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  1. So? There's a fat people movement that landed a large woman on the cover of People magazine. Fat in wrestling has been there for a long time. Haystacks, Dusty Rhodes, Dick Murdoch, King Kong Bundy, Viscera, Yokozuna, Umaga....and a long list of others, have all been fat and successful in wrestling.
  2. I also heard the Hero vs Samoa Joe match the previous night is one to go out of your way to see as well. That seems like a pretty remarkable task. Why did WWE not want Hero again?
  3. I know the networks dropped cartoons on Saturday because the kids aren't watching cartoons anymore, but did the Saturday morning kid audience just die completely?
  4. lol god damn It's still pretty mind blowing that there were advertisers who watched low budget ghost hunts, bigfoot shows and rednecks doing various redneck things who still saw TNA as a bridge too far. Yeah, that's what I can't get over. This is the network that TNA is too lowbrow for. Well I think advertisers see that show and go hmmm people like and relate to Duck Dynasty, maybe this too could catch on. Hunting is a huge demographic that appeals generationally. Sure this show is probably terrible, but people can probably relate to drinking with their buddies and going hunting. Where as when you watch TNA, can you seriously relate to anything on that show? I mean did your best friend every betray you at your wedding to join the gang your dad hates (or however that bloody storyline went).
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