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  1. Thanks to this thread, I've listened to "How Did This Get Made?" for this first time today. It's cracking me up at work. Especially the Street Fighter episode and the exchange of "What exactly is a 'Street Fighter'? Which one of these characters is the 'Street Fighter'?"

    But it pisses me off that me and my buddies didn't think of this idea first. It's so fucking simple.

  2. WE DID IT!!!!!!!!

    I mean, we've been trying since she became The Miz of THE WEST WING.

    But to have all that hard work, what with the blogging, and the tweeting...to have it all pay off...

    Posted Image


    How do you not like her in the West Wing? She's a serious advocate for women's rights legislation... who has her tits constantly ready to bust out of her blouse. In the White House. She's fantastic!

  3. A Firefly game should be one or two things:1) FTL style space combat roguelike game.2) A third person shooter with RPG like elements a la Mass Effect.This will be bad, very bad.

    If Bioware got the Firefly license and Joss actually wrote the game, I don't think I could be responsible for how I would react.
  4. What's Elijah Burke been up to since he left TNA? How that dude never became a big star is baffling to me. Tons of charisma, good in the ring, good looking guy. He should be main eventing PPVs by now.


    Sounded to me like his attitude held him back. Which sucks, because I agree that he was great.

  5. Dan said on Harmontown last week he's sick of apologizing for things he's not sorry about. Which probably means nothing.


    Side note: I have developed a huge crush on Dan's girlfriend and I'm beginning to resent Dan for having her.

  6. Chavo was. Bobby Roode was doing a BfG series match.

    Fine. But Styles, Daniels, and Joe are in the BfG series too. And since they repeatedly said Destination X was to celebrate "The past, present, and future of the X division", I don't know why you'd leave them out.
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