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  1. So I finally finished the Seadlinnng 1/14 show, thought it was good. Nakajima and Ohata was the best match of the night. Hamada/Yoshiko was good but it didn't reach the next level of great I thought it would. It's something that you could apply to both with their recent matches even though Hamada/Taya was great

  2. 8 hours ago, Kevin Wilson said:

    America isn't ready for Hana.

    I'll give it two more years before WWE will start looming in terms of her future. Even if they revert back to the Divas era direction for the women, Hana would fit in. 

  3. 21 hours ago, odessasteps said:

    What can you fine folks tell me about Kaho Kobayashi, who is coming to CMLL? 

    I'll add that I think Kaho stayed with Ricky Marvin's family the first time she went to Mexico. Totally agree that she's awesome and this match was one of my favorites of hers in 2017: her & AKINO vs Syuri and Hikaru Shida. It's also one of Syuri's last matches before going to the UFC. https://rutube.ru/video/823ccbd8bf60dc634fcf1e567d4d0425/?pl_type=user&pl_id=1067514

  4. 15 hours ago, Kevin Wilson said:

    Happy for Kagetsu and Tam, I just hope this means Oedo Tai merch will finally be online to buy, I love their shirts but since they were their own thing they aren't for sale in Stardom's online shop.

    I am not the biggest Bito fan so there wasn't any way that match was going to be a MOTYC for me. I do love Iroha and I thought the match was entertaining (I don't really do star ratings but ***1/2 feels right). I'm not all up on social media anymore so I dunno who would have called that match a MOTY. A perfectly good main event for a smaller Korakuen Hall show, but not on the level of Mayu/Io, Satomura/Hashimoto, Best Friends/Avid Rival, Hiroyo/Hashimoto, Io/Kairi, or uh many other matches.

    Course sometimes it feels like me and that crazy Joshi dude that sometimes posts here are the only two that watch a variety of promotions. I guess if someone only watched Stardom, and felt it was 'different' than Io matches, that they may have liked it better than other Joshi matches they have seen. But in the scope of Joshi (or any wrestling) its not a MOTYC.

    Who is the crazy Joshi dude?

  5. Tam and Kagestu are full time with Stardom now but they've been full time with Stardom anyway this year since they rejoined. 




    Also Nanae Takahashi is teaming with TARU against Chigusa Nagayo and Masato Tanaka in an exploding barbwire deathmatch which I think is Nanae's first ever. 




    I'm still behind on Stardom but I saw the Iroha/Bito match and I didn't feel the MOTY that I saw on Twitter. Meiko/Hashimoto is still the best joshi match I've seen this year. 

  6. I fully recommend the Chihiro Hashimoto/Meiko Satomura rematch. It might be the joshi MOTY. I loved it so much cause Chihiro isn't green like last year. Thought they built a great story with Chihiro solidifying herself as the ace of Sendai. Better to me than how Reigns and Cena told that story. I freaked out when Chihiro kicked out of the Scorpion Rising/DVD combo.

  7. On 9/16/2017 at 2:36 PM, Eivion said:

    According to the We Are Stardom guy on reddit Sareee didn't have a choice in the matter. Diana and SEAdLINNNG are owned by the same company and she was transferred there. I'm guessing her contract is up and she is taking the chance to bolt in general.

    Yesterday, Sonny (Stardom Admin) on Reddit alluded to why Sareee is leaving as it pertains to Nanae & Yoshiko's treatment of younger wrestlers in a comment. 

    Sareee is going back to Diana somewhat hurts her visibility but she can be the lead there. 

    Also, Toni Storm winning the 5 Star GP today is something as she's been splitting time with WWE, PROGRESS and Stardom. I don't see Rossy putting the red belt on her but stranger things have happened. 

  8. 15 hours ago, Sasha said:

    I think it was Gran Hamada that was an ARSION trainer (and with the original JWP before then, too, I think?). Apache went there a couple of times and once reffed a match in a sheer shirt, which was odd.

    Hamada was the original JWP trainer and a referee for them too. He and Gran Apache were over there but from the footage I've seen, they mostly focused on trained their daughters together. It's pretty cool seeing Ayako Hamada training with Gran Apache if you find it.

    I agree with Kevin that hopefully for the next three months, Mary helps trains everybody cause she was looking like Stan Hansen at the last Korakuen show. Xia and Gabby was doing the Wayne's World "We're not worthy" bows to her after the match. 

  9. 2 hours ago, PUNQ said:

    Sorry for being gossipy, but did we ever find out who Natsumi "Apache"'s father was? I just remember Mary Apache out of nowhere had to cancel her dates with ARSION and it was announced she was pregnant. Was it someone in the business or outsider? Regardless, it's cool that she's coming in following in the family footsteps. Hope she'll be taken well care of by Ogawa and the rest of the people at Stardom.

