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  1. Got X-Men Legends II in the mail today, and it won't run. Even though the demo ran fine a few days ago. I hate PC gaming so much.

    Probably need yourself some missing .dll's.

    Wouldn't it pop up something that says I'm missing them? In this case, nothing happens. The Windows screen that says "Are you sure you want this program to make changes to your blah blah blah?" thing happens, I click "Yes", then nothing happens. No error, nothing.

  2. That looks sweet, until the guy from Disney put his best "if I talk quietly maybe people won't pay attention" routine on when he explained that you have to own the fucking toys to use a character. That's brutal.


    Yeah, that does suck. But I don't really even know how buying this game works. Do I have to buy Disney Infinity 3.0 and get this as DLC? Is it a standalone thing? Will it be $60?

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