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  1. 20 hours ago, RIPPA said:

    Yes - but it is still stupid pass up on free guys.

    As in all drafts - value is king

    Say in your example - you want Big E to be a mega star - you still draft the whole team because you break them up AFTER and you still have two other guys to do whatever the fuck you want for free.

    Plus one could argue that you only get the tag titles if you draft the whole team - so again drafting Big E only would be stupid 

    If Steph took all the New Day, she can't force Big E to not be their friends/partners. But if they're gone, Big E has no choice but to be singles.


    .....I guess.

  2. A lot of people bitch about remasteres and rereleases, so you're not alone, but I don't get it. There's too many new great games coming out that you don't have to touch them if you don't want to. For those people who didn't get them the first time around, it's a good opportunity to pick them up. For instance, I just grabbed Valkyria Chronicles on PS4.

  3. 8 minutes ago, J.T. said:

    I am good with N7 2017.  Better late and working that early and a buggy mess.

    Then they gotta stop this teasing nonsense. They have literally shown Developer Diaries for 4 E3's now. Fuck. Just go the fuck away, Bioware, and come back back when you're actually ready. Fallout showed us we don't need years and years and build-up before release.

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  4. 50 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

    Okay - your ass needs to be on at the same time as me then. Mainly because everyone else sucks for not playing this game.

    I'm down. But probbaly not until after E3. This week is Anniversay Week for Marvel Heroes, so I'm playing that a lot. And then for the days of E3, I'm not doing jackshit except watching streams constantly.

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  5. Predictions:

    1. Sony does a "And it's out right now!" moment with David Jaffe's game Drawn to Death.
    2. Hideo Kojima appears on stage at the Sony conference, but only has a logo and title to show.
    3. Dead Don't Ride from Sony Bend is made official and gets a release date in 2016. The next God of War (which I hope is called "God of War: Norse Case Scenario") also gets a release date in 2016.
    4. Sony shows all their games running on the Neo, not the base PS4, which people flip the fuck out after the conference (and probably rightfully so).
    5. The Sucker Punch Spider-Man game is real. (More of a hope than prediction)
    6. PlayStation VR gets at least 15 minutes. Mostly showing Rigs.
    7. PSN Name Changes finally happens.
    8. Battletoads returns, but is not made by Rare.
    9. Microsoft revives Crimson Skies.
    10. Microsoft announces that sometime in the future, you can use the Occulus Rift with XBox Scorpio.
    11. Sea of Thieves release date is in September, Halo Wars release date is in October, Gears 4 is November. (EDIT: Apparently, Gears is already announced for October. So in that case, Halo Wars in November)
    12. Cuphead gets released during the conference.
    13. One of the squad mates they show in Mass Effect Andromeda is a species that has never been a squadmate in any Mass Effect campaign yet. I'm hoping Vorcha or Batarian.
    14. The Mass Effect trilogy comes to current-gen.
    15. UbiSoft ends their conference with a teaser for a new Splinter Cell. 2017 game.
    16. Ghost Recon Wildlands is dated for this year, and will be alongside Watch Dogs 2 as UbiSoft's holiday games this year.
    17. Final Fantasy 15 will be there, but Final Fantasy VII remake and Kingdom Hearts 3 will not.
    18. We already know Evolve is getting almost a complete rework this summer to same the game. But at E3, they reveal that part of that rework is the game is changing to a Free-to-Play model.
    19. Bethesda unveils Evil Within 2. Nothing from Wolfenstein or Quake.
    20. Doom gets campaign DLC.
    21. Skyrim comes to current-gen consoles.
    22. Capcom shows off Dead Rising 4 on Microsoft's stage and a Resident Evil reboot on Sony's.
    23. The new Red Dead does not appear at the show, because Rockstar doesn't need to be there. But is still happening. However, Microsoft does make Red Dead Redemption backwards compatible.
    24. WB Montreal is making a new Batman game, but has no ties to the Arkham series. Possibly even cartoony.
    25. More NX knowledge gets out, but not from Nintendo. A third-party with loose lips says something he's not supposed to. Maybe even a non-Nintendo NX game accidentally announced.
    26. Titanfall 2, yes gets shown on EA's conference, but also makes a surprise appearance at the Sony conference.

    EDIT: The Last Guardian does make 2016, but just barely. It's a December game. And will probably die in the marketplace.

    EDIT 2: Shenmue 3 does not appear.

  6. Mama Vinyl has never played a videogame in her life. So her Johnny tried to teach her how to play Valiant Hearts! But first, she has to learn how to hold a controller.
    Plus, as a former history teacher, let's see how the game holds up to her scrutiny.

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  7. 9 hours ago, Craig H said:

    Super excited about Michael B. Jordan joining Black Panther. He's one of my favorite younger actors right now. I think he has enough natural charisma to be better than other MCU villains if that's what he's playing.

    And I'm in agreement with Captain Marvel. I also think it could be a huge movie, but I'm not thrilled with the possibility of Chloe Grace Moretz playing her. I just don't enjoy her work like others do.

    I though Emily Blunt was the big rumor? I like Chloe, but too young. Carol should be a full adult, to me.

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