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  1. I'm still at the point where the only podcasts I listen to are Penn's Sunday School (because Penn Jillette is frickin' great) and The Adam Carolla Show, which I guess pretty much everyone listens to.I am looking to expand my horizons on this front. But both of those are pretty good.

    Penn is one of my heroes and I recommend Penn's Sunday School to everyone.
  2. Would bringing in a disgruntled veteran tag team of Kid Kash and Christian York be the worst idea ever? Sure, they're close to the end of their careers and I wouldn't put them anywhere near the main event. But I think they still have something to offer. And the ROH roster is in desperate need of some veteran leadership.


    But I'm the guy who thought they should bring ins Fit Finlay and Dave Taylor to challenge Haas and Benjamin a few years back.

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  3. Now I am basing this off of what I read in the Game Informer article about Titanfall but basically the developers were like "Yeah - based on the data we saw only 5% of the players finished the single player in Call of Duty so why bother with it."


    Well if that data is correct, you can't really blame them.

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