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  1. Merged threads=wasted resources? I say just archive this and probably the gta thread. Let them die.
  2. Not that it matters, but here is some clan migration info: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/46085/
  3. I did and took some caps that I will upload later. I got up this morning and threw together the boss fight from the strike.
  4. I think he means if the team wipes, you start over at the beginning of the boss fight.
  5. gunslinger is now 6 shots, and the animation is from The Last Word
  6. Moral of the story, play crucible if you are looking for drops. I've gotten a piece of armor and a weapon from the strike, but it takes about 20 minutes (depending on randoms) give or take. The crucible seems more econimical time-wise for drops. I believe there is only a set number of weapons that can drop right now anyway, and some might be more class specific (titan starts with a shotty, Hunter is a sniper, warlock is...fuck warlocks who cares)
  7. I think I started out with it as a hunter. I didn't get a shotgun until my Titan (as seen below). That being said, I do have a sniper rifle (copperhead maybe?) on my Titan (as seen below) that I got as a drop in crucible last night. Part 3~!!
  8. Does a whistle protocol that was #broken for 3 years count as a secret or Easter egg? As far as ghosts go, i haven't found any. Part 3 is uploading to Xbox now, YouTube shortly.
  9. I hear gunslinger has 6 shots. I haven't checked it myself. #seemslegit Kinda busy uploading part 2....part 3 will be major spoilerz - I will *MARK it as such, but you've been warned
  10. Sunshot wrecks mf's in pvp. I was bitching to slimy about it feeling underpowered while shooting cabal in the face, then killed 2 people with 3 bullets . 2 into p1's face - he explodes and chains damage to p2 who at that point gets wrecked by 1 sunshot headshot and explodes as well, i don't *think* anyone else got damage on p2, i was 2v1, so.... The jumps feel different. Ability recharge times are much slower. Armor is not paying into intellect/strength/discipline, but seems to now offer better resilliance (damage taken) over mobility or vice-versa. The new supers are cool, i can sti
  11. I'm still gonna go pre order from gamestop in a couple hours, i got shit to do today, can't be fucking off making a Chinese gmail account wasting time
  12. http://www.rollingstone.com/glixel/news/how-to-get-into-the-destiny-2-beta-without-a-code-or-pre-order-w492926 Legit fuckery from rolling stone, i approve this message on grounds of circumventing the pre order bullshit
  13. If you want the game "optimized" - i'd recommend ps4 or pc. Ps4 because bungie has a deal with Sony for exclusive content. from what im hearing, the xbox coming out this fall, with all its beefy specs, the spiffy new one with all the bells and whistles, still gonna run d2 @ 30fps because it still had to connect to all the other regular, mortal, xb1's pc because pcmasterrace, tech evolves n shit. That being said, bungie has partnered with a 3rd party studio porting this to play on pc, i read something in game informer about d2 handling a little differently than on console....pc
  14. That's my go to move for beta/pre-order code thingies (see - the division, ghost recon wildlands, et. Al.)
  15. Ive noticed quite a few, haven't even tried any. I will begrudgingly pre-order at the 11th hour just for beta access. I made that in response to them handing out beta codes like crack dealers. Still trying to figure out how to get a digital standard copy pre-loaded for the 9/6 launch, and get a physical legendary edition on launch at midnight from gamestop.
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