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  1. What exactly was the deal with the Great Muta Blues Band playing out Sting? Not that it wasn't cool, I just didn't get the connection between the two.


    I think it was trying to give a nod to the Bay Area's historic Japanese community. You'd think someone on commentary would make a point to point it out.

  2. What about shows you try to watch and just give up?  My latest was Orphan Black.  The main character was just unlikable and it was just not well-executed.  I watched 2-3 episodes and just pegged it as a good idea in search of a better show.


    Probably Gotham most recently. I have a feeling Empire will be next, but it keeps drawing me back somehow. I don't know it it was here or somewhere else where someone said it was "Black Dynasty", but it is reaching levels of "So bad it's good" unlike The Slap which is "So bad it's awful".

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