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  1. Okay, this is the last picks tally for the year.  


    In no surprise to anyone, Elsalvajeloco came out on top but it was by using that underhanded tactic of being right much more than anyone else.  This makes him a two time champ.  It was also the widest distance I can recall between no. 1 and no. 2 as he was almost 200 points ahead.  Congrats!


    2009: sprewell rimz
    2010: Elsalvajeloco
    2011: epwar
    2012: sprewell rimz 

    2013: Nenz

    2014: Elsalvajeloco

  2. BONUS EVENT #1 (Le règne du Superman: Stevenson vs. Sukhotsky)

    Elsalvajeloco: 9

    epwar: 6

    TheVileOne: 6


    EVENT #121 (Titan FC 32: Green vs. Siler) 

    Elsalvajeloco: 11

    TheVileOne: 8

    epwar: 6


    BONUS EVENT #2 (Showtime Boxing Special Edition: Cuellar vs. Tamayo) 

    epwar: 20

    Hail Saban: 18

    Elsalvajeloco: 17

    TheVileOne: 4


    EVENT #122 (UFC Fight Night 58: Machida vs. Dollaway)

    epwar: 22

    Elsalvajeloco: 18

    Hail Saban: 18

    TheVileOne: 15



    1. Elsalvajeloco: 2678
    2. epwar: 2504

    3. TheVileOne: 1596

    4. Zero: 1328

    5. The Natural: 1053

    6. keith_h: 673

    7. twiztor: 415

    8. smitlick: 360

    9. grizzlyedwin: 236

    10. sagefrancis: 172
    11. Nenz: 119

    12. Hail Saban: 63

  3. Exactly.  His in cage prowess may have shrunk, but the UFC knows that Rampage drew great ratings for Bellator each time he was on.  And PPV sales were at an all time low this year due to lack of stars (GSP and Anderson both gone). It should be interesting to see how this unfolds.  

    Le règne du Superman: Stevenson vs. Sukhotsky (12/19/2014) - Québec City, Québec, Canada (Colisée Pepsi)
    WBC & Ring Magazine Light Heavyweight Championship: Adonis Stevenson vs. Dmitry Sukhotsky - Stevenson, DEC
    Andre Dirrell vs. Derek Edwards - Dirrell, TKO, R4
    Ionut Dan Ion vs. Kevin Bizier - Bizier, DEC
    Artur Beterbiev vs. Jeff Page Jr. - Beterbiev, TKO, R2

    EVENT #121
    Titan FC 32: Green vs. Siler (12/19/2014) - Lowell, MA (Tsongas Center)
    Des Green vs. Steven Siler - Green, TKO, R2
    Rick Hawn vs. Carlo Prater - Hawn, DEC
    Illiarde Santos vs. Nick Honstein - Santos, TKO, R2
    Ryan Quinn vs. Milan Zerjal - Quinn, DEC

    Showtime Boxing Special Edition: Cuellar vs. Tamayo (12/20/2014) - Shelton, WA (Little Creek Casino Resort)
    Interim WBA World Featherweight Championship: Jesus Marcelo Andres Cuellar vs. Ruben Tamayo - Cuellar, TKO, R2
    Julian Williams vs. Jamar Freeman - Williams, TKO, R3
    Julius Jackson vs. Jonathan Nelson - Jackson, TKO, R2
    Gary Russell Jr. vs. Christopher Martin - Russell Jr., DEC
    Anthony Peterson vs. Hector Velazquez - Peterson, TKO, R1
    Dominic Wade vs. Eddie Hunter - Wade, TKO, R2
    Tony Harrison vs. Tyrone Brunson - Harrison, TKO, R2
    Yasmany Consuegra vs. Byron Polley - Consuegra, TKO, R1

    EVENT #122
    POINT TOTAL: 2450
    UFC Fight Night 58: Machida vs. Dollaway (12/20/2014) - Barueri, São Paulo, Brazil (Ginásio José Corrêa)

    Lyoto Machida vs. C.B. Dollaway - Machida, DEC
    Renan Barão vs. Mitch Gagnon Barão, DEC
    Antônio Carlos Júnior vs. Patrick Cummins - Cummins, DEC
    Elias Silvério vs, Rashid Magomedov - Magomedov, DEC
    Erick Silva vs. Mike Rhodes - Silva, TKO, R1
    Renato Carneiro vs. Tom Niinimäki - Carneiro, SUB, R2
    Marcos Rogério de Lima vs. Igor Pokrajac - de Lima, TKO, R1
    Daniel Sarafian vs. Antônio Dos Santos Jr. Sarafian, DEC
    Darren Elkins vs. Hacran Dias - Dias, DEC
    Leandro Issa vs. Yuta Sasaki - Sasaki, SUB, R2
    Márcio Alexandre Jr. vs. Tim Means - Means, DEC
    Vitor Miranda vs. Rodney Collier - Collier, DEC

  5. So in 14 months, we will have seen the same fight three times in a row.  That has to be a UFC first, right? Actually, I don't mind as Hendricks got screwed in this last fight.


    Jeremy Botter ‏@jeremybotter 6m6 minutes ago

    Plaintiffs and details for the class action lawsuit against the UFC will be revealed at a press conference tomorrow at 1 p.m. PT.


    Jeremy Botter ‏@jeremybotter 6m6 minutes ago

    The press conference is at the Hyatt in downtown San Jose.


    SJ? I guess Meltzer has to go then.


    I figure Cung Le will probably be the only guy on the current UFC roster involved.



    Damn, I'm a badass.


    Here's the law firm's press release:



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