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    Dana White promising a title shot to a specific winner usually ends in either disaster or the opposite of the desired outcome or it leads to a dull, disappointing fight.  


    Yeah, I am going to say that's not true.



    According to UFC President Dana White, heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem will get his chance to fight for UFC gold with a victory over Antonio Silva on the main card of UFC 156

  2. We had the discussion about the quickest turnaround when Cowboy took this fight and it looked like Leben had him beat.  But someone actually did it one day faster than Leben: Chas Skelly did a 13 day turnaround last year.

  3. Cain vs. Werdum is now looking at June 13 at UFC 188 in Mexico.  I hope they book JDS on the same card for when Cain inevitably gets injured.  Amazing they couldn't get Werdum a fight in between.


    Refs now consider spinning the ball taunting...when you get down to the Patriots 1-yard line.


    If you spin it in the face of someone, yah.. that's always been the case.



    He spun it and it just happened to go in the direction of the dude.  


    Refs must have the over.

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