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  1. Kinetic mods only work on the primary slot...snipers all deal energy damage
  2. Idfk why it keeps putting the last post in the box here...also can't delete the quotes, so fml...
  3. Smg does massive damage at close range. TTK (time to kill)is real fast.
  4. If you find "uriel's gift" or "positive outlook," those are THE guns to use in crucible. Very meta. I see an increase in smg usage too. My go to is a sword and ninja tactics. I hear the sword is pretty nice. I still need to do the raid on my warlock to unlock the token robot guy.
  5. -Coldheart is not trash, it's a raid boss killer. Don't be the guy trying to use it in crucible, he dies a lot. Sweet business though... -you will have more legendary shards than you can feasibly spend anywhere ever. I'm at 1100... -i warned you. It's not as bad as Destiny y1 this far in, but it's rigged to consume your time.
  6. Speaking of good PR for bungie: DESTINY 2 - DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 1-11-18 > News | Bungie.net https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/46567
  7. I went into the BTE twitch stream last night. He was playing sfv (surprise) at some red bull deal. I asked, channel mods confirmed it was from destiny. Kenny didnt reply, was too busy treating the guys he was playing like jobbers.
  8. So are we just ignoring Kenny omega's entrance gimmick at wk12?
  9. Anybody know what's going on here? I recently stumbled onto this and I'm unsure what to make of it.
  10. We can try the nightfall tomorrow probably, just get ahold of me. I'll be on for a bit tomorrow morning, not so sure about afternoon, but I should be around tomorrow evening. Send me a message over Facebook or xboxlive letting me know when you will try to be on, and i will try to be on as well. If you don't have it already, and I can drag both of you guys through it at the same time you will get an extra clan engram for doing the nightfall.
  11. took a couple weeks off, was bored last night and saw slimy n fadeless on, jumped straight back into a nightfall. Mission failed my ass...
  12. I havent really played in a couple weeks now. Having beaten the raid, prestige nightfall, gotten pretty much all the weapons, or at least the best ones (ghost primus is op af), and real life stuff going on...there is not much incentive to play. I missed the IB and i am not bothered by it. #heelturn That being said, i want to make babies with that post. #evillaughter hey jt, just a heads up, fuck this game. I wouldn't lie to you. The best thing about destiny, and other multiplayer games, is the connection with other people, like what I think deej meant.
  13. the off the rack year 2 Hung Jury>everything else* max stability omolon scout rifle with triple tap and firefly. gtfoh I get it though, fwc had some decent pulse rifles, and wormwood (for which there was no substitute). *except maybe ghorn
  14. There is apparently a glitch where you can gain an unlimited amount of time in the nightfall. I'm the area where you fight the two servitude them two big shanks while your ghost is hacking whatever, there is an anomaly overhead that you can clear as you are leaving the area. If your fireteam moves on to the next area (exodus black) together, one person can turn around and go back to previous mentioned servitor/shank area and shoot the anomaly again...rinsed repeat, infinitely I assume. I may try this on prestige today before bungie patches it.
  15. Finish the story, Hawthorne gives it to you.
  16. "Fireteam medallion" xp boost and increases loot drops... The nightfall this week can go kick rocks
  17. XBL servers are down for maintenance. @bungiehelp is saying 11 am pst, but I'm reality it's whenever they feel like it. Edit- finish the story, you unlock all kinds of stuff!
  18. Those are actually quite good for the titan void build. Slimyelbow swears by 'em. It was nice pillaging with you again Phil.
  19. I distinctly remember him being the only admin before I asked if you guys wanted me to transfer the clan over around....August 20th. I could just switch back and forth between clans by a mouse click too, fwiw Then when I transfered it over, i made Phil "the guy"...that being said, after launch last week, it wiped all my admins for the new(er) group, and I had to go back in and set admins again. It's bungie, need i say more
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