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  1. 5 minutes ago, Craig H said:

    I'm stunned that they failed this hard. I knew going in that they would fuck it up because the idea of prosperity is such a foreign concept, but I didn't think they would fuck up this bad. From the gigantic logic gaps in drafting, to SmackDown getting absolutely fucked, to the announcing teams, to the presentation, and on and on. I just...FUCK...I just can't wrap my brain around how they fucked up this hard.


    Other people have pointed out how amazingly thing SD! is at the top of the card. Holy fuck are they thin at the top. Then you look at the Raw roster and if there's a glut of injuries at the top, you have multiple other guys ready to step up to the main event. I guess that's what happens when you draft almost every good tag team or female wrestler. Why, why the fuck is Cesaro on Raw? That's the perfect guy to step up on the SD side in case Cena or Orton goes down with an injury and you know that's going to happen. 

    I'm so disappointed. I shouldn't be. I should have seen this coming, but once again I thought, "there's no way WWE will fuck this up that bad." Fool me for the umpteenth time.

    Come on now, you watched during the last brand split, right? If the Smackdown guys go down and they think Cesaro can fill that spot, they'll just move him over. They don't give a fuck about their own rules.

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  2. 2 hours ago, RIPPA said:

    Per Alvarez - there was an ever changing list of the names that were going to get drafted from NXT that kept getting changed

    And at one point - they planned on only calling up Jason Jordan and leaving Gable in NXT

    I know we all use the hyperbolic "done with this company" a lot. But if they really brought up Jordan without Gable, I might have actually been done. That would have been the craziest of crazy shit.

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