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  1. https://www.origin.com/en-gb/store/browse/vault-games


    Just gotten into PC games as i've bought a new half decent PC. Right when there's no 'big' games on sale on Steam, typical. I know of other sites that do deals such as CD Keys, are there other legit good sites with decent prices?


    Throwing myself on your mercy :)


    Marvel Heroes 2016 is free :)



    I'll give it a go as the price is right, any decent F2P games worth checking out? 


    I'm unsure on what to do in regards to Origin Access. It's £3.99 a month with the following games:


    Battlefield 3, 4, Hardline (4 and Hardline Digital Deluxe)


    Fifa 15

    PvZ: Garden Warfare (1)

    NfS Rivals: Complete Edition

    Dead Space 1, 2, 3

    Dragon Age 2, Origins, Inquisition

    Sims 3

    This War Of Mine

    Torchlight II


    Now the problem is I only really want Dragon Age Inquisition which is available for £14.99 - roughly four months of the subscription price. I have SIms 3 and i'm half interested in the NfS game but that's it. Drawback is I wont get to keep DA:I once I stop subscribing, although if i'm not that bothered about it i've only wasted £8 over two months of playing, as you can cancel at any time. They're promising to add new games regularly too.


    I'm putting this here as it's possibly a deal for those who haven't heard about this service.




    Edit 1: There's a six hour 'trial' of the game to download so i'm going to give that a go. 26gb for a trial!

  2. I've never got a platinum achievement on PSN, and I was really determined to get it on this one. Even used a guide to get every bobblehead. I didn't realise you could miss trophies by making a decision one way or another. Because I liked the game I avoided any spoilers. If I knew then what I do now i'd have saved before choosing one side over another. I genuinely can not play through it again.


    I enjoyed it though, good good game. Back to Witcher 3 now.

  3. Hiya guys, I am gonna buy a new PC as I really want to join the PC gaming world and play games at a level with great graphics and smooth gaming. If any of you guys know your stuff can you advise on these two and which is the best? The cheaper actually looks the better (the only thing it doesn't have is the SSD Drive and only 8GB of ram, but will 8 be enough anyway?)


    Please advise :)






    Thanks guys



  4. Leicester are officially the bookies favourites right now to win the Premier League. Just reading that statement is absolutely nuts. Burton Albion (my local team) are top of League One which is just as crazy, and my team Derby are well into their annual collapse. 

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  5. Afternoon folks. I've started enough annoying threads lately so I'll just ask it in here. I've never been a PC gamer in my life, always bought a system at a reasonable price that was a few years old, but today I have gone out and bought a fairly decent setup, so i'm interested in playing decent games on PC.


    It come with Windows 10, whats the best controller to use? A friend has told me that you can just plug an XBONE controller in and it should work with no 3rd party software needed. If that's the case would (A much cheaper) 360 controller work just as well?


    Hope someone can help (save me money)





    I think the only reason Mojo Rawley is still employed is his celebrity friend, who I ironically only know of because he's friends with Mojo Rawley.


    You only know Rob Gronkowski because he's Mojo's friend?  That definitely qualifies as the "wrestling bubble".



    It's not so bad over here as we don't all get American Football but I only know him since he is in Family Guy: Quest For Stuff.

  7. Hiya guys,


    Has anybody come across this before or know a solution that I'm just too dumb to work out? I have my PC (around eight years old) hooked up to my HDTV via HDMI Cable. When I watch the WWE Network via Google Chrome it works absolutely fine, however when I click to go to full screen in the browser the frame rate drops alarmingly that it's simply not watchable (Sometimes it appears that i'm watching a slideshow) but when I go back to normal browser mode (small picture inside the WWE Network webpage) it runs fine.


    Now when I connect my PS3 to my TV it runs smooth as anything in full screen mode.


    Is this simply a case of my TV being too new for my PC and my PC isn't capable of that frame rate (obvious I don't know what i'm talking about at this point?) or is there something else?


    Any help is appreciated.




  8. If you're on PS4 RU, please feel free to add me. This goes to anyone else as well. I'm over in UK but happy to play or help anyone out if they need anything.


    PSN is: teamfranchise


    Cheers guys.


    Edit: Also, did I miss the snow this year? I wasn't on yesterday but logged on this morning.  No snow  :(

  9. Hi guys, was hoping there'd be some sort of 'catchall' thread for pointless question so to avoid starting a new thread for something so small.


    I want to buy an external HD but i've never had one from anywhere. Most of the ones i've seen are USB 3.0, my PC is a few years old, would it still work with USB 1 and USB2 on my PCs and laptops?


    If so, anyone able to recommend a decent place to buy? I want a 2TB or 3TB one ideally, places like the big ones such as Currys and Amazon are about £60. 




  10. Hey guys, i've just jumped back into GTA for PS4. I had it on PS3, apparently my online character is level 85 (Don't remember putting that much effort in before) and I still have the CM Punk logo on my back because its the crew shirt.


    I have done one heist (two person) and it was so easy, there was no setups or anything just go to a bank and rob it and then meet someone.


    Couldn't connect to any other heists after though people would never join.


    Anybody from DVDR interested in heists any time? 

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