of Caribbean heritage or whatever then ok I guess, but whether you can realistically be entitled to such precise representation is questionable in my view.

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