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  1. Oh, I could tell from Anderson's transmissions that he and Kahlee had spent some.... quality time... at the apartment on the Citadel sometime before the Reaper War (probably while Anderson was Earth's Councellor). 


    Having beaten the game, it just bums me out to know that,


    Anderson will die before they can reunite again..



    Anderson never died, because that was in Shepard's head as part of the indoctrination process. I STILL BELIEVE!!!!!

  2. That actually sounds like a pretty good tournament. I don't know much about Taven and Bennett, but there's a good amount of veteran talent in the pool, and I was always that one guy who un-ironically cheered BJ Whitmer, even before the Jacobs feud. I'm sure he'll go out in the first round, but I may make an effort to start watching the show. I suppose Ciampa is a leading candidate to win the whole thing?

    I'd say Elgin is.
  3. So, I get home and fire up RAW, and watching a fairly decent show, get a great Henry promo/Shield segment, keep watching, Punk comes out... AND HOLY FUCK THAT SEGMENT.That was some absolutely compelling tv. Red hot crowd hanging on every word, great promo work from Punk and Lesnar, a really good out of control brawl... That was fucking PRO WRESTLING motherfucker.Also, D-Bry/Cena is pretty great sounding.

    I agree with everything you said. But you meant "great promo work from Punk and Heyman", right? Or did I miss Brock talking later??
  4. Last of Us. All the awards.This game gives me the feels. I near cried at least 4 times. I don't want it to end. I'm up to the part where I have to play Ellie because Joel is too f'd from the Firefly lab and those jerks are pissed because I had to hack them all up with a hatchet after they shot first. Can't claim self-defense if you shoot first, dickwads.

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