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  1. 2 hours ago, Go2Sleep said:

    Hey some all time great teams held the belts around then like The Bashams and the team of Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki.

    The Kenzo Suzuki??

    Edit: In making fun of Kenzo, it now dawns on me that I wonder if The Brian Kendrick was also a rib on him, like Vince over heard some kids talking outside the arena when one of them read on the card 'Oh, Brian Kendricks here tonight' and his friend mocked him saying 'What, THE Brian Kendrick???'

  2. 2 minutes ago, Horton Hears a Wooo!!! said:

    Oy vey.  Guys like the Miz and Ambrose are in trouble when Vince's black ops boys perfect cloning and Vince simply grows 20 clones of each guy who was slightly over during the Attitude Era.

    I can't wait untli Vince enters a team into the King of Trios that consists of Billy Gunn, Bradshaw and The Warlord.

  3. Small thoughts from the show.

    The show completely over-delivered for me, because as a few others have said, it was on paper the weakest event special probably ever on NXT. The only match I was half interested in was the main event because i'm huge fans of both guys. However every match was solid, Almas and Strong was the best match worked on the show but the highlight (does this say a lot about the show?) was Seth Rollins grabbing a mic outta nowhere and calling out HHH because he was finally in the one place you knew he'd definitely be.

    Womens match was an odd situation where you knew logically the best thing would be for one australian lady to pin the other as there was not a single second of 'I want it for myself' but it would be hard to conceivably do that on a supershow like this. 

    In short, I really really really do not like Percy Watson, he reminde me of Rob Bartlett on the early Raw broadcasts. And i'm gonna miss Corey.

  4. Hey guys, just a few questions for those who have a Wii U. I've wanted to pick one up for ages, finally grabbed one, what's the deal with the controllers? I have a Wii U controller (Tablet style) some Wii original controllers and a pro controller. Is the pro controller recommended for most games?

    Looking forward to playing the Wii Zelda and Mario games.

    Edit: Also, what are the Zelda HD remakes like? Are they sufficiently better to get hem again (as I have them on Wii original)

  5. 31 minutes ago, JonnyLaw said:

    Sami standing next to Rollins at the start of the main event made me realize they're giving a perennial underdog gimmick to a guy that's the same size as a guy that's been in a million straight PPV main events.

    Funny you mention that, seeing Zayn and Seth on the same team, I actually thought 'Wow, when he's in there with Seth, he actually looks quite built'. I must be the only person who didn't like Raw this week, highlight was the opening segment, which involved Jericho, KO, BRAUNNNNNNNNN, Brock, Roman and Seth, who are pretty much all of my favourites on Raw all in one segment.

    Oh and Sami was there too but it's hard to get excited about that.

  6. 11 hours ago, Adam said:

    I have no choice in the matter. I can't play games on a keyboard and mouse, and it appears the XBONE controllers shoulder button don't work on uPlays AC1. Some people have managed to fix it but I can't (can't be too fussed either) but apparently AC2 is working okay with a controller. So i'm going to start with that and go from there.

    Sigh, apparently the right trigger won't work on AC2 either, which sucks because I really, really wanted to get into it, and i'm just not the type to play on a keyboard. 

  7. On 10/01/2017 at 4:11 AM, Tabe said:

    You can skip the first and go right to AC2, the greatest game of all-time. 

    I have no choice in the matter. I can't play games on a keyboard and mouse, and it appears the XBONE controllers shoulder button don't work on uPlays AC1. Some people have managed to fix it but I can't (can't be too fussed either) but apparently AC2 is working okay with a controller. So i'm going to start with that and go from there.

  8. I think Tye is debuting personally. His 'Ten' chant has really caught on despite not being on the main roster, even every Raw when there's a ten count every number chanted is ten. If he does not come out at 10 there's some major booing coming (Hopefully if he doesn't come out, it's the returning Rey Mysterio Jr. after his number 30 debacle)

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  9. 7 minutes ago, MonteCarl said:

    One thing I've always kind of wanted to see was everybody getting eliminated before or right as the #30 guy got to the ring, so #30 automatically wins without doing anything at all. 

    Purely for my own fascination, the year Bryan didn't win and Reigns won the thing would have been the most amazing time for that scenario to occur. 

    Also: I recall Dolph Ziggler losing his world title match at the Royal Rumble (the one where Vicki was barred from ringside) only to come out later for the Rumble match itself.

