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  1. Linda wants the politics, Vince seemingly doesn't. Picking sides would hurt the WWE business and they know it. Look at how far they've stayed away from the freaking POTUS being in their HOF. Normally you brag about things like that. The only thing Vince should ask Trump to do is not mention the WWE. That would certainly push him back closer to millionaire status.
  2. What show are you listening to? These guys have been hating on RAW for the past 5 years. Every week they bitch about the 3 hour format. They clearly love wrestling, and the show is great, but it's pretty much non stop Raw sucks talk every week.
  3. I understand where Bryan was coming from but this was, and will probably be, the only time this ever happens and it goes down with some incredibly dumb and worthless questions to a guy who will likely be dictating the future of the wrestling. You take this golden opportunity to ask whether or not one of the greatest wrestlers of all time was working or not. Give me a break. I love Bryan but this was such an utter waste of an opportunity. Thanks for the numbers btw.
  4. Does anyone have the numbers for what Vince has donated to Trump?
  5. This is them playing their little games of power and control. They want to control the narrative and now they can say we tried to "work" with them when they get denied next time. And now if you want access again, it's bow to our whims and do what we say or nothing. It's just the same old manipulation game they always try and run. Problem is, journalist don't give a shit about whatever you want to promote and they're going to talk about what you do either way.
  6. Company men tend to be lousy storytellers. He's not gonna dish dirt.
  7. RVD could have been Austin-lite constantly clashing with Authority by simply fucking up whatever their plan was through incompetent actions. I swear Dreamer talked about that almost happening. Paul didn't want to give up his baby was the reason he didn't allegedly. Same thing as everyone else before him. Short term and fired. Tony didn't have the magic vision Eric had. They'd have died years earlier. No NWO, no massively profitable years, it would have been a total disaster.
  8. Wouldn't that have been the "high point" of his career? He was stuck working in the number 2 promotion and now he was in the "big leagues" calling for the number one wrestling organization in the world featuring the most famous wrestler in the world.
  9. IMHO If you can't have a good match with Mike or Spike you have little business being in wrestling because they are very competent guys. How much of that was them? I can't recall Credible carrying, let alone having, a *** match let alone one of greater levels. I'm sure he's been in at least one, probably with 2 or more other guys. I can picture a few Corino bumps, can't say the same for Justin. Oh, Corino needed work, but they should have just treated him like Honkey and had all the flunkies muck things up for a long run and just let him build heat to go nuclear. Someone beats him, boom, new star. I like Jerry, but he's not the guy. Never could be the guy. RVD could have been the guy, but who did they have to chase him? Sabu because he smoked up his stash? I'd have loved Balls getting a 6-month shot. He was over and as a "fighting" champion, he'd probably done well beating a few guys here and there in crazy ECW brawls.
  10. Please explain. In a roster of unique characters, over the top violence, and crazy athleticism, Justin was pretty much just the worst. Corino was a better chicken shit heel. Numerous were better talkers and wrestlers. They already had a better cane swinnger. The guy could barely have a decent match with Sasuke.
  11. And screw up their cash machine where they legitimately use their performers death to make millions from the sympathy they garner from help killing a human being like Eddie; fat chance.
  12. I'm a Cornette guy...but when he says wrestling matches are subjective and in the same breath bemoans Dave's star ratings on a match....he can go fuck himself over such hypocrisy.
  13. Cut his mullet and let someone else talk. Problem solved. Guy looked like he could rip off your head and shit down your neck.
  14. I hated Credible with the title then and still do now. Multiple guys were more talented not to mention actually physical imposing. That really was a time when they needed fresh young talent but they didn't have the money for it. Heyman should have gone booker genius and pulled something out of his ass, but he was probably dead inside by that point. I mean how much faith could he had if he put the title on Credible. Isn't Corino a precursor to what the Miz is today? Chicken shit heel ECW champion cheating would have drawn better than Justin Not That Credible.
  15. Can anyone explain the UK's love of this sport of kings?
  16. The question was why don't they just do it and my reason was we need to get out of the bubble. Sorry if I misinterpreted the question
  17. A guy who is super beat up and old, another who is trying to get out so he doesn't turn out like the other guy, and you can't do a little probability math here? Nash is right, wrestling fans live in some of the worst bubbles. Stop thinking of them as wrestlers with nothing else to do in life and start thinking about the people behind them. I'm as guilty as anyone of doing it, but we need to stop doing it. Just because your boss wants you to work on friday, doesn't mean your willing to skip your vacation day with your family. We all know Vince and CO are those type of a-hole bosses who would be like that. I'm not sure what's going to stop the bleeding, but 6* matches won't be it. I really think a drastic move of some sort will be required. This same old shit thinking on booking/writing will kill them though.
  18. Is he moving ratings and making the company more profitable? Hulk Hogan was a shitty wrestler, but damn did he generate money. All the 5* matches in the world are meaningless if they don't draw. And just to be clear, I've liked Styles a long time, but I just don't see him as the guy whose gonna stop all the bleeding I'm noticing.
  19. If the rumors about Vince's eyes going bad are true, I hope Vince sees Joe and then fires Roman because he got fat.
  20. Can they really be that dumb? I assume they can but I'd be shocked if they actually did.
  21. $105....Isn't that incredibly low for front row? Was the show utter garbage or something?
  22. While funny, the timing of it all doesn't sound right. Pretty sure they spilt in the Attitude era when Brock was a teenager.
  23. Well at that point I would find out if the 22 years of BJJ training I'd have taken were good or not.
  24. Is there any comparison scenario to Brock/Goldberg? The total bomb the first time, and the second time it's going to be massive? Did it happen to Luger and Windham where they got a huge reaction later?
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