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  1. Very in-ring heavy edition of Smackdown and it was almost all good action.

    If Shinsuke just squashes Jinder at SummerSlam, it may make the last few months worth it.

    Orton/Rusev is actually a fresh feud. Wish they had a better issue except, "hey we both don't have a feud now so let's wrestle."

    Chad Gable looked great.

    AJ and Owens are starting to have better matches but the Shane involvement feels very forced.

  2. So clearly they're hinting at Sasha turning on Bayley because she's jealous (a classic WWE women's storyline!) which is exactly what they were doing before the shakeup. They basically just gave Alexa the same verbiage they were giving to Charlotte back then.

    I think that means Nia is going to go face out of all of this and they're going to do the dreaded Alexa vs Nia feud after SummerSlam.

  3. 8 minutes ago, Niners Fan in CT said:

    I think you're being too harsh on Jinder, he's not a horrible wrestler and he's okay on the mic with the right material but let's be honest,  they are half-assing this entire thing. It could have been decent IMO but they have him come out and say the same shit every single week,  almost word for word.  Where are the vignettes like they did with Hassan?  Where are the heinous attacks on the foundation of America like they did with Slaughter?  

    They've done NONE of that.  They are being cheap and lazy as fuck.  Plus, why is Rusev still an evil foreigner?  Two evil foreigners on the same show and neither of them are given anything to work with?  

    Rusev and Lana should have turned into Americans by now.  Just look at Rusev's twitter feed, it's gold.  Him and Lana could be eating hot dogs and watching ball games. It would work because Rusev is awesome and would make it work. 

    That's kinda what I was getting at with saying they aren't all that committed to it. It started that way but they backed way off.

    Jinder is not a good a wrestler, though. I could overlook that to a point if they were doing amazing things with his character but they haven't. They've been lazy as fuck like you said. Orton in the matches has been making chicken salad out of chicken shit because that's his job but it's wasted effort if the company has nothing beyond the same foreign heel template for Jinder. If creative sucks, I'd rather just see AJ and Orton wrestle to see who is better at hitting their moves.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Niners Fan in CT said:

    Orton was fine for the St. Louis show because you knew he'd get a nice ovation and the crowd would be into it etc. but they went to the well with Randy fucking Orton 3 fucking times?!!  How does this happen???  

    They could have paired AJ with Jinder in the cage and he would have bounced around like a maniac. Even if they wanted to do the fuck finish okay fine it still would have protected AJ.  Orton is a guy who can still go and still be utilized in the main event scene with the right people or the right circumstances but this is asking way too much. 

    Or they could have just given us AJ vs. Orton three times instead. I kinda humored them with the Jinder push but it's clear they aren't even all that committed to it. They barely feature him then ask someone else to drag something good out of him whenever he gets in the ring. It's a waste of my time.

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  5. Tanahashi has totally stolen the tournament for me thus far. It helps that all his matches have a natural story to tell but he's completely played into it in the best ways.

    Elgin vs Okada was great but I'm not sure why there's some surprise online. Elgin has those type of "big matches" all the time. He just had one with Trevor Lee in CWF Mid Atlantic. He's very good at that big match style.

    Zack has been the most pleasant surprise of the tournament. He's gotten as gritty as someone with his frame can get and the fans really respond to his nasty submissions.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

    I went flat out hating Bennett to almost liking him by the time he was done in ROH. Being paired with Matt Taven and Adam Cole bay-bay was the best possible use of Mike Bennett.

    Yeah, that was good but I was very underwhelmed any time I saw him on his own in TNA. He seems like a really nice guy too in real life but he's just missing that extra gear on his own.

  7. I'm mainly interested to see the Singh Brothers diving off of various parts of the prison into RKO's and getting murdered by Randy again.

    Also, it's amazing how far people have come around on Cena because imagine the backlash if Roman Reigns brought up f'n 9/11 to build up a dumb ass flag match?

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