    I'd be all for losing superstars of world title matches to enter the Rumble later in the night.

  10. I haven't seen it yet (is it on catchup, anyone in the UK know?) but I just read this review:



    Final thoughts: I’m thinking of buying a new sofa. But yeah, the ringwork was passable, though not representative of the quality the UK has to offer, and that’s a disappointment. More than that, however, the presentation and booking (such as it was) was largely an embarrassment. The idea to have one story throughout the two-hours is fine, but in most other respects this was everything I feared it would be and worse. To think Triple H organised a whole tournament as a response to Grado Making History™ – HAHAHAHA. That’ll get me through 2017.

    Anyway, I’m back with a Wrestle Kingdom 11 preview on Monday and a review of the show on Wednesday. I’m wondering if it’s too late for New Japan to cancel, though, because they’ll never top this

    Is that genuine enough? I heard Harry Smith debuted, if so i'd have put the strap on him (or number one contender) and pushed him to the moon as their face of the company. I've always been embarrassed terribly of English wrestling on prime time TV. It always just brings up memories of Big Daddy and really hokey English people talking (I guess i'm conditioned to smoother sounding American commentators) but i'm willing to give this a shot if it comes back on a regular basis. JR commentating i'm guessing would help.

    Interesting side note, the discussion about WOS return came up among my older friends on New Years Eve (as it aired earlier in the day) and the secret got out that I was a pro wrestling fan. I was immediately met with the dated 'You know its all fake, don't you?' which I almost spit my drink out laughing. I don't know what was worse, hearing that question in 2016 (just) or that someone genuinely thought I didn't know. When I responsed with 'What's your favourite Christmas movie' "Die Hard" 'You know that's fake right' - apparently was enough to make them very angry.

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  11. This is hardly a stellar prediction (since you know, he'll either win or he'll lose, its 50/50) but I really think Dolph is losing his career match. I don't know his personal life, but I know he's car shared on Drive Along with Miz and they're both from Cleveland, so i'm putting two and two together and getting they're at least friends.

    Dolph just managed to get a WWE title shot at Summerslam, which at the time I looked at as 'thanks for the last 10 years Dolph, here's your gold watch' and now he's putting his career up against a friend (per my above reasoning) he'll give the rub to on his way out? 

    I really think this is it for Dolph, and I say that as probably the biggest Dolph fan on this board (again, just going by most peoples responses to him lately).

    Miz over Dolph at No Mercy, but not clean of course.

  12. You guys have pretty much covered everything I wanted to say but there's just one thing i'd like to add.

    Some of you don't like ZSj's selling. Some of you think Metalik is too flashy and empty-spotty. Some of you dislike the Full Sail crowd. But that's the beauty of pro wrestling and especially this tournament. This whole tournament, as someone else said, was like a Super J tournament, and it's given us the best of what pro wrestling is all about and its what makes me the fan I am, and it's why I love and will always love pro wrestling.

    For me, I saw Sabre Jr. and Gallagher for the very first time, I saw a little more of Kota than i've seen before, I saw a BURNING HAMMER!! on my TV on WWE programming which is nuts in itself. I saw genuine (I guess) emotion between Bryan and his story of Kendrick going for it maybe for the last time (until tomorrow tonight or something) and I saw WWE wrestlers going at it without their WWE restrictions. I'm not a huge Mauro guy but I loved him and Bryan calling it, it's a shame neither of them are going to be there to call the Raw action.  

    TL:DR My favourite guy was Metalik, and I saw him, Sabre Jr, Gallagher, for the most part Kota all for the first time and it's made me want to watch Raw a lot more than I would normally. And I picked TJP as soon as I saw the final 8 lineup, so that's good.

    Shame it's over though, eh?

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  13. Update: After beating Borderlands, i've loaded it up and i'm amazed how flawlessly it runs on my PC. I had a quick test match, Piper vs Sting for the US Title (of course?) and after beating Sting down for the whole match while still being nearly fully energised, Sting found a way to win.


    Once I get used to playing this game I quite might like this.

  14. On 31/08/2016 at 4:39 PM, Technico Support said:

    I downloaded this game but, reading all this, I can't muster the desire to play it.


    Kind of in the same boat, I got the PC version super cheap since i'm not a huge wrestling game fan (Last time I played with interest was the early SmackDown: HCTP era games) but every time I open this thread its not positive.

    Who knows, I may be surprised.

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