    From this interview, she married a Japanese wrestler and had the two children but she divorced him and he doesn't wrestle anymore. I didn't realize she was in Japan for 6 years. http://micromanfever.tumblr.com/post/157033203214/los-reyes-del-biutiful-muelasdegallo

  10. 51 minutes ago, Kevin Wilson said:

    Yea I think that would be the most likely result. I would like to think something changed "behind the scenes" in the last few months as it almost feels like Sendai Girls' is resetting what they did in January. Satomura has been losing a lot lately (since October she has lost singles matches to Hashimoto, Kong, Syuri, and Matsumoto), if she wasn't the owner of Sendai Girls' I'd be looking further into that but it still is unusual. 

    I agree and even though the ominous "Tournament" looms over the landscape with Joshi, I think Meiko is doing the right thing here with pushing Chihiro as the present and the future while easing down the card to let her shine. 

    I do remember the criticisms of Meiko as a booker when she started Sendai Girls in terms of making new stars. Those criticisms can be validated as former wrestlers have left to become names elsewhere but this time around Meiko has done it right. Even though it's small, they have a roster of really good wrestlers with different looks and personalities. I haven't seen the 12 year old that debuted cause I haven't seen the new Korakuen show (and I can't believe I'm saying that cause I don't like watching or reviewing kids wrestle) but that might be a fad cause of the teamDATE stable with the 12 year old that won a MMA fight. 

    Other than that, having Chihiro, Dash and Cassandra on your shows is pretty good by themselves let alone adding Meiko. 

  11. On 3/27/2017 at 10:55 PM, odessasteps said:

    Reading Dave's mini bio of Toyota in the new observer made me nostalgic for mid 90s AJW.

    I still haven't read it yet but I personally can't wait until he gives the full bio when she retires in November. He had good analysis on Observer Radio. 

  12. 2 hours ago, Trocar Slush Weasel said:

    I figured my analogy would be confusing but I'm trying not to be specific.  Stardom was Warner Brothers Records looking at Napster in 2000.  "In early 2001, there was a major restructure of the Warner Music Group; about 600 positions were eliminated across the three labels"  And pretty soon Stardom might have fewer wrestlers than they have belts.

    I got the analogy immediately when you said it but I didn't think it fit in this situation. Warner Music Group is still around and Napster got bought out in the end. If Stardom has more belts than wrestlers, there is a good chance there won't be a Stardom existing much longer if it hit that point.  

  13. 3 hours ago, Trocar Slush Weasel said:

    I'll give you an analogy.  Stardom are the major record companies in 2000.  Not because they are wealthy but because they could see the future and fought it.

    I don't think Stardom is in that position. I would put it more as a smaller independent label that had their top acts about sign to major label deals or signed with a current streaming service like an Apple Music, Spotify, or a Tidal. They knew sooner or later that Io and Kairi's talent were too big to be unnoticed. Plus it's not a coincidence that the foreign women that have come into Stardom lately have had WWE Tryouts or worked NXT as enhancement. It has to be a make good on taking Kairi and Io on WWE's behalf. Look at Juice Robinson coming into New Japan. I haven't listened to his interview with Colt Cabana yet but someone in the Performance Center had to hook him up with New Japan management after he left cause the raid was coming. This is the just cycle. 

  14. 4 minutes ago, Trocar Slush Weasel said:

    I don't see Hojo lasting three years in WWE/NXT.  I just don't see her brand of babyface going over well and I can see her being injured a lot with all the shows she'll run.  But good for her if she wants to get out of her comfort zone.  The Mayu thing is more troublesome because she could be the ace of Stardom (or any promotion) if she put her mind to it.

    The more I see of all three WWE women's divisions, the more I think she can work in WWE. She plays babyface in peril very well and has toned down a lot since her last concussion. She will learn quick how to save her body if Nakamura is there helping her along. 

    I agree with Kevin that Stardom might need a higher level worker if all three leave but they have doubled down on the young talent they have had also. Interesting to see cause Io and Kairi were the main trainers for Stardom besides Fuka training the rookies after Nanae left.

    Also, the Toni Storm monster push is coming in Stardom very soon. 

  15. On 2/2/2017 at 11:58 PM, Kevin Wilson said:

    That's good. I guess the December show will just be lost in the abyss. Semi-Main of that show looked really good.

    SamuraiTV aired highlights on Battlemen News so somebody has tape of it. I was actually looking forward to the 20 minute draw with Ayako Hamada & Ryo Mizunami vs Hiroyo Matsumoto & Syuri. 

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